Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

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Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by VegettoEX » Wed Nov 30, 2022 2:09 pm

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Episode #0494! Mike brings on Ken and Ian to review the latest arc of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, Granolla the Survivor! How does the second manga-exclusive arc stack up against not only the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc with Moro, but the rest of the series as a whole? Where do we go from here?! Tune in for all this and more!


As you'll hear toward the end of this episode, we're asking for your thoughts on the Granolla arc for next episode! Tune in for those details, but if you're reading this forum post, feel free to comment right here in this thread and we'll consider it as an "entry" to be read next time around.

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Re: Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by batistabus » Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:23 am

Great episode! I was looking forward to this one.

I think you guys were a bit unfair to Gas. He didn't pee his pants; it was just a few drops because he had been holding it in for so long.

Thoughts: I'm a big fan of Granolah. I liked the story's focus on mentality. Month-to-month, I felt the story was lacking in humor. Binging it...not as bad. It's a serious story, so it's a tough balance, but I think Dragon Ball is at it's best when it's funny.

Does "Trunks the Story" count as a flashback in the original series?

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Re: Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by Luso Saiyan » Fri Dec 02, 2022 1:29 pm

I honestly had a knee-jerk reaction to the character of Granolah and even Merus before it. They look like blatant derivations of Future Trunks, both in design and demeanor. At least they fit in the Dragon Ball aesthetic, something that can't be said about many non-Toriyama designed characters.

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Re: Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by Cipher » Fri Dec 02, 2022 10:09 pm

batistabus wrote: Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:23 am Does "Trunks the Story" count as a flashback in the original series?
If anything I might bring it up as an example of just how reticent Toriyama is to use flashback during the original series. It’s such an exception, it can only happen in a bonus chapter! Everything we get on Trunks’ past in the main series is just dialogue—he won’t even grace us with a single-panel illustration.

It might be worth noting, which we didn’t in the episode, that Toyotaro’s generally shown more of a willingness to use them in Super. The Bardock chapters are the longest stretch yet, but there’s also the Beerus-Champa fight in Chapter … I want to say 6? … and Moro vs. the two Kaioshin. Moro showing the Grand Kaioshin his own memories after that kind of gets away as a cheat, since it’s taking place in “real time” by way of Moro’s magic. Still, even those are more than Toriyama ever did.

Re: Humor: I think that, yeah, it comes away as a better balance when read in one or two sittings. There’s also the fact that the entire arc is a bit of a comedy of errors once you know the ending—Goku and Vegeta going out for what they think will be a milk run only to get in over their heads, and the Heatas and Granolah also getting in over their heads, and the guy everyone was fussing over in the first place arriving to clean up and take the wind out of their sails. That summary diminishes the interesting character stuff a bit, but I think the balance of that character stuff with the droll humor of what its plot ends up being endears me to it. It’s not as a deft
a balance of serious and silly as the Boo arc, but I still have fun with what it does there.

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Re: Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by GreatSaiyaJeff » Sun Dec 04, 2022 9:09 pm

I think this arc is alright. Not perfect, I prefer the Moro arc a bit more.

1. Goku and Vegeta feeling a bit more fleshed out which adds to their character instead of feeling repeated in previous Super arcs.
2. This helps make Minus/Broly Bardock feel more fleshed out with the Bardock flashback. It makes him feel like an actual character.
3. The Ego form while goofy at first, grew on me and makes Vegeta look a bit more like Beerus. Which makes sense since it is a god of destruction path.
4. Love that Freeza pulls a Goku and steals the win.
5. Granola is a refreshing character and despite some bumps, I like his arc.
6. I love the expansion of the galaxy with the Heaters and Freeza's emipires and a bit more on how they operate.
7. I love the Heaters are a unique set of villains that relied more on cunning and tricks then power.

1. I feel like the arc just ends after Freeza leaves. No real resolution, just lip service that things are over. Thats how I feel anyways.
2. The Bardock flashback feels a bit long, I love the fight but it could have been a bit shorter.
3. How vague Bardock's wish was. While I do love that it's vague, it does seem to make Goku's accomplishments feel like it was more outside forces interfeering. Although as the Podcast episode pointed out, it can be him symbolically saving Goku from King Piccolo. Guess this was more mixed then negative.

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Re: Episode #0494 (27 November 2022)

Post by Omori » Tue Dec 06, 2022 8:02 pm

Overall a pretty cool arc. And quite different to previous ones. Interesting new lore and the Heeters are a great addition as well.
I liked that Dragon Ball finally got longer flashbacks (found the Trunks and Moro one we had in DBS so far could have been longer😄). Maybe I'm too much influenced by One Piece😅
Also I liked the way it's splitted, one part in Vol. 18. and one in Vol. 19. Also nicely connects with Minus.
Not a fan of the "40 years" thing, but I better just take it as a rounded number.
The teleporting from planet to planet was also pretty cool. Some planets I'd like to learn more about. And cool to see that market planet, where Jaco ran into Cranberry. Things like this make U7 more alive.
Having more Time Chambers is quite interesting as well, instead of accidentally having just one on Earth. I feel like these rooms or gates to that dimensions are created by each planet's God assistances, like Popo on Earth (as they are dispatched from the afterlife, where they might learned about it). The one where Merus went appears to be on a high plateau over clouds. Maybe a former God of that planet lived there.
Also wondering what's next for Granolla, as he has only three years left to live. Wonder if he does something about it before Monaito seals away the Cerelian Dragon Balls.
Now I hope that the DBS manga shows how Broly gets to Beerus' planet, be it in the next chapter or as a bonus one in Vol. 20.

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