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Dragon Ball Volume 08



Son Gokū Totsugeki

Son Goku’s Assault

Volume Information

First Release: 10 July 1987 (print edition)
12 October 2012 (digital edition)
Retail: ¥360, not taxed (initial print edition)
¥400 + 5% tax (current print edition, since May 2009)
¥350 + 5% tax (digital edition)
Publisher: Shueisha
Size / Pages: New Book Format (11 × 17 cm) / 192 pages
Catalog No.: ISBN 4-08-851838-1

Volume Introduction by Akira Toriyama

On days when I do inking, I get up around noon, eat, and then from 1 p.m., I begin inking with my assistant Matsuyama-kun; from 7 to 8, I eat dinner, walk my dog, and feed my bird; Matsuyama-kun goes home at 9, and I continue to work while watching TV; I get in the bath at 11; after that, I stretch out and relax while working; and I go to sleep around 4 a.m. This is the pattern that most of my inking days follow.

Volume Contents (085 – 096)

All chapter title pages shown below are as available in this tankōbon volume, featuring the original chapter tag lines and “Bird Studio” logo. Fortunately, this volume does not omit any of the original chapter title pages. The chapter premiere dates listed below are based on the sale date of their respective issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, which is when that issue of the magazine officially went on sale.

Koroshiya “Tao Pai-pai”
The Hitman “Tao Pai-pai”
29 July 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #35
Taopaipai no Hissatsu Dodonpa
Tao Pai-pai’s Surefire Dodonpa
05 August 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #36
Karin Tō
Karin Tower
12 August 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #37
Karin Tō no Karin-sama
Karin-sama of Karin Tower
19 August 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #38
Chō-Seisui no Kōnō
The Effects of the Super Holy Water
26 August 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #39
Son Gokū no Gyakushū
Son Goku’s Counterattack
02 September 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #40
Seichi no Dai-Kessen!!
A Grand Showdown in the Holy Land!!
09 September 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #41
Saigo no Tao Pai-pai
The End of Tao Pai-pai
16 September 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #42
Son Gokū Totsugeki
Son Goku’s Assault
23 September 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #43
Son Gokū Kai-Shingeki!
Son Goku’s Charge!
30 September 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #44
Reddo Sōsui Shisu!
Commander Red Dies!
07 October 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #45
A Great Victory!!
14 October 1986
Weekly Shōnen Jump 1986 #46

Toriyama-san’s “Dragon Ball” Ask Me Anything Corner

Each of the first 12 tankōbon volumes contains a short, two-page Q&A session with Akira Toriyama (essentially the continuation of a similar section in Dr. Slump), where he answers questions sent in by readers. Anyone was able to send in a postcard to the address listed in the book, and individuals whose submissions ran in a subsequent volume were promised a signed illustration (shikishi) from Toriyama himself. This solicitation remained in place in all printings through mid-1995 (the end of the series’ run in Weekly Shōnen Jump), after which it was removed.

In volumes 7 through 12 (as well as later printings of the first six volumes), the above call for questions was also joined by a notice that Akira Toriyama’s official fan club, the “Akira Toriyama Preservation Society” (Toriyama Akira Hozon-Kai), had reached its predetermined membership limit and an apology to those who still wished to join. This notice remains in current printings, even though the club has long since disbanded, with the final newsletter (issue #25) published in September 1987.

“I’m fine with anything to do with Dragon Ball or me. Give me all the postcards you’ve got.”

Question #1

Yuko Kimoto (Hyoho Prefecture):
Hello Toriyama-sensei! I used to think that Kuririn was just some weird character, but now I think he is really cool! I used to just kind of quickly read through the parts with Kuririn in them, but on a second read, he’s pretty cute! He’s short and bald and has those cute eyebrows!

Akira Toriyama
I also used to write Kuririn so that he was just some weird minor character who appeared in the story, but now he’s matured to become an indispensable member of the cast. I’m really surprised at how many fans he has now! It’s the same with Kame-Sen’nin, the Turtle Hermit; when I originally created him, I just intended him to be some crazy old perfect. (So now you know how whimsical I was when I created Dragon Ball.)

Question #2

Shintaro Oda (Tokyo Prefecture):
I really enjoy reading Dragon Ball. I am also trying to draw my own manga. I can see the drawings in my head, but the problem is that I can’t actually draw them on paper the way that I imagine them. I’m having a really hard time. Your artwork impresses me because it has a feeling of depth even though you don’t use that much screentone.

Akira Toriyama
Even as a professional manga artist, I still sometimes can’t draw things exactly how I imagine them. I guess the only thing you can do is draw a lot and keep studying the art of drawing. And the real reason I don’t use screentone very much is because it’s a lot of work.

Question #3

Takashi Kadota (Ehime Prefecture):
When you write Dragon Ball, do you ever have trouble coming up with the story or the personalities of your characters?

Akira Toriyama
I have to spend quite a bit of effort to come up with the stories and the personalities of the characters. Sometimes I have to think about it so hard that I get a headache. At times like this, when I can’t come up with any ideas, I just go to sleep or I go do something else. If the ideas aren’t coming it’s important to take a break to get a new perspective.

Question #4

Koji Okamoto (Hokkaido Prefecture):
I’ve thought up a new character: Kuririn’s younger brother Tekurin. He trained under Hebi-Sen’nin (the Snake Hermit) and his special attack is the Alo-ha (Aloha Wave Attack). Please use him in Dragon Ball.

Akira Toriyama
Hmm… I don’t know about that character, but the “Alo-ha” attack is so silly, I just might be able to use it.

Question #5

T.M. (Toyama Prefecture):
I am such a big fan, I want to read your stuff every day! Please increase the number of pages you do every week.

Akira Toriyama
Thank you for your words of support. Currently, I am drawing about 15 pages a week and I think that’s my maximum limit. If I increased my output, I might stop enjoying the process of creating manga. If I really push it I can do about 19 pages, but I’d rather have some time to relax and draw the manga. Actually, I think it would be great if I could do about 13 pages… Well anyway, I hope you will be satisfied with 15 pages a week.