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Yeah! Break! Care! Break!

Dragon Ball Kai FUNimation English Dub Ending Theme (episodes 1–54)

Original Japanese Lyrics

Yuriko Mori

Original Music Composition

Takafumi Iwasaki

English Lyrics

Brina Palencia

English Vocals

Jerry Jewell

Translator’s Note
As with most localized theme songs, this is not an actual translation of the original Japanese lyrics, due to the constraints of making the lyrics rhyme and fit the song’s meter. A direct translation of the Japanese song can be found here. This is also the TV-Size version, as the English version has not been released outside of the TV show.
Lyrics in English
Live your life, don’t stop until it’s done
Once you live for love, then you’ve already won
When I look up through the infinite sky
I never thought that it would come to this
Just take my hand, and together we’ll fly
Let’s go, I know, how high?
Soar above the clouds, and see such beauty all around
This irreplaceable world needs us now
We have to join in the fight
Live your life like a Kamehameha
Give your all, don’t ever give up
When we’re together, I know we can win
I have you to believe in
Live your life, don’t stop until it’s done
Give your all, don’t ever give up
All you need is love and to believe in yourself
It’s easier when you believe
Transcription: Julian