Episode #0497 (29 January 2023)

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Episode #0497 (29 January 2023)

Post by VegettoEX » Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:38 pm

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Episode #0497! Mike, Ken, and Randy reconvene once again to review the "Bardock: Alone Against Fate" DLC pack for "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot"! How does the second season pass kick things off this time around, and how does it compare to content from the first season pass?

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Re: Episode #0497 (29 January 2023)

Post by Omori » Sat Feb 11, 2023 1:59 am

Nice podcast about this DLC :)

Something interesting you briefly touched on is this whole "expanded lore" thing, the base game started out with.

The Trunks DLC then went adapting the anime special and the flashback from Toyo in the Super manga.
Both with extra scenes, missions, NPC and so on. Making it feel like proper additions to the main story.

When I first heard about a Bardock DLC coming, I also had the expectation of some extra NPC (like seeing Gine somewhere in the Saiyan village) or something.

Still, with having Minus (and it's adaptation in DBS Broly) and some expansions in the DBS manga, that's a different continuity and maybe they didn't want to open Pandora's Box by trying to connect them. I agree, that's probably Toyotaro's job and I feel for him...

Would have also been interesting with a proper Planet Vegeta map though.. Like here is the Meat Distribution Center, here's the base...
But again, Planet Vegeta is depicted differently in both versions.

Also interesting releasing this now in 2023. Around 9 years after Minus. And people have seen DBS Broly.
The TV special still holds a strong value, despite being technically overwritten.

Maybe if the Super anime returns one day, and then many years later... in the 10th Season Pass...
They can may do the whole DBS thing..
From Goku's birth, the Cereal mission, some other missions, to that planet Bardock went with Leek, back to Planet Vegeta.. and a slightly different confrontation with Freeza.

Anyway, a complicated topic having two different stories of Bardock.
Especially bringing the older version back into everyone's eye.

Yeah, tricky, but curious how it's going to be handled in the future.

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