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Episode of Bardock Chapter 1

Japanese Title Page

ドラゴンボール エピソードオブバーダック 第1話

Doragon Bōru Episōdo Obu Bādakku Dai Ichi-wa

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock – Part 1

Chapter Information

Premiered: 21 June 2011 (V-Jump, August 2011 Issue)
Author: Naho Ooishi

V-Jump, August 2011 Issue
Saikyō Jump, 2011 #3
V-Jump, April 2012 Issue (as part of complete reprint)

Chapter Synopsis

The new story begins where the original TV special ended: Bardock’s insubordinate attack on Freeza. Bardock calls for Freeza to come out, who responds by stating that he should be referred to as “Freeza-sama“, and asking what he wants. Bardock screams that they are allies, but Dodoria and Zarbon laugh this off; the Saiyans were just being used all along. Freeza states that the race has become an eyesore and must be eradicated… along with their entire Planet Vegeta. As Freeza’s blast engulfs both Bardock and the planet, he thinks to himself how annoying it would be on the off-chance that the “Super Saiyan” from the ridiculous legend ever actually appeared…

Bardock awakens to find himself in a strange place, convinced that he was caught in the explosion of Planet Vegeta. Where is he? The landscape and the color of the sky remind him of Planet Vegeta, but something is different. Two creatures, Ipana and Beri, approach Bardock (who has never seen this race before in his life). Ipana is the village doctor, and along with his shy son, heal Bardock a bit with their village’s secret medicine. Whatever the liquid is, it seems to be healing Bardock, who recognizes it as somewhat like the liquid from their own medical machines. Ipana says that with injuries as harsh as Bardock’s, it will likely take him half a month to fully recover. Ipana found him collapsed on the outskirts of town, and dragged him all the way back. Bardock is not from Planet Plant, is he? Much like how Bardock does not recognize Ipana’s race, Ipana is equally puzzled about Bardock. “Planet Plant”… Bardock thinks to himself that this was supposed to have been Planet Vegeta’s original name, but this cannot be the past…! Ipana gives Bardock something to eat, but the noise from a spaceship steals their attention.

An alien named Tobi cannot believe that “Chilled-sama” has his eyes on such a pathetic planet… but regardless, he declares that from here out out, they are the new rulers! Along with Cavira, Tobi notes that Bardock appears different from the others (who thinks to himself that these guys do not look like Freeza’s underlings). Cavira goes to make an example of Bardock but is made quick work of by the brutal Saiyan. Bardock strains himself due to his prior injuries, but still manages to take out Tobi… making him the village’s savior in the process! The mayor thanks him, but Bardock wants nothing to do with them, saying it makes no difference to him whether they live or die. Bardock camps out by himself, still wondering where he is. He was just fighting Freeza, but cannot remember anything after the explosion. Beri sneaks up toward Bardock with some food, but Bardock threatens to kill him if he does not scram. Ultimately, however, Bardock eats the free food.

Ten days after losing contact with Tobi and Cavira, Chilled decides to check up on Planet Plant. One of his henchman states that they have completely lost sight of the two, and have no idea where they might be. Even though the henchman promises to continue searching, Chilled decides to go have a look for himself. It is hard to believe that there might be anyone out there foolish enough to oppose him, but he is starting to look forward to his visit to Planet Plant! Just who is this “Chilled” who looks like Freeza, and will Bardock finally…?!

Chapter Notes

  • Similar to Freeza and his immediate family, Chilled‘s name is a cold-based pun, specifically on the sensation of coldness. In fact, his name is written in katakana exactly the same as the word for which he is named — チルド — with none of the order alterations or vowel elongations typically seen in name puns.
  • Chilled’s henchman Cavira gets his name from non-fertilized sturgeon roe, better known to most as caviar. In Japanese, the phonetics of the French word “caviar” are approximated using katakana (キャビア; kyabia). Although the trailing ‘r’ of “caviar” is phonetically present with the hard ‘a’ sound in Japanese, it is not visually seen when the word is romanized. To create this name pun, the ‘r’ was playfully reintroduced into the characters name (キャビラ; kyabira), although still not as a trailing consonant. Cavira’s single horn is most likely a homage to the large tail fin of the Sturgeon fish he is named after.
  • Like Cavira, Chilled’s other henchman Tobi also has a fish roe name pun. His name is based on the Japanese word tobiko (とびこ), which is used to describe Flying Fish roe. This type of roe is most widely known for its use in creating certain types of sushi. It is most likely because of his Flying Fish name pun that Tobi features two fin-like horns on his head resembling the Flying Fish’s larger pectoral fins.
  • Ipana (イパナ; ipana) and his son Beri (ベリー; berī) have name puns based on plants, as they are from Planet Plant. While Beri’s name quite obviously comes from berry plants, Ipana gets his name from the pineapple plant (パイナップル; painappuru). As with Chilled’s henchmen, these characters’ heads reflect their name puns, with each one shaped like the fruit their respective name pun plant bears.
  • A color promotional page in the August 2011 issue of V-Jump alongside the first chapter revealed the fact that Chilled was designed by Akira Toriyama.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while the fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown will take a look at how many colored, red and gray scale, or black and white pages appeared in this chapter.