Cells at work Dragon Ball edition

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Cells at work Dragon Ball edition

Post by Bebi Hatchiyack » Sat Sep 18, 2021 6:56 pm

Well the title should be enough to explain what I want to explain.

How can we explain simply the Biology of what happen in Dragon Ball ?

For example how do a Kamehame Ha works biologically speaking ? Does the energy is stored inside energy cellular sacks that can be release when a neurotransmitter arrive at the sacks nervous system ? How does the S Cells work in conjonction to brutz wave and how does the Oozaru form happen ? How Piccolo trigger his giantification ? How does Frieza breathing system works into space ?

I already have some answer thanks to MasakoX with his video series about the Science of Dragon Ball.

But I would love to hear your opinion ?

For example for me when a Saiyan turn into a Super Saiyan there is first a neurotransmitter that goes to a certain organ triggering the release of a the hormone named catecholamines (An hormone that is affiliated to the anger). Said catecholamines goes in conjunction with neurotransmitter into the energy cellular sacks that has the energy stored in for a immediate release (thus the tingling in the back) it's in this area that we find most of these energy cellular sacks.

The S Cells then reacts too to this sudden release of catecholamines and change the Keratin has a side effect. That's how the Saiyan got his hair turn blond from his base black. The glow in the hair is from the energy that goes to the roots of the hair and surge by time to time into the hair. The aura comes from the pore of the skin said pore is releasing the excess of energy to cool down the organism.

For Super Saiyan 2 the lightning is just the Aura that is release from the pore of the skin is so fast that the energy particle by time to time collide in the air provoking lightning.

For Super Saiyan 3 here S Cells are so excited that the production of Keratin goes bonkers that the hair grow exponentially tho a side effect is the loss of the eyebrows.

Those three transformation for Saiyan were the easiest for me to explain through biological means, For the Oozaru and Super Saiya-jin 4 it's a bit difficult. Because here it involves DNA for sure.

Hope you loved my explanation and wants me to explain more biological stuff in the Dragon Ball Universe ? In the mean time share yours !
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