Why isn't CHA LA HEAD CHA LA considered in the Dead Zone JP Score?

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Why isn't CHA LA HEAD CHA LA considered in the Dead Zone JP Score?

Post by Rafa Fast » Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:27 pm

This is something I always asked to myself but I only remembered to ask it here now, so
In the original japanese score for the DB and Z movies, each track have their labells based on the identification of the Movie's score in order, so if a Movie have the specific labell "M2200", all the tracks composed for that movie will be listed in order based on the movie's labell, with that, we get "M2201" for the first track, "M2202" for the second one, and so on...
But the thing is, the opening themes also count as part of the scores, so if in the specific movie with the "M2200" labell, "CHA LA HEAD CHA LA" plays right after track 1 (M2201) then CHA LA will be M2202, and that indeed happens with every movie of the era, at least mostly based in track labells gave by fans.
Makafushigi Adventure plays after M201 and M202 in DB Movie 1, that makes the song M203.
MA plays after M401 and M402 in DB Movie 2, that makes the song M403.
MA plays after M601 and M602 in DB Movie 3, that makes the song M603.
CHALA plays after M901 and M902 in DBZ Movie 2, that makes the song M903.
CHALA is the first song to play in DBZ Movie 3, that makes it M1001.
CHALA is labelled as M1106 in DBZ Movie 4 based in 4 tracks used before it plus a unused cue.
CHALA plays after M1201 and M1202 in DBZ Movie 5, that makes the song M1203.
CHALA plays after M1301 in DBZ Movie 6, that makes the song M1302.
CHALA is the first song to play in DBZ Movie 7, that makes it M1401.
CHALA plays after M1501 in DBZ Movie 8, that makes it M1502.
CHALA plays after M1601 in DBZ Movie 9, that makes it M1602.
We Gotta Power plays after M1801 in DBZ Movie 10, that makes it M1802.
WGP plays after M1901 in DBZ Movie 11, that makes it M1902.
WGP plays after M2001 in DBZ Movie 12, that makes it M2002.

But there's one movie where that just doesn't work, DBZ Movie 1, this isn't the same case as Movie 13, in Movie 13, there's no opening sequence at all, that's why the full BGM list labeling of that movie gave by the fans works, as not counting We Were Angels, the music library of the movie is totally based in actual cues, but that doesn't work with Movie 1, in Movie 1, the first song to be used isn't a track, it's CHA LA, but surprinsignly, a actual track of the movie is listed as a M801, while fans gave the "M802" labell for a Unreleased track used after M801, but the M801 as we know isn't the first track used in the movie, so why in the case of this movie, CHA LA is completely ignored?
The only explanation I could think for it is that, the official labelings sometimes are wrong, for example, in the same movie, M814A and M814B official labellings are totally messed up, but if we consider this, then why not call "Garlic Jr's Castle" M803 instead of M802? then idk, "Garlic Jr. Appoints Gohan" could be M803B, so the rest of the score labelling wouldn't be confusing, am I missing something? Is CHALA actually absent from the very original version of Dead Zone or something? (Which I highly doubt, I just couldn't find the movie without CHALA anywhere)
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