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Original Illustrated Story #1: Piccolo

Japanese Title Page


Pikkoro Daimaō no Nani Kakete

In the Name of the Great Demon King Piccolo

Chapter Information

Premiered: 18 October 1989 (Jump Gold Selection 4: Dragon Ball Z Anime Special)
Author(s): Takao Koyama (story)
Minoru Maeda (illustrations)


Chapter Synopsis

Piccolo reminisces about his earliest days, having been born in secret to the Great Demon King Piccolo, destined to kill Son Goku.

He thinks back to the forest where he was born, hatching from the egg that his “father” spit out into the distance. Even as a child, he thought only of avenging his father, and was consumed with the thought of killing Son Goku. While reflecting on this goal, Piccolo was able to hone in and see visions from the previous battle, with Goku appearing as a giant monster (the imagery of an Ōzaru). He heard his father’s final words to him, and notes that his battle began at that moment.

Even as a child, his power was overwhelming, and no beast could topple him. As a child of the Demon Clan, he grew quickly, and within the span of a year had an “adult” body. He trained for two years focusing on killing Son Goku, eventually reaching a point where his power surpassed that of even his father’s. Piccolo heard word that Son Goku would be participating in the Tenka’ichi Budōkai, and found this to be an amusing opportunity to enact his revenge. He would not only defeat Son Goku, but all of his friends.

Upon arriving at the tournament, Piccolo found no fighters that looked to be Son Goku. When asked his name, he knew that he could not respond that he was “Piccolo Daimaō”, and so instead entered under the guise of “Ma Junior”. Piccolo finally confronted Son Goku, but the person that he saw before him was completely different from the Son Goku that defeated his father. His entire body gave off a fighting spirit, but he was also gentle and calm, which took Piccolo by surprise. Was this the person that defeated his father? He knew that when their eyes met, they understood each other’s identity and goals.

The two easily made their way to the final match against each other, and Piccolo truly began to understand what he would later learn were the traits of the Saiyans. Piccolo eventually got the upper-hand in the battle, but in the end his opponent got the best of him. His fate was different, though: whereas Son Goku had effectively killed his father, Son Goku now gave the new Piccolo a senzu to heal him back to full strength. Who is this Son Goku?!

Piccolo left and tried to make sense of Son Goku’s actions, but could only think of him as a fool. He would show Son Goku what a mistake that was!

Fate is mysterious, though. Despite everything that had happened, and even having killed Son Goku, here was Piccolo now looking after and training his nemesis’ son. It was not how Piccolo wanted things to go down, however, and so he must protect Earth from the Saiyans by training Gohan alongside him.

Page Breakdown

While the majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, every once in a while the fans were graced with some color pages. The first two “Original Illustrated Stories” used a color palette similar to the red and gray scale color chapters of the original manga.