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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8

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Shiai Kaishi!

The Match Begins!

Chapter Information

Premiered: 21 January 2016 (V-Jump, March 2016 Issue)
23 September 2016 (Viz Website) (English)
Author: Toyotarō

Availability: Tankōbon Volume 01, “Warriors of Universe 6” (04 April 2016)
Digital Color Edition: Volume 01 (03 April 2020)

Chapter Synopsis

Vados asks the competitors to please take their seats. Goku remarks about the Freeza-esque fighter, though Piccolo notes he is a bit different and does not feel evil. Goku also wonders about the robot-looking guy.

One of the Universe 6 competitors rushes over to Goku and Vegeta to ask if they are also Saiyans like him. Vegeta remarks that his outfit resembles that of the Saiyans prior to joining Freeza’s army. The Universe 6 Saiyan notes that he is from Planet Salad, which Vegeta explains was also their Universe 7 Saiyan home world prior to it being destroyed due to infighting amongst the race. They then stole another planet and named it Vegeta, though someone else had conspired to also destroy that one… The Universe 6 Saiyan goes on to explain that his Saiyans no longer have tails, and while they are also a warrior-race, they do not steal planets; instead, they are hired to defeat evil-doers. Vegeta asks if he can visit Planet Salad, and the Universe 6 Saiyan says that he is welcome there. That being said, neither of them will hold back in the ring!

Vados announces that the test will begin. It will consist of ten simple questions to determine whether the entrant has even a tiny amount of intelligence. The time limit is ten minutes, and each entrant will need at least 50 points to pass.

Goku is scolded by Vados for talking aloud as he works through his test questions and answers. When the test is over, Majin Boo is the only one to not pass. Vegeta remarks that Boo was not even able to spell his own name correctly. This brings the Universe 7 team down to only four competitors. Beerus chastises his team and selects Monaka to fight last as he is the strongest. Goku will go first, followed by Piccolo, then Vegeta, and then Monaka. Goku snidely comments that they all should not get angry with him if he defeats the entire other team all on his own. The Universe 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition will now begin!

Following a rousing vocal performance by the tournament announcer, the tournament begins with Goku versus Botamo, the bear-esque being from Universe 6. Goku has trouble dodging and ultimately gets hit. It turns out that Goku ate too much and needs to work it off a bit by running around. Botamo tries to catch up but even misses with a beam blast. Goku effortlessly knocks Botamo back, surprising not just Botamo himself, but also Champa and Vados. Champa mentions that perhaps they miscalculated, but Botamo has not yet shown what he is truly capable of…!

Chapter Notes

  • Though the five Universe 6 competitors and their names were formally unveiled by Toei just days prior to the release of the March 2016 issue of V-Jump, only Botamo himself is named in text during this particular chapter.
  • Botamo’s name is likely taken from the Japanese confectionery botamochi.
    ぼたもち (bo·ta·mo·chi)  ›  ボタモ (bo·ta·mo)
  • Planet Salad’s name (惑星サラダ wakusei sarada) is taken directly from the English word “salad”. With the Saiyan race all taking their names from vegetables, an all-encompassing dish such as a salad is an appropriate choice to “hold” all of the “vegetable” people.
    サラダ (sa·ra·da)

    This name was adjusted in episode 32 of the TV series to Planet Sadal by swapping the last two syllables:

    サダラ (sa·da·ra)
  • Though the Tsufruians were never mentioned or included in Akira Toriyama’s original manga, their concept did originate with Toriyama, which was instead used as filler material in Dragon Ball Z TV episode 20 and anime/game-only material such as Dragon Ball GT and Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. In addition, the name “Planet Plant” is also included in a memo from Toriyama, which ultimately became the original name of the planet inhabited by the Tsufruians and Saiyans before the Saiyans eventually took over. The information introduced about the Saiyans in this chapter fits in with the information previously introduced in this supplemental material, allowing the Saiyans to have originated on some planet prior to their arrival on Planet Plant.
  • The glyphs in the background appear to say “Beerus Team vs. Champa Team: Tasty Food Showdown” in an invented language with symbols corresponding to certain real-world alphabet characters.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown notes how many full-color, limited-color, and black-and-white pages appeared in this chapter.