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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013 Theatrical Film)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Special Extended Version

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the first new film for the franchise in seventeen years, debuted in Japanese theaters 30 March 2013 with a home DVD and Blu-ray release 13 September 2013. There was a good deal of material left on the cutting room floor back in the planning stages, but some of the material seemed to make its way rather far into production: an extended version of the film was revealed for a special TV broadcast 22 March 2014 during the “Premium Saturday” block. The extra material and extended scenes added up to about twenty minutes of additional footage in the TV edition, resulting in a final runtime of just over 100 minutes.

The following is a breakdown of the added and extended scenes in this special TV version. No footage was removed, and all dialog — save one line from Whis which would otherwise not have made sense with the new surrounding context — remains from the original theatrical version.

ADDED SCENE: 0:00:38 – 0:02:28 (+1m50s)
The special extended version begins with a new introduction recapping the life, adventures and battles of Son Goku. In the end, it finishes with Goku defeating Majin Boo, restoring peace to the world. HOWEVER… (this last bit of narration overlaps with the original intro, which resumes).

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:02:29 – 0:03:31 (22s 1m02s = +40s)
The original intro resumes, but plays out at a more natural pace, with re-recorded dialogue (or at least a different take). Elder Kaiōshin does not start speaking until after the cosmos finishes zooming out of his eye, and he clears his throat. Kaiōshin mentions Beerus’ awakening even though they made new planets, and the Elder Kaiōshin instructs him to contact the northern Kaiō, just in case. Accompanying this is new footage that shows more of the two of them and how they are gazing off into the cosmos, clearly troubled.

ADDED SCENE: 0:05:14 – 0:05:46 (+32s)
Continuing after the driving scene (which is actually the same length), Goku eats steamed pork buns and Kaiō drinks green tea as they continue to discuss Beerus. Kaiō clarifies that Beerus is the god who destroys planets and life: the God of Destruction. Kaiō likens creation and destruction to his tea and pork bun (by gesturing), then talks with his mouth full about how both are necessary to maintain balance. Bubbles enjoys a banana on the grass.

ALTERED FOOTAGE: 0:06:51 – 0:06:54 (4s)
The kanji 特別版 (tokubetsuban; “Special Edition”) are added to the title card of the film.

ADDED SCENE: 0:09:43 – 0:10:19 (+39s)
After Beerus tells Whis that something was on his mind (hence getting up after only 39 years), Whis instructs him to get in the bath, but Beerus refuses. Whis tells him he is covered in dust from the bombs, and might even have fungus growing on him. Beerus still refuses, so Whis says rumors will start to go around that he stinks. Beerus thinks Whis’ jokes are not funny, and casually threatens to destroy him.

EXTENDED/ALTERED SCENE: 0:13:17 – 0:16:11 (2m20s 2m54s = +34s)
Where the original scene with the Oracle Fish starts by panning up from flowers as Beerus immediately calls out, here we first get a long shot panning down to Beerus and Whis from above. The Oracle Fish’s entrance is also more elaborate, twirling around before shooting into the ground. Later, as the scene continues, instead of saying “Earth? Never heard of it,” Beerus says, “Earth? If I remember right, I did go there once. Isn’t that the planet where these things called ‘dinosaurs’ or something took a rude attitude with me, so I wiped them out?” Then, after Whis says “Let’s go!”, he adds, “To the Northern Kaiō’s planet!” and there is a more elaborate departure sequence with Beerus making a few twirls. Finally, there is a long (~5s) parting shot of Beerus’ castle, after they leave.

ADDED SCENE: 0:16:56 – 0:18:13 (+1m17s)
After Bulma complains about both Goku and Vegeta not attending the party, Mr. Satan, sitting with Mr. Boo and Bee, motions for “you over there” (Dr. Brief) to stop slacking and refill his drink. Brief plays along, asking what kind of alcohol he would like, but Gyūmaō tells Satan who the man really is. Mr. Satan drops his glass and facefaults at being face-to-face with the world’s greatest genius (“And the world’s richest man!” adds Chi-Chi helpfully). Bulma’s mother is surprised to hear this, but even Dr. Brief does not know. Satan grovels for his rudeness then goes into hyper-obsequious mode, insisting to get Dr. Brief a drink even though he says he does not need anything. He finally settles on cola, and Satan rushes off to get some for him. From nearby, Videl gives an exasperated sigh at her father’s behavior.

ADDED SCENE: 0:18:48 – 0:19:25 (+37s)
After Bulma tells Kame-Sen’nin there are no sexy DVDs among the Bingo prizes, Goku realizes that he forgot about Bulma’s birthday party, and freaks out at the thought of her getting angry at him. Kaiō chastises him for making him worry, but he is stopped in mid-sentence and drops his handkerchief as he senses the God of Destruction approaching. (This makes sense of why Goku asks in a panic if Bulma is coming in the very next scene.)

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:20:11 – 0:22:02 (1m29s 1m51s = +22s)
Still on Kaiō’s planet, there are several added cuts. Just after Whis and Beerus appear before Kaiō, the scene cuts to Goku, observing from inside Kaiō’s house. In a state of obvious excitement, he comments on Whis (who he thinks is Beerus), saying he definitely does not look like any run-of-the-mill opponent. After Beerus greets Kaiō, there is another cut back to Goku expressing his surprise at this one being Beerus. Then, after Whis reminds Beerus that he is the reason Kaiō’s planet is so small, he adds (to Kaiō) that the fact that he did not restore it to its original size when he had it recreated the other day means that he must like it this big. A little bit later, as Goku rushes out to greet Beerus, Kaiō’s intervention is given a longer lead-up as he himself rushes towards Goku.

[first commercial break]

ADDED SCENE: 0:23:59 – 0:24:07 (+8s)
After Beerus says they will not know if the Saiyans on Earth have heard of Super Saiyan God if they do not ask, he asks Whis how long it takes to get to Earth. Three minutes, Whis replies. “Well, then…” and the scene resumes.

ADDED SCENE: 0:27:52 – 0:27:56 (+4s)
Kaiō waves goodbye to Beerus and Whis before coming to his senses and realizing he needs to attend to Goku.

ADDED SCENE: 0:28:07 – 0:28:14 (+7s)
There is a panning shot as Kaiō and Bubbles stand watch over the incapacitated Goku.

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:29:39 – 0:31:21 (16s 1m42s = +1m26s)
As Goku lies on the ground, after marveling at how strong Beerus was, Kaiō tells him that he warned him. Goku goes on to reflect that he and Vegeta probably would not be able to beat him even if they fused. He then starts pondering “Super Saiyan God”, wondering what it means, as Bubbles reaches into his obi and pulls out a bag of Senzu. Goku is suddenly healed, then asks about informing everyone on Earth. Kaiō informs him that he told Vegeta, because he seemed like the least likely to do something rash. Goku wonders whether he should go to Earth now, or keep training on Planet Kaiō first.

ADDED SCENE: 0:32:17 – 0:32:34 (+17s)
Vegeta goes crazy searching for the source of Beerus’ voice, looking under tables, in trash cans, under lids over food, and in bushes, before flying up in the air and spotting the god across the way in a chaise longue.

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:35:26 – 0:35:53 (4s 27s = +23s)
After Beerus begins breakdancing, a drunken Mr. Satan challenges him to a match, panicking Vegeta, but he falls down drunk, and Videl apologizes for her father’s behavior. Everyone bursts out laughing.

ADDED SCENE: 0:36:05 – 0:36:51 (+46s)
Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai sneak around Capsule Corporation, making a mess and accidentally activating a capsule with a yacht in it, destroying a wall. Eventually, they make their way into a corridor with a potted plant as Pilaf complains, resuming the original scene.

[second commercial break]

ADDED SCENE: 0:38:51 – 0:39:00 (+9s)
Pilaf continues drawing graffiti, adding stink-lines, another piece of poop, and a flower, while Mai exhorts him to hurry up. Pilaf tells the others that the Dragon Balls must be hidden there, and orders them to search for them.

ADDED SCENE: 0:39:04 – 0:39:16 (+12s)
While looking for the Dragon Balls, Shuu gets into the cockpit of the biplane, while Mai happens upon a gigantic pipe organ and looks underneath it.

ADDED SCENE: 0:41:04 – 0:41:11 (+7s)
After the Pilaf Gang recognize Goten’s hairstyle, they also recognize his “eyes feigning innocence”.

ADDED SCENE: 0:43:10 – 0:44:08 (+58s)
After Mai tells the others her plan of ransoming the Dragon Ball for a million zenny, Shuu points out that the diamond was probably worth at least that much. Pilaf and Mai freak out, then make excuses. They then spot Goten and Trunks talking to Bulma and pointing to them, and panic as they realize they have been seen.

[third commercial break + mid-movie recap narrated by Goku]

ADDED SCENE: 0:46:37 – 0:46:40 (+3s)
There is an additional shot of Kaiō and Bubbles running for cover as Goku prepares to do a Kamehameha. Goku is also seen forming the handshape at the very beginning before he begins speaking.

EXTENDED SCENE: 51:25 – 51:53 (12s 28s = +16s)
After Gohan apologizes for his drunken antics causing Videl to get hurt, Kame-Sen’nin “helpfully” offers to kiss Videl, earning a hit from Bulma. Still the same dirty old man as ever….

ADDED SCENE: 52:27 – 53:01 (+33s)
After Gohan thanks Dende, Pilaf tells himself it is a dream, while Shuu assures him it is not. Mai asks Trunks if he can deflect bullets, too, and he says that should be obvious. He also reprimands Shuu for using a sword, and tells Pilaf he lacks punch and needs to try harder to be funny. Vegeta asks Beerus whether he enjoyed the show, but… (original scene resumes)

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:54:51 – 0:55:06 (7s 15s = +8s)
The bingo scene is extended to focus on Piccolo as he fails to get Bingo. He ultimately walks away in disgust, tossing his crumpled-up card behind him. Bee picks it up with his mouth, and Goten chases after him revealing Beerus and Whis at the table in the background, at which point the original scene resumes.

ADDED SCENE: 0:55:21 – 0:55:48 (+27s)
Beerus and Whis approach the dessert table, only to find that all the custard puddings are gone. Beerus accuses Whis of eating the last one, but he says he would not do such a thing. They then spot Boo eating the entire plate of puddings in the distance. Whis inquires of a chef about the next batch, but the ones Boo has are the last ones.

ADDED SCENE: 0:56:46 – 0:56:54 (+8s)
Boo gets up out of the lake and proceeds to attack Beerus, but the God of Destruction dodges his punches, then blocks his kick with a finger and flicks it, sending Boo spinning back towards the ground.

ADDED SCENE: 0:57:10 – 0:57:24 (+14s)
Piccolo’s faint is followed until he hits the ground, at which point Boo gets up again. Chiaotzu shows his concern for Tenshinhan, who comments that Beerus is unbelievable. Gohan tells Kuririn to get everyone to run away, and he obliges. Boo attempts to hit Beerus again, but the god continues to dodge, and then grabs Boo’s antenna.

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:57:24 – 0:57:37 (5s 13s = +8s)
After Trunks catches Mai, he asks if she is OK, but she is out of it. Trunks calls for Goten to pick up her two “friends”, and they carry the unconscious trio to safety.

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:57:55 – 0:58:23 (9s 28s = +19s)
Vegeta flies up to where Beerus is, then tells the god to follow him (at this point, Beerus smirks). The others react to the pair flying away from the site of the party. After flying some distance, they both stop, and Vegeta nervously pauses before Beerus goes on the attack, resuming the original scene as Vegeta gets beaten up.

ADDED SCENE: 0:58:45 – 0:58:47 (+2s)
Kuririn reacts to Vegeta’s instantaneous defeat.

[fourth commercial break]

EXTENDED SCENE: 0:58:47 – 59:12 (9s 25s = +16s)
Trunks tells Mai to wait for a bit, then calls Goten, and the two of them run off in their dōgi, with their party clothes behind them. They nod to each other, then fuse as in the theatrical cut, then Gotenks flies up towards Beerus as the partygoers (including his mothers) look on. Chi-Chi frets that her son has become a delinquent again.

ADDED SCENE: 0:59:58 – 1:00:04 (+6s)
After Gotenks receives a spanking, we cut back to Whis, who is enjoying his sushi with a fork as sushi-chef Karube looks on.

[fifth commercial break]

EXTENDED/ALTERED SCENE: 1:03:12 – 1:05:17 (11s 2m5s = +1m54s)
Since Whis is still ordering sushi, Beerus kills time by giving another chance to spare the Earth. (His descent towards the pool is lower and there is a different panning shot across the assembled cast as he touches down, which he does not do in the theatrical cut.) He picks out the “delicious-looking one” (Oolong) and challenges him to Rock-Paper-Scissors. If Oolong wins, the Earth is spared, and if not, Beerus destroys the Earth as planned. Yamcha gives him some coaching, thinking that Beerus has picked him out since he is a pig, and thus can only do scissors. However, Oolong is a pig-man, so if he throws Paper, he can beat the Rock that Beerus is planning to throw. Oolong takes this advice, but is shocked when Beerus instead throws Scissors, since he could hear the whole thing. There is also a little bit more footage as Beerus floats in the air (as Bulma, Goten and Trunks help Vegeta up in the background) to show that he is rising back up.

[sixth commercial break]

ADDED SCENE: 1:11:43 – 1:12:23 (+40s)
After Beerus shouts at them to just make Super Saiyan God already, Dende suggests to them that perhaps all the Saiyans there are pure. Boo questions: even Vegeta? Kuririn points out that he has not done anything bad in a long time, and everyone applauds, angering Vegeta, who thinks they are insulting him. (Dende’s and Kuririn’s lines are moved from the following scene, though they also appear to be additional recording / alternative takes from the original film.)

[seventh commercial break]

In accordance with their lines being moved to the previous scene, Dende and Kuririn are silent as the five Super Saiyans hold hands in their first attempt to make a Super Saiyan God.

ADDED SCENE: 1:13:19 – 1:13:21 (+2s)
After the shot of the cast members below reacting to Goku’s increase in power, there is a quick cut to Vegeta, who asks how it is. It then cuts back to the original scene.

EXTENDED SCENE: 1:17:27 – 1:17:58 (21s 31s = +10s)
After Beerus tells Super Saiyan God Goku that he will not destroy Earth if Goku wins, the camera pans right after Goku thanks him, as Whis tells the others to move further back because of the danger. The noncombatants all run out of harm’s way. Goku watches them go, then turns to face Beerus, and the original scene resumes with his feet going into a fighting stance.

ADDED SCENE: 1:18:03 – 1:18:06 (+3s)
After Beerus gets up from his chair to face Goku, there is a panning shot from behind Goku as the two are about to square off. The original scene then resumes with a bird’s-eye-view shot, as Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks can be seen watching from a short distance away.

ADDED SCENE: 1:18:33 – 1:18:57 (+24s)
After Goku’s first hit as Super Saiyan God is blocked by Beerus, there is an extended shot as we see various characters (including Vegeta, who gets a close up) reacting to it from what is clearly not a safe distance.

ADDED SCENE: 1:20:52 – 1:20:58 (+6s)
After Goku explains why he became Super Saiyan God, Beerus calls him a “fighting fool”, and Goku replies that he gets that a lot.

ADDED SCENE: 1:21:28 – 1:21:34 (+6s)
After the Capsule Corporation ship rises up from the party grounds, it “farts” out the tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Bulma, who is piloting, says “here we go” and we go back to the original scene.

ADDED SCENE: 1:22:08 – 1:23:14 (+1m6s)
After Goku goes smashing through a series of rocks and past a very startled dinosaur, the scene switches to the others following in the ship. Whis appears, knocks on the glass, then lets himself in by opening the glass almost like a sliding door. He inquires of No. 18 what the name is of the dessert he is holding (“ice cream”), and thinks it is so novel to make food this cold. Whis asks her how it is made, but when she brushes him off (“I don’t know”), he says her words are just as cold as the ice cream, then takes a bite and laughs at his own joke. The ship is silent. Back outside, those who can fly arrive at the scene of the fight just as there is a large explosion. Kuririn comments on the amazing battle taking place, while Vegeta curses Kakarrot for always taking the best moments. But… he trails off. Kuririn asks him what he means, and he sheepishly adds, under his breath, that he is glad it is not him.

[eighth commercial break]

ADDED SCENE: 1:36:32 – 1:37:08 (+36s)
After (East) Kaiōshin speculates that it was the power of Goku to make new allies that prevented Beerus from destroying anything, the Elder Kaiōshin disagrees, saying instead that it was the power of Earth itself, which changed even Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta. Kaiōshin concurs, saying that, apart from humans, it is a wonderful planet; however, even the humans, despite their many problems, are overflowing with a mysterious charm…!

[ninth commercial break]

EXTENDED/ALTERED SCENE: 1:37:08 – 1:37:26 (12s 18s = +6s)
The scene with Beerus back at his home is changed so that he first says how he enjoyed himself a bit, as it shows his castle from space. He is then seen from a different angle, together with Whis from the front, as he continues talking, picking back up with the line that originally began the scene. Things synch back up as he lies back in the grass.

EXTENDED SCENE: 1:37:33 – 1:38:27 (12s 54s = +42s)
After Whis says it has been a long time since he saw Beerus give 70%, the angle changes back to the front, and he remarks that the God seems pleased. Beerus says the same of Whis. Whis tells him that it is because they were bored for a long time, and on top of that, he does not sleep. Beerus then gets up, stretches, and says that, since he is a bit tired, he will sleep for about three years. Whis reacts with amusement at such a short period, like “nodding off”, and Beerus says it is because it seems like there is still lots of delicious foods on Earth. Whis laughs, and remarks that from the moment Beerus tasted something good on Earth, he had no intention of destroying it. Beerus hedges, but does not deny it. It then picks up where Whis remembers bringing sushi back from Earth, as the scene goes back to the original cut.

ADDED SCENE: 1:38:34 – 1:38:52 (+18s)
After Whis mentions bringing back sushi from Earth, he asks if the God of Destruction will partake. Beerus sniffs at it, then says of course he will, as he wants to sample all sorts of delicious foods while he fights. He climbs up into a bare tree and Whis floats up alongside him, then utters an “OHH!” when he opens the lid. This segues immediately back into the original scene, as he comments on the sushi.

EXTENDED/ALTERED SCENE: 1:39:41 – 1:41:17 (16s 1m36s = +1m20s)
In the theatrical cut, after Whis chops Beerus behind the neck, he says, “Well then, please sleep for three years…”, as the scene is still close on Beerus. It then goes to a long shot of the area, as Whis tells him he should brush his teeth before going to sleep, and Beerus utters a groggy, “I got it, I got it…” before the scene fades out.

In the extended cut, after Whis chops Beerus behind the neck, the scene fades out while close in on Beerus. He then comes to inside his castle, in his pajamas. Beerus tells Whis that was mean, but his attendant tells him it was because he was so agitated that he was taking out planets that had nothing to do with it. Beerus says it is the Earth’s fault, and vows to go back and destroy it this instant, but Whis reminds him that Beerus is the one who decided to down the wasabi in one go. Chastised, Beerus instead decides to destroy Earth if he does not like the sushi. He wolfs it down, following it up with a cup of tea. Earth is spared. He tells Whis to wake him up in three years, then says goodnight, floating back up to where he was sleeping at the beginning of the film. Whis sets a giant hourglass, then realizes with a start (as we catch back up with the original cut, with a long shot outside) that Beerus should brush his teeth before he goes to bed. Beerus utters a groggy, “I got it, I got it…” before the scene fades out. Since Beerus tells Whis to wake him up in three years in this version, Whis has no need to say it himself, and this appears to be the only line in the entire film to be cut without a substitute line from the same character.

[tenth and final commercial break]

ADDED SCENE: 1:41:35 – 1:41:37 (2s)
There is a brief panning shot added as we follow Pilaf’s line of sight up to where he can see Trunks and Mai sitting in a tree together (from behind, before it moves to the front and rejoins the theatrical cut).

[End Credits: “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” by FLOW]

GRAND TOTAL: 20m24s of new footage!

Summary: Kanzenshuu Staff