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Dragon Ball Volume 06



Buruma no Dai-Shippai!!

Bulma’s Big Blunder!!

Volume Information

First Release: 10 March 1987 (print edition)
12 October 2012 (digital edition)
Retail: ¥360, not taxed (initial print edition)
¥400 + 5% tax (current print edition, since May 2009)
¥350 + 5% tax (digital edition)
Publisher: Shueisha
Size / Pages: New Book Format (11 × 17 cm) / 192 pages
Catalog No.: ISBN 4-08-851836-5

Volume Introduction by Akira Toriyama

These days, the neighborhood where I live has been getting pretty busy, with new shops and roads being built. It’s quite convenient, but I don’t get to see weasels, pheasants, or bush warblers at all any more.

The noise level has increased too. Being a country boy by nature, it seems like a slooow, quiet lifestyle suits me best. It might be pretty inconvenient, but I’d like to live much, much farther out in the country. This is the sort of thing I get to thinking about.

Volume Contents (061 – 072)

All chapter title pages shown below are as available in this tankōbon volume, featuring the original chapter tag lines and “Bird Studio” logo. Unfortunately this volume omits one of the original chapter title pages, although it was later included in the kanzenban release. The chapter premiere dates listed below are based on the sale date of their respective issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, which is when that issue of the magazine officially went on sale.

忍法! 四畳半タタミ返し!!
Ninpō! Yonjōhan Tatamigaeshi!!
Ninja Arts! The 4½ Tatami Flip!!
11 February 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #11
Kiki! Bunshin no Jutsu
Peril! The Art of Division
18 February 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #12
Jinzōningen Hachi-Gō
Artificial Human No. 8
25 February 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #13
5階 戦慄のブヨン
Gokai Senritsu no Buyon
Floor Five: The Hair-Raising Buyon
04 March 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #14
Buyon Kōryakuhō
How to Defeat Buyon
11 March 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #15
Massuru Tawā no Saigo!!
Muscle Tower’s End!!
18 March 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #16
Nishi e…
To the West…
25 March 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #17
Nishi no Miyako no Buruma n’chi
Bulma’s House in West City
01 April 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #18
Buruma to Gokū Pāto Tsū
Bulma and Goku, Part Two
08 April 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #19
Buruma no Dai-Shippai!!
Bulma’s Big Blunder!!
15 April 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #20
Kame Hausu Hakken Saru!!
Kame House Discovered!!
22 April 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #21
ブルー将軍 攻撃開始
Burū Shōgun Kōgeki Kaishi
General Blue Commences His Assault
26 April 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #22

Toriyama-san’s “Dragon Ball” Ask Me Anything Corner

Each of the first 12 tankōbon volumes contains a short, two-page Q&A session with Akira Toriyama (essentially the continuation of a similar section in Dr. Slump), where he answers questions sent in by readers. Anyone was able to send in a postcard to the address listed in the book, and individuals whose submissions ran in a subsequent volume were promised a signed illustration (shikishi) from Toriyama himself. This solicitation remained in place in all printings through mid-1995 (the end of the series’ run in Weekly Shōnen Jump), after which it was removed.

In addition to the above call for questions, the first six volumes also included an invitation to join Toriyama’s official fan club, the “Akira Toriyama Preservation Society” (Toriyama Akira Hozon-Kai), whose members received a newsletter with “inside stories” and other bonus content that would “make the comics ten times more fun”. Readers were invited to send a ¥60 stamp in an envelope to the address given, after which they would receive a membership form. This invitation remained until May 1987 (concurrent with the publication of volume 7); it was then replaced with a notice that the club had reached its predetermined membership limit, and an apology to those who still wished to join. This notice remains in current printings, even though the club has long since disbanded, with the final newsletter (issue #25) published in September 1987.

“I’m fine with anything to do with Dragon Ball or me. Give me all the postcards you’ve got.”

Question #1

Tatsuhira Koike (Saitama Prefecture):
On the spines of the Dragon Ball graphic novels, so far you’ve drawn a Dragon Ball with one star for every volume of the series. What will you do if the series goes over seven volumes?

Akira Toriyama:
You’re right! The spines with the drawings of the dragon and the Dragon Balls will end after the seventh volume. I am wondering myself what to do from the eighth volume on.

Question #2

Nobukatsu Sekigawa (Kanagawa Prefecture):
I like Pu’er. I told my brother that Pu’er is a cat and he told me that Pu’er is a mouse. Who is right?

Akira Toriyama:
Actually, Pu’er is neither a cat nor a mouse, but I draw him a little bit like a cat.

Question #3

Kimio Nagasaki (Shizuika Prefecture):
Over New Year’s break, I made a stamp using your characters. Nine months from now, I am planning on using the dragon from Dragon Ball to make my New Year’s greeting cards.

Akira Toriyama:
This is a great stamp! I imagine it took quite a lot of work. I am really impressed. I look forward to seeing your dragon cards, please send me one when you’re finished.

Question #4

Yasuhiro Ando (Aichi Prefecture):
The caricature that you draw of yourself in the comics looks like a dirty old man, so I thought that you probably looked like a dirty old man yourself. But I saw your photograph in Shōnen Jump and you looked very handsome.

Akira Toriyama:
Ha ha ha! You think so? You’re right! I do look good! You’re a great guy! Unfortunately, I just can’t get too excited about a guy complimenting me like this…

Question #5

Yasuto Tamagawa (Osaka Prefecture):
What are those six marks on Kuririn’s face? Is it a scar? Please tell me.

Akira Toriyama:
Ah! You noticed it! The marks on Kuririn’s forehead are incense burns. Sometimes you see these scars on Chinese monks in the movies. I thought I should add them because Kuririn’s face is so plain.

Question #6

Koki Yasuda (Osaka Prefecture):
Often in the last page of your comic in Shōnen Jump, you write about how you have pet birds. I would like to become a manga artist, and I also love animals. I would love to draw manga and have a lot of pets.

Akira Toriyama:
I think it’s a great thing to be an animal lover, although if you are going to have pets you should be responsible for them. In my household we have a bird, a cat, and a dog. Actually, if I could, I would love to also have a goat and a chicken.