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You’re Not Alone

Dragon Ball GT English Dub Ending Theme #1 (2008–09 FUNimation DVD version)

Original Japanese Lyrics

Shūichi Ikemori

Original Music Composition

Tetsurō Oda

English Vocals

Stephanie Young

Translator’s Note
As with most localized theme songs, this is not an actual translation of the original Japanese lyrics, due to the constraints of making the lyrics rhyme and fit the song’s meter. A direct translation of the Japanese song can be found here. This is also the TV-Size version, as the English version has not been released outside of the TV show.
Lyrics in English
I was once convinced I had no time for friends,
That all I’d ever need was me,
But then I changed my mind because I came to find
How lonely life could really be
Now, I’ve spent so much time just trying to figure out
What my purpose is in life
I don’t know what to do; I try to talk to you
No answers, only silence
But I promise you don’t have to hide all the feelings you have inside
Because you’re not alone
I am here, and I want to share my dreams with you
All my life, I’ve been searching for answers
And now my purpose is with you
We live together as one
Joined by love, there is nothing to be afraid of
Just have the strength to fulfill all your hopes and dreams
And remember that I’ll be here
Standing right by your side
Transcription: Julian