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Dragon Ball Chapter 199

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Tankōbon Title Page
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Kanzenban Title Page
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Full Color Title Page


Radittsu to no Taiketsu

Showdown with Raditz

Chapter Information

Premiered: 01 November 1988 (Weekly Shōnen Jump 1988 #49)
Dragon Ball Z (Original Broadcast)
Dragon Ball Kai (“Refreshed” Broadcast)

  • Digital Monochrome Edition Volume 17 (12 October 2012)

Chapter Synopsis

Goku and Piccolo continue heading toward Gohan and Raditz, and it’s a little more to the right. Meanwhile, at the crater, Raditz gets pissed at the crying brat, and locks Gohan up in his ship. Raditz prepares to go get some food, when his eye device beeps and picks up a battle power of 710 somewhere nearby. From his ship, in fact, and Raditz refuses to believe the brat is that strong, and thinks it’s broken.

Goku says they’re getting close, and they should slowly come down, but Piccolo explains he has some sort of strange device that senses the enemy’s position and strength. So, they decide to instead come in from the east. Then Raditz gets a 710 on his eye device again, and he decides it’s malfunctioning. But then there’s another reading coming from the other direction. No, two readings. 322 and 334. One of those is the same battle power as Kakarrot. But, Kakarrot couldn’t possibly know where to find him, so this thing must definitely be malfunctioning.

Then Raditz spots Goku and Piccolo flying in, meaning his eye device wasn’t malfunctioning after all, and the brat really does have a battle power of 710. Goku and Piccolo touch down, and Raditz wants to know how they found him. But Goku dismisses the question, then says he wants his son back. Raditz asks if he really intends to go against his older brother, and Goku says he ain’t his older brother.

Piccolo gets tired of all the chitchat, and he throws off his turban and mantle. Goku notices that he’s also been training with weighted clothing. Piccolo likes having all this weight off of his shoulders, and Raditz now gets a reading of 408 from him. Goku also takes off his undershirt, shoes, and wristbands, and his battle power goes up to 416. Raditz laughs and says they’re still nothing, and then yells, “Die!!!!” Goku and Piccolo prepare themselves, and Raditz runs at them, and instantly ends up behind them and elbows them each in the back. Goku and Piccolo each jump aside, shocked at Raditz’s speed, and Goku again thinks about grabbing his tail. Raditz then decides to tell them something good before they die: the other two surviving Saiyans have much greater battle powers than his own.

Chapter Notes


  • After Goku removes his wristbands in the first panel on page 10, they suddenly reappear in the first panel on page 11, before disappearing again in the fourth panel on the same page. They then reappear for a second time in the third panel of page 12, disappearing again in the first panel on page 13, and reappearing for a third time in the third panel on page 13, before finally disappearing for good from page 14 onwards.

Author’s Comment

  • Each issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump features short comments from the various series’ authors, giving fans a brief insight into their current thoughts, ranging from series-related announcements to trivial happenings in their personal lives. Akira Toriyama’s comments from this issue were:

    最近、ときどき東京へでかける。新幹線の2時間が、度かさなると、けっこう長く感じるこの頃 <明>

    Recently, I’ve been going out to Tokyo now and then. As I keep repeating those two hours on the bullet train, it’s getting to feel pretty long. <Akira>

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but chapters were occasionally published with color pages. This breakdown notes how many full-color, limited-color, and black-and-white pages appeared in this chapter. As the tankōbon volumes were not released with these colors intact, any color pages shown are taken from the kanzenban release.