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Episode of Bardock Chapter 2

Japanese Title Page

ドラゴンボール エピソードオブバーダック 第2話

Doragon Bōru Episōdo Obu Bādakku Dai Ni-wa

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock – Part 2

Chapter Information

Premiered: 21 July 2011 (V-Jump, September 2011 Issue)
Author: Naho Ooishi

V-Jump, September 2011 Issue
V-Jump, April 2012 Issue (as part of complete reprint)

Chapter Synopsis

Chilled’s henchman states that they will be arriving on Planet Plant any moment. Chilled laughs to himself about potentially getting to play along with whomever it was that killed his minions. One of the minions is in Chilled’s way, so he stabs him through the chest, mentioning not to stand in front of him. As the now-dead-minion collapses, Chilled notes how this place looks like a crummy planet, and how useless his minions were to be killed here. Chilled has a great idea, though, and the group heads off.

Chilled and the henchman approach Ipana’s village, saying they are members of the “Space Police”, protectors of peace throughout the entire universe! Evildoers have come to ransack the planet for its abundant resources, and they have arrived to stop them — if a pair of aliens have come recently, they were probably the ones. One of the Plantiens notes that the two are no more thanks to a guy named Bardock who took care of them and flew off. Chilled offers a reward to anyone who tells him where Bardock went, but Beri is concerned about this new guy…

Beri runs off to find Bardock, telling him about the new aliens that arrived and how he has a bad feeling about them. Off in the distance, Chilled is destroying the village! Bardock says it has nothing to do with him, but Beri pleads for his help in saving everyone. Chilled laughs to himself about the “Space Police” lie, bestowing death upon all for not finding Bardock. Chilled asks for some of the healing liquid from Ipana, who refuses. Chilled will make him suffer, though not kill him, just to prove a point about going against him. Bardock suddenly shows up; as Ipana states his name, Chilled realizes that this is the guy who took out Tobi and Cavira.

Bardock screams Freeza’s name and attacks Chilled, who cannot believe a shrimp like this just came after him. Chilled grabs Bardock saying how he keeps going on and on about this “Freeza”, but he is Chilled, the mightiest pirate in the universe! Bardock is in a huge pinch now courtesy of Chilled’s overwhelming power, but will he finally… in the next issue…?!

Chapter Notes

  • The way Chilled kills a minion is based on an anime-only scene from Dragon Ball Z episode 120, where Mecha-Freeza does the same to a soldier who has his armor sliced off by Trunks.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while the fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown will take a look at how many colored, red and gray scale, or black and white pages appeared in this chapter.