Is Tenshinhan really always training?

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Re: Is Tenshinhan really always training?

Post by Hitiro » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:50 pm

The_Destroyer wrote:If he trains so much, shouldn't he have surpassed Krillin, who'd been slacking off?
Why would he have surpassed Kuririn? Up until the Saiyan Arc Tenshinhan had been ahead of Kuririn, but the events on Namek push Kuririn way ahead of the other humans. From his power up from the Saichourou to the combat with the Ginyu force and Freeza, where even Vegeta states that Kuririn's power had been increasing. Kuririn continued to train up to the Cell arc, maintaining his lead, and then at some point during the 7-year gap he stopped training. But Kuririn had a sizeable gap by that point so it doesn't necessarily mean that Tenshinhan could have surpassed him. Also, considering that all the new material still states that Kuririn is the strongest human just shows that Tenshinhan is still working to close the gap. Heck, It took both Goku and Vegeta the 7-year gap to catch up to Gohan's strength at the Cell Games. And they only surpassed that barely from the way the dialogue in the Boo arc goes. And both Goku and Vegeta were using training methods that Tenshinhan simply didn't have access to.

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