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“Battle of Gods” Special Manga Version

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映画ドラゴンボールZ 『神と神』 SPマンガ版

Eiga Doragon Bōru Zetto ”Kami to Kami” SP Manga-ban

Theatrical Dragon Ball Z: “Battle of Gods” Special Manga Version

Chapter Information

Premiered: 04 March 2013 (Saikyō Jump, April 2013 Issue)
Author: Naho Ooishi

Saikyō Jump, April 2013 Issue
Dragon Ball SD Volume 2

Chapter Synopsis

The story begins on Northern Kaiō’s planet with Kaiō himself, Goku, and Bubbles. Kaiō becomes extremely agitated when he senses Beerus’ awakening. Goku asks him what’s up, and Kaiō describes him as a god who destroys stars and life. Kaiō stammers out Beerus’ name as he realizes the God of Destruction is standing right behind him (not the “lanky pale-blue guy” that Goku thought, who is actually Beerus’ attendant), and proceeds to go into obsequious-mode as Beerus says it has been a while since they last met. Beerus is here, however, because he has business with the Saiyan.

The God of Destruction tells Goku of the prophetic dream about “Super Saiyan God”, but Goku says he has only heard of plain old Super Saiyan. Kaiō has not heard of it, either. Beerus decides to leave (at Whis’ suggestion) to inquire with the Saiyan prince on a planet called “Earth”. Before he leaves, he accedes to Goku’s request to fight with him, since Goku heard he is super-duper strong. The God tells Goku to come at him with his full power. Goku revs up to Super Saiyan 3. Though Whis is mildly impressed, Goku is surprised they are not completely taken aback. Goku comes flying in with a punch, and there is a large explosion… but when the smoke clears, the God is effortlessly holding Goku’s fist in his hand. Beerus flicks Goku in the forehead, sending him tumbling around Kaiō’s planet.

Beerus goes off to Earth to visit Vegeta, while Goku is down for the count. Kaiō stands there with Bubbles, mouth agape, though he snaps out of it when he realizes he needs to warn Vegeta.

Back on Earth, everyone is gathered at Capsule Corporation for Bulma’s birthday party. Kuririn asks how old she is, but she retorts with a “Shut up!” while Vegeta mutters that it is the “same lousy thing” every single year. She eventually answers, “…in SD, I’m always a youthful 16!!!” — Kuririn protests that, if that were the case, he would only be 13! Kaiō telepathically contacts Vegeta to explain the situation. Kaiō notes that whatever he does he must not anger Beerus, lest he destroy not only the Earth, but the entire galaxy.

Vegeta is suitably freaked out, not least because of all the happy people enjoying themselves around him. As Kuririn plays with his daughter, Piccolo sings karaoke (much to the dismay of Goten and Trunks), and everyone toasts to Bulma’s good health, Vegeta looks over (eyes bugging out) to notice Beerus lounging on a deck chair across the way. Kaiō was not exaggerating: Beerus is indeed a big deal. The chapter closes on Beerus asking Vegeta about Super Saiyan God, and Vegeta repeating the words back at him. The ending narration says you will have to see the rest with your own eyes at the movie theater!

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter is a standalone, bonus chapter of Naho Ooishi’s Dragon Ball SD series, and does not (necessarily) intersect with that series’ continuity. Akira Toriyama is give the standard original author (原作, gensaku) credit, simply meaning he is the creator of the Dragon Ball series. As with the rest of Dragon Ball SD, he is also given a — largely honorary — supervisory role (監修 kanshū) credit; this does not, however, imply that Toriyama had any significant say or influence on the spin-off. Rather, as the original story was his own, and in this case Battle of Gods also largely became his own original story, this credit makes sense in a roundabout way.
  • The April 2013 issue of Saikyō Jump was released (04 March 2013) just a bit less than a month before the theatrical debut of Battle of Gods (30 March 2013). Beyond standard promotional splashes and interviews, this 12-page comic was the first true look at the film’s story.
  • This chapter was collected in the second Dragon Ball SD compilation volume, released to print 04 April 2014 and then digitally 04 July 2014.
  • Curiously, the frame for the chapter’s title was changed between its original Saikyō Jump printing and its Dragon Ball SD Volume 2 compilation re-print.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but chapters were occasionally published with color pages. Thus far, the manga adaptation of Revival of ‘F’ has been published entirely in black-and-white.