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Dragon Ball Super: Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc

Arc Information

Original Run: 21 December 2018 – ongoing
Corresponding: Dragon Ball Super Chapters 43 – ongoing
Page Count: TBD

Arc Synopsis

Following their encounter with Freeza and Broli on Earth, Goku and Vegeta continue their training until one day the Galactic Patrol arrives to take the slumbering Majin Boo. As the two try to stop this, they are knocked unconscious and taken as well. Eventually awakening, they learn that a dangerous criminal imprisoned for 10 million years has escaped Galactic Prison and that only Majin Boo, or rather Dai Kaiōshin inside of him, can recapture the criminal known as the planet-eater Moro and save the universes from his wrath. Hearing this, Goku volunteers their help to the Galactic Patrol and they are quickly appointed “Special Member” status.

They soon discover that Moro is heading to New Planet Namek in search of the Dragon Balls, which he learned of from Freeza’s former underling, Cranberi, in prison. Goku and Vegeta immediately teleport to the planet and warn the Namekians of the impending danger. Moro soon arrives and a grand battle unfolds; however, the two Saiyans quickly realize that Moro wields powerful magic allowing him to absorb the power of those around him, including them!

NOTE: The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc technically begins with the final pages of chapter 42.

Chapter List

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 43Pages: 45
Ginga Patorōru Nyūtai!
Galactic Patrol Enlistment!
21 December 2018
V-Jump February 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44Pages: 45
Datsugoku-shū Moro
Escaped Prisoner Moro
21 January 2019
V-Jump March 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 45Pages: 45
Moro no Maryoku
Moro’s Magical Power
21 February 2019
V-Jump April 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 46Pages: 45
Suikousuru Namekku-sei
Planet Namek in Decline
20 March 2019
V-Jump May 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47Pages: 45
Ubawareta Doragon Bōru
Stolen Dragon Balls
20 April 2019
V-Jump June 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48Pages: 45
Moro no Negai
Moro’s Wish
21 May 2019
V-Jump July 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49Pages: 45
Uchū Kūkan Batoru
Outer Space Battle
21 June 2019
V-Jump August 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50Pages: 45
Dai Dassō
Great Escape
20 July 2019
V-Jump September 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51Pages: 45
Sore Zore no Kōdō
To Each Their Own Plans
21 August 2019
V-Jump October 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52Pages: 45
Gokū to Bejīta no Shugyō
Goku and Vegeta’s Training
21 September 2019
V-Jump November 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53Pages: 45
Saganbo Ginga Gōtō-dan
Saganbo’s Galactic Bandit Brigade
21 October 2019
V-Jump December 2019
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54Pages: 45
Gohan Buiesu Seben Surī
Gohan vs Seven-Three
21 November 2019
V-Jump January 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55Pages: 45
Merusu no Shōtai
Merusu’s True Identity
21 December 2019
V-Jump February 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56Pages: 45
Chikyū Senshi Shūketsu
Warriors of Earth Assemble
21 January 2020
V-Jump March 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57Pages: 45
Sorezore no Tatakai
Battles Abound
21 February 2020
V-Jump April 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58Pages: 45
Son Gokū Tōchaku
Son Goku Arrives
21 March 2020
V-Jump May 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59Pages: 45
発動! 身勝手の極意“兆”
Hatsudō! Migatte no Goku’i “Kizashi”
Activation! Ultra Instinct “Sign”
21 April 2020
V-Jump June 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60Pages: 45
Merusu no Gosan
Merusu’s Miscalculation
21 May 2020
V-Jump July 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61Pages: 45
Shinsei Bejiita
Vegeta Reborn
19 June 2020
V-Jump August 2020