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Special Promotional Trailers

To help promote the movie individual discs, Shueisha handed out a free promotional DVD highlighting the movies at Jump Festa 2009. This was same event that had hosted the “Jump Super Anime Tour” in 2008, which premiered the Dragon Ball animated special, “Heya! Son Goku and Friends Return!!”. The DVD contained promotional trailers for each movie and the movie’s special present. The trailers were narrated by veteran Dragon Ball Z cast member Shigeru Chiba, the voice of such notable characters as Nikki, Garlic Jr. (TV series), and Raditz. The trailers themselves are most well known for Chiba’s energetic delivery of their title, “DO-RAGON BALL ZA MOOOVIES!”.

The DVD itself came in a slim cardboard case. The cover of the case featured the main illustration of Goku from the cover of the “Dragon Box The Movies” Dragon Book atop numerous screen shots from the various movies. The inside of the case lists all of the movie individual discs and their respective release dates. It should be noted that when this promotional DVD was handed out, the first 10 movie individual discs had already been released. In addition, the case clearly states it is “NOT FOR SALE”. The main menu is static with no music, which is very typical of promotional DVDs. There are three buttons, two to play the 17 promotional trailers and one to play the special present trailer.

Special Promotional Trailers

Many of these promotional trailers were included with subsequent releases of the movie individual discs, although it is not known which trailers were included with each release. You can view these 17 promotional trailers below, which are presented in the order they appear on the special promotional disc.