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Dragon Ball Super Bonus Chapter 2

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Extra Edition

Chapter Information

Premiered: 30 July 2016 (Jump Victory Carnival 2016 Official Guidebook)
Author: Toyotarō

Availability: Jump Victory Carnival 2016 Official Guidebook
Dragon Ball Super Volume 2 (Collected Manga Edition)

Chapter Synopsis

In the alternate, future world of Trunks…

Goku has died and the Artificial Humans continue to pillage the world. Bulma and Gohan notice that the Dragon Balls have been collected. The sky darkens as Pilaf & Co. summons Shenlong! Pilaf wishes for their youth to be restored, though Shuu wonders why this even matters with such monsters on the loose. Bulma and Gohan arrive, but it is too late. Shenlong complies, returning the trio to their youth… as babies. As Pilaf wonders what happened, the Dragon Balls drop from the sky as stones, meaning Piccolo has been killed.

Bulma watches as Gohan screams his mentor’s name. Baby Trunks, sitting in a carrier on her back, looks down at Mai, who returns the curious glance as the baby trio plan their escape.

Chapter Notes

  • At each year’s Jump Victory Carnival, a special guidebook is produced that all attendees receive. Within this guidebook is booth information, promotions for upcoming products, as well as short manga chapters from Shueisha’s team of authors. In previous guidebooks, Toyotarō had contributed Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission bonus chapters; with that series on hiatus, for the 2015 guidebook, he contributed a special Dragon Ball Super manga chapter that took place before the standard series.
  • The chapter addresses the oft-criticized fact that Pilaf & Co.’s age-reduction is never acknowledged or addressed in the Dragon Ball Super series, despite its casual mention during the 2013 theatrical film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. This two-page chapter also helps address how Mai appears as the age she does during the future Trunks’ alternate timeline.
  • The chapter was later compiled in the second collected volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga, released in print 02 December 2016 and digitally 04 January 2017 in Japan.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown notes how many full-color, limited-color, and black-and-white pages appeared in this chapter.