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Special Diorama Figure Set

As a special bonus to those buying all of the “Dragon Ball GT” individual discs, Toei Animation released a diorama figure set covering the entire series. Every individual disc released contained a point ticket, worth 1 point towards that particular diorama figure set. These point tickets contained a 16 digit code, which could be redeemed for their point at Jumpland’s Dragon Ball DVD Website. However, to do so you had to be a registered member. As a registered member, you could enter your “point number” to receive its 1 point. Once enough points were acquired, one could request the diorama figure set once it was released. The last day to request any of the individual disc diorama sets was 30 September 2009.

Special Diorama Figure Set

To receive this diorama set, you had to purchase all 11 discs and redeem each point ticket they contained. This set covered the entire series, and features Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta preparing to attack Īshinron while Shenlong cirlces around them high in the sky. This diorama set can be placed on top of Karin Tower, in-between God’s Palace and the latter, to create a larger diorama figure set.

Behind the Scenes

While the special diorama figure sets were being produced, Jump’s official blog site would often be updated with some behind the scene production photos, giving fans an inside look at the production process. Here are some of these clay production models that were created based on Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru’s original series character designs.