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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 25

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悟空か!? ザマスか!?

Gokū ka!? Zamasu ka!?

Will It Be Goku!? Or Zamasu!?

Chapter Information

Premiered: 21 June 2017 (V-Jump, August 2017 Issue)
21 June 2017 (Viz Website) (English)
Author: Toyotarō

Availability: Tankōbon Volume 05, “The Decisive Battle! Farewell, Trunks” (02 March 2018)

Chapter Synopsis

Goku continues his next round against Merged Zamasu, struggling against the god’s telekinetic powers, but still managing to land the occasional attack. Zamasu rips his shirt off in disbelief over the damage his body is taking, while Goku simultaneously is struggling to maintain his power and composure. Zamasu screams that he will take out the entire galaxy and rushes at Goku, who flies in with an unexpected technique: the same “destruction” Beerus used against Zamasu earlier in the timelines. As part of Zamasu’s body begins to disappear, he uses a portal to grab Mai and shove her in front of the technique, forcing Goku to stop. Zamasu kicks Goku aside and regenerates the missing part of his body. Trunks tries to rush Zamasu, but is handily knocked aside; Vegeta can tell that it is all over now.

Zamasu suddenly starts tearing in half; it must be an hour since his fusion! The two halves seem as if they are rejecting the split, however; Gowasu theorizes that since the two are technically the same person, they may have somehow joined on a cellular level due to the fusion. Trunks jumps in once again, this time managing to slice Zamasu into his two, individual halves. Trunks proceeds to stab his sword into the defeated Black’s chest. It finally appears as if the fight is over… but Black fires a blast at Trunks and stands back up, impaled-sword and all. Both Black and Zamasu transform into Merged Zamasu versions of themselves, who then begin another assault on Goku. With Goku and Trunks down, Vegeta explodes in a rage toward the gods, kicks Goku aside, and unleashes a Gamma Burst Flash. In the wake of the blast, detached body parts of the gods wiggle on the ground in an attempt to reform. The Kaiōshin try to get the others to teleport away with them, but there are suddenly numerous Zamasu that have reformed…!

Chapter Notes

  • The chapter’s official release came nearly seven months after the (very-roughly) corresponding TV episode content began, significantly deviating from the events of the television series.
  • Goku acknowledges and uses the same technique Beerus previously used on the “standard” timeline’s Zamasu, saying 破壊 (hakai, literally “destruction”).
  • Vegeta debuts a new attack in this chapter, never having been seen before in any medium: “Gamma Burst Flash” (ガンマバーストフラッシュ; Ganma Bāsuto Furasshu). As with the “Big Bang Attack” and “Final Flash”, Vegeta’s attack here is given an English name.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown notes how many full-color, limited-color, and black-and-white pages appeared in this chapter.