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Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi

Warriors of Universe 6

Volume Information

Released: 04 April 2016 (Print)
02 May 2016 (Digital)
Retail: ¥400 + tax
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
Size / Pages: New Book Format (11 × 17 cm) / 192 pages
Catalog No.: 978-4-08-880661-7

Dust Jacket & Obi

The first volume’s dust jacket features a new cover illustration by Toyotarō with Goku and a stylized Shenlong (a la older Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball illustrations). The back cover features Goten and Trunks painting the Jump Comics logo. The flaps include a short biography for Toyotarō along with Goku in Super Saiyan Blue.

The included obi promotes the monthly release of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine (where the Dragon Ball Super manga is serialized). Other products featured are the “Full Color” version of the manga release and the 30th anniversary “Super History Book”.

Volume Contents

The title for the collected volume — 第6宇宙の戦士たち (Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi or “Warriors from Universe 6”) — is taken directly from the seventh chapter‘s title.

The volume’s standard front cover is a desaturated version of the dust jacket’s front cover, while the back cover is a complementary illustration of Vegeta with a stylized Porunga.

The inside title page is a piece of promotional artwork by Toyotarō. The table of contents features super-deformed versions of Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, Champa, and Vados alongside a two-page span of Shenlong. The first and fifth chapters’ title pages — originally in full color in their V-Jump serialization — are presented in grayscale here.

To fill out the necessary page count, Toyotarō supplies new drawings between chapters. These range from silly, such as Vegeta practicing bingo, to meta-commentary, such as Sorbet commenting “W-We’ve been skipped…”

The Dragon Ball Super manga covered the Battle of Gods re-telling, skipped the Resurrection ‘F’ re-telling, and “charged ahead” to the Champa arc to act as further promotion for the television series. Toyotarō had previously contributed an introductory, three-chapter manga adaptation of the original Resurrection ‘F’ film in the April, May, and June 2015 issues of V-Jump.

Comic content ends with the single-page “Dragon Ball Super Great Expectation?!” from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Start Guide (presented here in grayscale as opposed to the color original), and the two-page bonus comic from the Jump Victory Carnival 2015 attendee booklet.

The volume wraps up with a two-page “Tori-Toyo Interview” with both Toyotarō and original creator Akira Toriyama. A supplemental “web version” of the interview was provided alongside the book’s release on Shueisha’s official V-Jump website.

The nine chapters presented in this volume were originally serialized in the August 2015 through April 2016 issues of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine on a monthly basis.
Chapter 1: The God of Destruction’s Prophetic Dream
Chapter 2: Goku’s Defeat
Chapter 3: Beerus’ Wrath
Chapter 4: Battle of Gods
Chapter 5: Beerus and Champa
Chapter 6: Preparations for the Tournament
Chapter 7: Warriors of Universe 6
Chapter 8: The Match Begins!
Chapter 9: Goku vs Botamo
Additional Content
These items are not listed in the volume’s table of contents; we have independently documented them here.
Special Manga 1 (Dragon Ball Super: Super Start Guide – “Dragon Ball Super Great Expectation?!”)
Special Manga 2 (Jump Victory Carnival 2015 Attendee Booklet Comic – “Special Edition”)
Tori-Toyo Free Talk (Book Version) (read translation)

International Releases

This collected volume has seen various international and translated releases:

Volume Changes & Adaptation Mistakes

The collected edition removes some splash text and adjusts the V-Jump promotion to a Super Start Guide origination note in the “Great Expectation?!” bonus comic. Likewise, the collected edition removes the splash text, title, and Toyotarō/Toriyama credits in the Jump Victory Carnival 2015 bonus comic.

Viz’s English translation of the volume mistakenly adapts Sorbet’s bonus as “I… was flown down here…”. While the literal meaning of とばされた (tobasareta) is “jumped/flown over”, in general conversation and context it takes on the meaning of being “skipped”. Other non-English international translations adapted this line accurately.

Volume Credits

As with most Dragon Ball products released, Akira Toriyama received an “Original Author” (原作 or gensaku) credit indicating his work and authorship of the original Dragon Ball series. Toyotarō is credited for the comic itself (漫画 or manga), stylized here as “Toyotarou”.


Original Author

鳥山 明

Akira Toriyama








Home-Sha, Inc.




Haruhiko Suzuki


Publishing House

株式会社 集英社

Shueisha Co., Ltd.


Master Printing Plates

株式会社 コスモグラフィック



Printing House


Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.