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Kochikame Crossover

Japanese Title Page Splash


Kochira Namekku-sei Doragon Kōen-mae Hashutsujo

This is the Police Station in Front of Dragon Park on Planet Namek

Chapter Information

Premiered: 15 September 2006 (in Chō-Kochikame)
Author(s): Akira Toriyama & Osamu Akimoto


Chapter Synopsis

As Ryō-san rides his trusty bicycle Chidori across a very familiar landscape, he mutters to himself about being sent all the way out here to the boonies where there are not even any convenience stores. He suddenly happens upon a spaceship. Freeza is beginning to get annoyed by not having all of the Dragon Balls yet, but Appule reassures him that everyone is out looking for them. Vegeta, hiding off to the side behind a rock, figures he cannot steal the Dragon Balls so long as Freeza is there. Appule suggests they play shiritori to pass the time, but Freeza notes that galactic rulers do not play such games.

Ryō-san walks right up to the villains asking if this is their ship, because it is illegally parked! As Ryō-san attempts to extort a fine, Vegeta wonders who this guy is, and Freeza simply fires a giant Ki blast from his finger at the annoyance. Freeza figures that this at least wasted a little time, but Ryō-san, though a little beat up, is fine! Ryō-san (whose clothes are back to normal all of a sudden) screams for them to pay the fine, but Freeza fires another, this time larger, blast from his hand at the hapless soul.

Ryō-san is still fine after the blast, and now threatens to triple the fine! Vegeta cannot believe that this guy is fine from the blasts, and even his clothes go back to normal afterward! Appule is in disbelief, and wonders if this guy could be…?!

Ryō-san, finally getting serious, whips out a rocket launcher and demands they pay the fine. Appule says that this guy whipped that weapon out of nowhere, so it must be: he is a gag manga character! Freeza, figuring he is the strongest in the universe, lets loose with a giant barrage of Ki blasts. Even after all of that blasting and huffing and puffing on Freeza’s part, Ryō-san is still alive, now threatening to bring them all to jail! As all of the villains begin to realize that this guy will never die, Ryō-san smirks and tells them to buy him some expensive sushi… if they do not want to go to jail, that is!

Freeza’s ship suddenly blasts off into space, leaving Ryō-san behind (along with Vegeta, still hiding behind the rock). Up in the ship, Freeza tries to convince himself that he saw nothing and met nobody. Vegeta tries to sneak away, but Ryō-san spots him, notices he is dressed the same as the other guys, and demands an address for them.

All of a sudden, Son Goku arrives in a Capsule Corporation spaceship! Goku is surprised to see Vegeta and wants to know where this “Freeza” guy is, but Ryō-san is preoccupied with telling this new guy that landing here is a parking violation. Vegeta finally understands that there are just some worlds one simply must not enter…

Chapter Notes

  • The first content page of the chapter describes it as, “A continuation of the legendary final fake chapter!! After over 16 years, a 9-page collaboration!!” This references a two-page bonus chapter from volume 69 in the original Kochikame manga (serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump 1990 #17, alongside Dragon Ball chapter 268) where Ryō-san is reassigned to Planet Namek.

  • In addition to the above comic, Akira Toriyama also wrote a special introduction, congratulating Osamu Akimoto on the series’ 30th anniversary and wryly commenting on his own lack of motivation in comparison.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball and Kochikame series were drawn in black and white, and this crossover chapter is no exception.