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Original Illustrated Story #2: Vegeta

Japanese Title Page

誇り高き!! サイヤの王子ベジータ

Hokoritakaki!! Saiya no Ōji Bejīta

High Pride!! Saiya Prince Vegeta

Chapter Information

Premiered: 06 June 1991 (Jump Gold Selection 5: Dragon Ball Z Anime Special II)
Author(s): Takao Koyama (story)
Minoru Maeda (illustrations)


Chapter Synopsis

Having been killed by Freeza during the battle on Planet Namek, Vegeta recalls a lifetime filled with battle and slaughter.

Born as the prince of his planet, Vegeta came into his own as a child with an incredible battle power. His fellow Saiyans gossiped that he must be the “Super Saiyan” of legend. When Freeza entered the scene, however, Vegeta was absolutely repulsed by his tender demeanor and polite way of speaking. He hated even more how is father, King Vegeta, bowed down to Freeza. He knew that one day he wanted to kill Freeza.

Vegeta spent years after that polishing his strength and obediently obeying, all the meanwhile plotting to overthrow and kill Freeza. One day, while out on assignment to attack a distant planet, Vegeta received a communication on his scouter informing him another transmission has come in from Freeza stating that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed. The prince replied with no expression, and even the information that the planet was destroyed by a giant meteor and even his father did not survive did little more than bring a slight smile to his face. He knew, again, that his goal was to kill Freeza.

Vegeta kept his plan to himself and continued following orders, attacking other planets with Nappa and overcoming countless battles. With each brush close to death, Vegeta powered-up more and more courtesy of his Saiyan heritage. Vegeta had far surpassed Nappa and Raditz by this point, and was full of confidence.

Freeza bestowed praise upon Vegeta for his accomplishments, but henchmen like Zarbon, Dodoria, and members of the Ginyu Special Force continued to treat him like a child. After another minion nodded in agreement with a backhanded compliment from Dodoria, Vegeta blasted the henchman to dust. He declared that he would not let anyone sully the name of the Saiyans, even if they were Freeza’s underlings. Before anything else could happen, Freeza calmly laughed that it was quite enough hot-headedness. Vegeta’s heart, at that point, was consumed with animosity toward Freeza.

One day, Vegeta witnessed Freeza destroy an entire planet with a blast simply from his finger, and began to understand the differences in their power. All he could do at this point was wait. Things began to change when Vegeta received report of Raditz’s death on a planet called “Earth” and information about the mysterious “Dragon Balls” which could grant any wish. They would not wish Raditz back to life, but instead wish for eternal life and enjoy everlasting battle. If Vegeta were to wish to be immortal, he would have a chance at defeating Freeza.

It was coming to Earth that changed Vegeta’s life once again, because it was here that he met “Kakarrot”, another surviving Saiyan. While this person — known as Son Goku on Earth — was “weak” back during the fight against Raditz, he was now a completely different person courtesy of training in the afterlife under Lord Kaiō. Even Nappa was no match for him, and so Vegeta killed him; weak Saiyans have no right to keep on living.

It was the first time that one of Vegeta’s fights could truly be called a “death match”. Vegeta was in denial that he was being outclassed by such a low-ranking Saiyan. Even with the power of an artificial full moon and his Ōzaru form, Vegeta was ultimately defeated thanks to Goku’s family and friends.

Vegeta returned to Freeza Planet No. 79, half-dead, after a 18 day trip. He was not only defeated, but completely humiliated. Not content to simply go after Freeza, Vegeta was now consumed with hatred for “Kakarrot”.

Things did not turn out as he expected, however, as the fight moved to Planet Namek and Vegeta was forced to team up with the Earthlings in the battle against Freeza and his men. With the arrival of Son Goku and his assistance on the battlefield, only Freeza remained. Vegeta saw that “Kakarrot” had changed yet again, and with such overwhelming power wondered if this person had become the “Super Saiyan” of legend. “Kakarrot” was still soft-hearted, however, and Vegeta figured he could not possibly be a “Super Saiyan”.

Vegeta ultimately challenged Freeza to battle, but was completely overwhelmed. With his ability to transform three times, Freeza’s power far outclassed anything Vegeta could have imagined.

Freeza caught Vegeta with his tail and tormented him. With death before his eyes, Vegeta wept for the first time. Vegeta was filled with regret for not being able to kill Freeza. As he slipped away, Vegeta made a promise that, no matter what, he would return to life and defeat Freeza!

Vegeta, the proud prince of the Saiyans, would return to kill both Freeza and Son Goku!

Page Breakdown

While the majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, every once in a while the fans were graced with some color pages. The first two “Original Illustrated Stories” used a color palette similar to the red and gray scale color chapters of the original manga.