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Dragon Ball Volume 03



Tenka’ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!

The Tenka’ichi Budōkai Begins!!

Volume Information

First Release: 10 June 1986 (print edition)
12 October 2012 (digital edition)
Retail: ¥360, not taxed (initial print edition)
¥400 + 5% tax (current print edition, since May 2009)
¥350 + 5% tax (digital edition)
Publisher: Shueisha
Size / Pages: New Book Format (11 × 17 cm) / 192 pages
Catalog No.: ISBN 4-08-851833-0

Volume Introduction by Akira Toriyama

One night about half a year ago, I took in a stray cat. It was a rainy night, so I took pity on it and figured that I would at least let it stay in the house until the rain let up.

But it was a really friendly, cute cat, so we ended up keeping it as part of the family. It’s a jet-black cat, so its name is Koge [“char”]. As a result, my assistant Matsuyama-kun, a major cat-hater, is in a state of terror every time he comes over to work.

Volume Contents (025 – 036)

All chapter title pages shown below are as available in this tankōbon volume, featuring the original chapter tag lines and “Bird Studio” logo. Fortunately, this volume does not omit any of the original chapter title pages. The chapter premiere dates listed below are based on the sale date of their respective issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, which is when that issue of the magazine officially went on sale.

Raibaru? Sanjō!!
A Rival? Arrival!!
21 May 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #25
Fushigi na On’na no Ko
The Peculiar Girl
28 May 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #26
Ranchi no Kushami
Lunch’s Sneeze
04 June 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #27
Shugyō Hajimari!!
The Training Begins!!
11 June 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #28
Kame Māku no Ishi Sagashi
The Search for the Turtle-Marked Stone
18 June 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #29
Gyūnyū Haitatsu
Milk Delivery
25 June 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #30
Kamesenryū no Kibishii Shugyō
The Kame-sen School’s Tough Training
02 July 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #31
Tenka’ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!
The Tenka’ichi Budōkai Begins!!
09 July 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #32
Shugyō no Iryoku!!
The Power of Training!!
16 July 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #33
Tenka Muteki!
Completely Unrivaled!
23 July 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #34
Taisen Kettei!!
The Matchups are Decided!!
30 July 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #35
Dai-Ichi Shiai
The First Match
06 August 1985
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1985 #36

Toriyama-san’s “Dragon Ball” Ask Me Anything Corner

Each of the first 12 tankōbon volumes contains a short, two-page Q&A session with Akira Toriyama (essentially the continuation of a similar section in Dr. Slump), where he answers questions sent in by readers. Anyone was able to send in a postcard to the address listed in the book, and individuals whose submissions ran in a subsequent volume were promised a signed illustration (shikishi) from Toriyama himself. This solicitation remained in place in all printings through mid-1995 (the end of the series’ run in Weekly Shōnen Jump), after which it was removed.

In addition to the above call for questions, the first six volumes also included an invitation to join Toriyama’s official fan club, the “Akira Toriyama Preservation Society” (Toriyama Akira Hozon-Kai), whose members received a newsletter with “inside stories” and other bonus content that would “make the comics ten times more fun”. Readers were invited to send a ¥60 stamp in an envelope to the address given, after which they would receive a membership form. This invitation remained until May 1987 (concurrent with the publication of volume 7); it was then replaced with a notice that the club had reached its predetermined membership limit, and an apology to those who still wished to join. This notice remains in current printings, even though the club has long since disbanded, with the final newsletter (issue #25) published in September 1987.

“I’m fine with anything to do with Dragon Ball or me. Give me all the postcards you’ve got.”

Question #1

Ikumi Akita (Gifu Prefecture):
Sensei, hello. I recently bought the Comic (“Dragon Ball” 1) for the first time, and the drawings and story were so cute that even a girl like myself really loved it.

Akira Toriyama:
Thank you very much! I hope more girls like you are also enjoying it.

Question #2

Katsuya Miyoshi (Hyōgo Prefecture):
I have all of your Comics, Sensei. I read Jump every week. My question is, is Kame-Sen’nin based off of the bitter God from “Dr. Slump” 17? Because they look exactly the same except for the star-mark sunglasses.

Akira Toriyama:
Gah!! You’re sharp!! You are correct!! I just put some sunglasses on God. I really liked that guy, so I wanted to use him again in “Dragon Ball”.

Question #3

Masahiro Kojima (Ōsaka Prefecture):
Some questions for Akira Toriyama-sensei.
01 — Were you good at drawing manga back when you were in elementary school?
02 — Is it indecent that you put so much H (drawings) into the story?
03 — Do you own a Family Computer? [He’s referring to the Famicom/NES system by Nintendo]
04 — Please continue drawing great manga.

Akira Toriyama:
01 — I was so-so.
02 — Yes!
03 — I own one, but it sometimes distracts me from work which is pretty bad so I don’t play too often. However, I’m really good at it.
04 — Right, understood. Thank you.

Question #4

Takuya Miyamoto (Ōsaka Prefecture):
Um~, I have a question… It has nothing to do with “Dragon Ball” but when will the 2nd Volume of “Akira Toriyama’s Fill-in-the-Blank Theatre” be released? You… you didn’t forget about it, did you…?

Akira Toriyama:
Unfortunately, Volume 2 of “Fill-in-the-Blank Theatre” is about 45 pages short from being completed. There are currently no plans to release it, but it may come out once I finish the remaining 45 pages.

Question #5

Satoshi Sasaki (Hiroshima Prefecture):
Toriyama-sensei, hello. Goodbye.

Akira Toriyama:

Question #6

Mika Noma (Ehime Prefecture):
I really love reading “Dragon Ball”. I especially like Yamcha (Go go, Yamcha). I hope you continue to create more comics. I’ll be a fan of “Dragon Ball” until I die.

Akira Toriyama:
You really have to continue supporting me until you die! (A lot of people give up halfway…)

Question #7

Kōji Asano (Ai’ichi Prefecture):
I loan out my “Dragon Ball” comics to people for three days at a rate of 100 yen. Am I a bad kid for doing this? (But everybody keeps borrowing them)

Akira Toriyama:
You’re a bad kid! You’re making money and I’m not getting anything!!

Question #8

Seiji Hayashi (Kyoto Metropolitan area):
I really like “Dragon Ball” because it’s so much fun, it’s so fun that I can’t stand it. Ah~~~, I’m soooooo happy that your manga exists, I can’t believe it.

Akira Toriyama:
Hmm~~, if you like it that much, it makes me really happy as well.