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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015 Theatrical Film)

Detailed Summary

In Hell, far below a cosmic ocean, a gaggle of cute angels and stuffed animals dance around a lone tree in a verdant field playing musical instruments. Encased in a pod suspended from the tree’s branches is Freeza, looking thoroughly displeased. In the mortal realm, Sorbet, the de facto leader of Freeza’s remaining forces, is informed of a revolt on Planet 448 that they do not have the manpower to quell, and he reluctantly orders their withdrawal. Sorbet stomps away and plops down into the commanders chair. He inquires of his soldiers’ progress in locating the Namekians’ new planet, but in spite of their many spy robots, they have found nothing. In disgust, he orders them to stop searching and says they have no choice but to go to Earth. One of the officers questions this, thinking it’s too dangerous, as “that woman” who can locate the Dragon Balls is also friends with the Super Saiyan. Sorbet retorts that they don’t have a choice. Besides, their data shows that this woman isn’t the only one capable of locating the Dragon Balls. Sorbet orders Tagoma, his top lieutenant, to accompany him to Earth. “Lord Freeza will be returning to life…! “From orbit, Sorbet and Tagoma see that, just as their data showed, someone besides “that woman” has the ability to collect the Dragon Balls. In fact, they have already collected six of them! Bringing the Pilaf trio aboard, they proceed to the location of the seventh ball, which is at the bottom of the ocean. Sorbet orders Tagoma to dive down and retrieve it, and he does so. While Tagoma is retrieving the remaining Dragon Ball, Pilaf and co. attempt to resist Sorbet for using “their” Dragon Balls, but they quickly relent when Sorbet shoots their weapons out of their hands with a beam from his ring. Tagoma suddenly flies up out of the water with the last Dragon Ball in hand, and Sorbet maniacally smirks. Elsewhere, Piccolo is babysitting an infant Pan in front of Gohan’s house, quietly rocking her cradle with his foot. Videl and Gohan walk in, with Gohan carrying all of the packages from their recent shopping trip, and they apologize for being so late, as Piccolo acts embarrassed. Gohan notices Piccolo seems distracted about something and asks what’s wrong, and Piccolo wonders if he’s noticed. Gohan isn’t sure what he means, but then senses it, too: a terrible ki off in the distance, which neither recognize.

In a rocky, barren landscape, Sorbet orders Pilaf to summon Shenlong. Pilaf hesitates, saying he is concerned about whether they will kill him if he does, and Mai shouts that she has a boyfriend named Trunks. Perturbed, Sorbet angrily retorts that they might still be useful, so he won’t kill them. Pilaf then hastily runs over and summons the Dragon. Videl and Gohan look up as the skies grow eerily dark, and Piccolo immediately surmises that Shenlong has been summoned. As the frightened Pilaf slowly backs away, Shenlong asks them for their wish. Sorbet clears his throat, and orders him to bring Lord Freeza back to life!

“Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F'”
(Logo & Short “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” Intro)

When nothing happens, Sorbet asks what is wrong and questions whether he can grant the wish. Shenlong replies that he is hesitant to revive someone whose mortal body was diced into pieces, as there would be no point in returning their soul to such a body. After a flashback of Freeza being diced to bits by Trunks, Sorbet seems troubled by this bit of news, and wonders what to do now. Tagoma suggests that they should be able to restore him using their latest regeneration machine, and Sorbet agrees. He turns and shouts at Shenlong that he doesn’t care; do it anyway. Shenlong does not like his tone, and so Sorbet asks him to please do it. Shenlong obliges, and Freeza’s body begins to fall from the sky, landing in a pile of chunks in front of them. Freeza’s body tries to put itself back together, but quickly falls apart again. Seeing such a thing, Pilaf and co. lose it and begin screaming in utter horror. The Dragon then demands a second wish; Sorbet did not know the dragon granted two. While Sorbet is contemplating bringing back Freeza’s father as well, Shuu hastily wishes for one million zenny. A stack of bills falls to the ground in front of Shuu, and the Dragon takes its leave. Sorbet is livid they stole his wish, but Tagoma stops him, reminding him that they must hurry before the Saiyans show up. Sorbet and Tagoma quickly collect the pieces of Freeza and prepare to depart, but Pilaf stops them to return a piece of Freeza they had overlooked. Sorbet promises to return soon… with Lord Freeza and his army! On their own once more, Pilaf congratulates Shuu on his quick thinking, while Mai takes him to task for not wishing for more money. After a long day’s work, the trio decide to head off and treat themselves to a delicious meal. Back at Gohan’s house, Piccolo and Gohan wonder about what’s just happened. Gohan notes that the ki he had felt has disappeared, and Piccolo has a ominous feeling…

Some time later, Freeza has been placed in a healing chamber on Sorbet’s ship, piecing himself back together. Freeza’s eyes suddenly open and the ship begins to shake. All across the ship, the soldiers’ scouters begin to explode. The healing chamber’s glass begins to crack and then violently shatters, sending the tanks healing solution everywhere. Out steps Freeza in his first form, looking thoroughly unamused. He cracks his neck and sighs, surveying the room. Hesitantly, Sorbet addresses him: “W-welcome back, Lord Freeza!” Freeza eyes him. “Hm? And you are…?” Sorbet introduces himself as a former staff officer in the Third Stellar Region. Freeza does slightly remember him, but is more interested in the fact that he appears to have come back to life. Sorbet explains that they have done so with a combination of the Dragon Balls and the latest-type regeneration machine. Freeza recognizes these as the mysterious orbs the Namekians had. Sorbet says they are, but not being able to track down any Namekians, he and Tagoma traveled to Earth and used the Dragon Balls there.

Sorbet then introduces his top lieutenants, Tagoma and Shisami. The two bow, as Tagoma mentions he also had a hand in reviving Freeza. Sorbet continues his introductions, boastfully claiming they are equal in ability to the late Zarbon and Dodoria. Freeza offhandedly congratulates them, and then pointedly mentions the amount of time he spent suffering in Earth’s Hell before they revived him, suggesting that they only did so because things weren’t going well without him, which they flatly deny. Freeza asks about his father, and Sorbet says that unfortunately they were not able to resurrect him, but will try to do so next time. Freeza tells Sorbet not to bother with him at this point, citing “Papa’s” egotism. He then points a finger at a random soldier, whom he kills with a single death ray. Grousing about the state of his own power, he says it will take some time before he can begin his revenge. Sorbet is taken aback. Tagoma attempts to reason with him, suggesting that it would be wiser to simply ignore the Saiyans. Freeza lifts him up with a tiny ki beam, and then shoots him through the viewport into space. The ship’s cabin quickly begins to depressurize, sucking the soldiers out into the vacuum, as Sorbet orders the shields raised. Freeza is much displeased about the state of his forces, trembling in fear of a few measly Saiyans. Sorbet attempts to explain that Son Goku has become much, much stronger since their last encounter, even defeating Majin Boo. Freeza pauses, musing over this fact, saying “Papa” had told him that the God of Destruction, Beerus, and Majin Boo were the only people he should never lay a hand on. However, in spite of this massive power-up, Freeza, who is a natural prodigy and has never trained before in his life, believes that if he trains for a mere four months, will be able to surpass even that Saiyan…!

Several months have passed as a Galactic Patrol spaceship arrives on Earth, landing just outside Capsule Corporation Headquarters in West City. A short alien is inside arguing with the receptionist, demanding to see Bulma, claiming the Earth is in imminent danger! Luckily, as the receptionist tries to get him to leave, and a security guard is running up behind him, Dr. Brief walks into the lobby and recognizes “Zako”; the alien begrudgingly says his name is Jaco, not Zako. The two go outside to wait for Bulma, and Dr. Brief shows off his pond of “cute goldfish” to the Galactic Patrolman, who is simply amazed at such creatures. Bulma finally shows up, as Jaco is feeding the fish, waving to her oldest extraterrestrial acquaintance. Jaco says he’s heard from Bulma’s sister that she was friends with the one who defeated Freeza. As a matter of fact, she is — both of them, in fact — but her son is still a child in this timeline, and Son-kun is off training at Beerus’ place. Jaco wonders about Beerus, and Bulma thinks surely a member of the galactic patrol must know about the God of Destruction, Beerus. Jaco replies with a laugh, “Beerus, the God of Destruction? That’s impossible. Beerus is just a myth.” Bulma thinks otherwise, but Jaco says that’s not important right now; Freeza has been revived, and he’s on his way to Earth with a thousand soldiers! Bulma thinks he must be confused, but Jaco pulls out a horrendous drawing he made of Freeza to prove it. This is bad news, so Bulma attempts to summon Whis through a strawberry sundae offering, but nothing happens. Jaco adds that he will be there in about an hour. Bulma panics at this, and taking matters into her own hands, she decides to let everyone know.

Two thugs come running out of a bank in Satan City suburb, having just robbed it, and are making their getaway with their precious loot when they go racing past a police officer handing out a ticket. The thugs quickly find themselves being pursued by the officer on an air bike, and in an attempt to try to lose him they go flying through crowded areas, crashing into numerous fruit stands along the way. Just as they think they have lost him, the officer dashes ahead in a blur and appears in the roadway right in front of them. They slam on their brakes and come to a stop, with little room to spare. The two start yelling at this “idiot” for getting in their way, but he merely glares at them. It’s Kuririn! With a swift kick he knocks the duo from their bike, easily subduing them. However, he is stopped mid-arrest when his cell phone starts ringing (the ringtone is “We Are!” from One Piece). He decides he had better answer, since it is Bulma calling, and as he’s talking to her the two thugs try to sneak away. Kuririn nonchalantly notices and appears in front of them, tying the two up as Bulma fills him in on Freeza’s impending arrival. He hurries home to prepare, where he puts on his dōgi, and gets No. 18 to shave his head. He tells his wife and daughter to stay safe. As he flies away, No. 18 whispers, “So cool…”

Back out in space, Sorbet informs Freeza that they will be arriving on Earth shortly. Freeza is pleased to hear this, but wonders why they’ve only been able to locate one of the Saiyans who defeated him, Son Goku. Sorbet speculates that the other Saiyan may have gone to another planet, or is dead, because they have not been able to track him down in all the time since Freeza’s defeat. According to their current data, the only Saiyans still on Earth are Son Goku, Vegeta, and Son Goku’s son. Freeza supposes this is fine, but Sorbet is concerned that even if they do succeed, their friends will simply resurrect them again with the Dragon Balls. That won’t be a problem though, because Freeza plans to destroy Earth, wiping out the Dragon Balls and that insufferable Hell of theirs. Freeza then double checks that Sorbet remembers their contingency plan. Sorbet, manically rubbing his hands together, says of course he does. “Excellent…”

Off at Beerus’ palace, Goku and Vegeta are sparring against Whis. While both appear to be going all-out, neither is able to touch him, and when they attempt to attack in tandem, Whis grabs each by the leg and slams the two Saiyan together. Vegeta decides to attack alone, saying that Kakarrot keeps getting in his way, and rushes off at Whis before Goku can stop him. Whis effortlessly dodges and deflects all of Vegeta’s kicks and punches before grabbing him by the leg again and throwing him into the surrounding water. Vegeta flies back out of the water, frantically searching for Whis, who suddenly appears behind Vegeta and delivers a chop to the neck, knocking him unconscious. Whis catches Vegeta as his limp body falls out of the air and slowly lays him back down on the ground. He turns to face Goku, who has been watching, and readies himself in a defensive stance. Goku rushes at Whis, unleashing a barrage of kicks and punches, which Whis again easily deflects. Seeing an opening in-between attacks, Whis puts his hand up against Goku’s neck to show he could have knocked him out too, but doesn’t do anything. Goku swats it away and angrily comes at Whis with another punch, but Whis reaches out, grabs Goku by the throat, and tosses him to the side. Goku flies right back, but Whis merely holds out his hand and sends Goku flying into the water with a kiai.

Vegeta suddenly rushes up behind Whis and wraps his arms around him, but Whis slips out of his hold and the two Saiyans begin another combined assault. Whis holds each of them off with a single arm, and when it’s clear they’re still making no progress, he says it’s time for them to take a time-out. They all land back on the ground, and while Goku and Vegeta are catching their breaths, Whis (casually holding a pen in his hand) reveals that he has autographed them. The two look down and are shocked to see his signature, a weird squiggly mark, on their chests. Whis starts walking down into a garden area and continues on with his lesson, saying they are both thinking before they attack; they need to let their bodies take the initiative and act. They need to learn to have each part of their body think and move on its own, and by doing so, they could avoid any danger. Whis clarifies that it’s something not even Lord Beerus has mastered yet. Vegeta questions whether Whis himself can do such a thing, and he insists he can, but then Goku points out that he has stepped in some poop. Looking down, Whis lets out a scream and neurotically scrapes the poop off his shoe on a nearby rock.

Having composed himself again, Whis carries on, telling Vegeta he is always tense and is thus slow to react, which is why Goku is always one step ahead of him. He needs to learn to relax himself at the right moments, like Goku does. Goku adamantly agrees, but Whis suddenly jabs Goku in the side, doubling him over in pain. “However, being too relaxed is also a problem.” As Goku questions whether that was really necessary, Whis says that his overconfidence often leads him to become too relaxed, and by letting his guard down he is open to attack. The two reluctantly admit he’s right. Just then Beerus comes stumbling down the walk, rubbing his eyes and saying he can’t get any sleep with all this racket going on. He sneezes, sending an energy ball hurtling toward a nearby planet, which explodes. Whis complains about him being like this when he’s tired, and recalls the time that Beerus destroyed several nearby suns, making things quite dark. He was forced to fix that. Goku is surprised, and asks if Whis can create worlds, but Whis says he can merely rewind time a bit and do things over. Vegeta bluntly asks what he is, and Whis just laughs, thinking it over, and supposes he’s… a life-form called “Whis”.

Beerus, now completely irritated over their presence, storms up to Goku and asks what he is doing here. Goku says they’re training with Whis, but Beerus wants to know how they got here; he surmises that they must have bribed him with tasty food. Goku supposes there was no other way, since he can’t sense their ki to teleport here. Beerus questions why he wants to get so much stronger; is he aiming to take the mantel as the God of Destruction? Goku says he’s got it all wrong, he just wants to get stronger, that’s all. Vegeta then pipes in, admitting he’s only here so this idiot doesn’t leave him in the dust. Whis thinks it is a shame they don’t get along, because if they would just team up they could actually fight evenly with Beerus. Oh well… Whis says there is some food leftover for Beerus, as well; it’s called “pizza”! Whis will heat some up for him. Beerus concedes, saying he’ll let them stay to train with Whis, so long as this “pizza” is delicious. Goku bashfully chuckles…

Back on Earth, as its inhabitants are going about their daily lives, a huge shadow falls over North City as a huge ship flies overhead. Freeza has finally arrived! The ship touches down off in the distance overlooking the city and a thousand troops begin spilling out. Piccolo and Gohan suddenly feel Freeza’s ki, and rush off toward North City. The top hatch of the ship opens and Freeza emerges, slowly hovering up into the air. He asks his men to move aside, and as they clear a path in front of him, he fires a single blast at North City, obliterating it in the blink of an eye. Freeza maniacally laughs, saying that was merely a greeting.

As Freeza’s army gawk in amazement, the Z Warriors finally arrive on the scene. The first to show up are Piccolo and Gohan, who are shocked to see how many men Freeza brought. Tenshinhan lands right behind them, saying he left Chiaotzu and Yamcha behind since it seemed so dangerous. Gohan agrees, and mentions that he purposely avoided telling Goten and Trunks because Bulma felt the two of them might do something rash. Kuririn then comes flying in, carrying Kame-Sen’nin on his back. Kame-Sen’nin apologizes for their tardiness, saying they made a pit-stop to pick up some senzu from Karin. Gohan is surprised to see Kuririn’s shaved head, saying it brings back so many memories. Kuririn is curious why Gohan is dressed like that (in a green track suit); he explains that he couldn’t find his dōgi in the rush. Kame-Sen’nin notes there’s only five of them, but hopes Gohan has kept up with his training. Sadly, he hasn’t, but Gohan supposes he can probably still become a Super Saiyan… Freeza then shouts over at the group, welcoming them, but then recognizes Kuririn as the one he killed on Namek. “So he was revived with the Dragon Balls too, eh?” Piccolo then realizes that when someone used the Dragon Balls a while back, it must have been to revive Freeza.

Just then, a spaceship arrives and Bulma hops out. She wastes no time in unloading a verbal barrage on Freeza, telling him he doesn’t know when to give up. Freeza remembers her, but is curious where her friend Son Goku is. Bulma engages in provocation, saying Gohan has this in the bag, until Gohan points out to her that Freeza has in fact gotten much, much stronger, like he’s a different person. She quickly changes her tune and asks for Freeza to wait until Son-kun shows up, but when Freeza gives only 10 seconds, she unloads on him again. “Well then, shall we begin?” Freeza gives the order, and the thousand soldiers charge toward them. Everyone prepares themselves for the oncoming assault, with Kame-Sen’nin bulking up and dryly noting they’ll have to take a hundred-odd soldiers each until Goku and Vegeta arrive. Jaco, who intended to run away, is pressed into action by Bulma, but manages to hold his own through his acrobatic moves, some well-placed karate chops, and his trusty raygun. Everyone else is holding their own, defeating one soldier after another with basic hand-to-hand combat and an occasional special technique.

Sorbet is shocked at how strong they all are, defeating their forces with such ease. Freeza doesn’t find it at all surprising, noting that Gohan could easily finish them all in an instant, but Earth’s fighters are intentionally avoiding killing their foes… How kind, and soft, just like Son Goku himself. Freeza is most displeased… Shisami, who has been watching the battle with Freeza and Sorbet, requests he be allowed to enter the battle, and Sorbet thinks he’d better.

Shisami lands on the battlefield near Piccolo, who has just taken out a few of the last remaining soldiers with a kiai, and challenges the Namekian. Piccolo rushes at him, throwing a massive punch, but Shisami deflects it. The two exchange a volley of blows, but Shisami quickly gains the upper hand and sends Piccolo flying with a punch to the face. Piccolo flies up into the air, just dodging Shisami’s ki blast, and returns fire with a Makankōsappō. Piccolo thinks he got him, but Shisami suddenly appears behind Piccolo, hitting him in the neck before he can react.

As the crowd of soldiers thins, Gohan notices that Piccolo is still having an even battle with Shisami. Gohan steps in, telling Piccolo to leave it to him, and then removes his glasses. Freeza is shocked to see Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan, as Gohan rushes forward and makes quick work of Shisami with a single punch to the stomach. While Sorbet is horrified, Freeza says you can’t know how truly fearsome a Super Saiyan is until you see one in person. But to think that even Son Goku’s son had become one as well…

With all of Freeza’s forces defeated, Kuririn hands out senzu to the Earth’s fighters. Jaco refuses when offered, and slowly slinks toward the back of the group. Now it’s Freeza’s turn to come out…

Freeza laments the pitiable state of his forces, as one soldier apologizes for being no match for the Earthlings, but Freeza merely comments that their lying around like that is an “eyesore”. Piccolo suddenly yells at everyone to look out, as Freeza unleashes a massive blast, wiping out all of his soldiers in an instant. Bulma is floored by Freeza’s power, and Jaco comments about his strength being legendary among the Galactic Patrol. She is indignant about the Patrolman not doing more, but he says he’s done plenty, and anyway, there’s no way he’d be able to fight against the Evil Emperor. He’ll pass on this one.

Kuririn and the others face Freeza in stunned silence. Kame-Sen’nin wonders if even the five of them can manage anything against such power, and Piccolo says that Freeza’s now on a completely different level from their own. Freeza wryly comments that they don’t seem too eager to get things started now, and everyone simultaneously braces themselves. He eyes Gohan: “You’re Son Goku’s son, aren’t you? My, how you’ve grown…” Without missing a beat, Freeza appears in front of Gohan with blinding speed and punches him in the stomach, knocking him out instantly. Before anyone can react, Freeza is back in his hover chair looking thoroughly amused. “It seems even Super Saiyans are no longer a match for me.”

Kuririn panics when he realizes that Gohan’s heart has stopped. There’s no way for him to eat a senzu like this, either…! Piccolo tells him to get out of the way, and uses a kiai as a form of chest-compression, starting his heart again. Gohan manages to eat a senzu, and slowly gets back up on his feet. Freeza marvels with feigned interest at the strange medicine they’re using, and wonders how much longer they can draw this out. Tenshinhan wonders how many senzu they have left, and Kuririn looks to see there is now only one remaining.

Back at Beerus’ place, he is enjoying his pizza with some beer, and yells at Whis to find out what this stretchy stuff on the pizza is called. Whis halts their training, trying to recall what it is, and Vegeta says it’s “cheese”. Goku complains that Beerus shouldn’t be getting in the way of their training for something so silly as that, but Beerus angrily reminds them that it’s because of Earth’s delicious food that he has so far spared the planet from destruction.

Just then, the Oracle Fish shows up to tell Whis that there was a message for him earlier. Whis’ staff materializes and he peers into the sphere to see that Bulma was trying to reach him with a strawberry sundae. At the thought of there being something tasty waiting for him, he decides to reply. But his joy is quickly interrupted by Bulma shouting at him for not getting back to her sooner. Whis and Beerus both wince at her loud voice, and everyone on Earth turns to see who she’s yelling at. “That evil dirt-bag Freeza has come back!” Freeza is quite displeased at hearing this. Goku and Vegeta are shocked to hear of Freeza’s return, but Bulma yells at them to get back to Earth right away. Whis says that it would take 35 minutes to get them there, but Bulma interrupts to tell Goku to just teleport there already! Goku isn’t sure if he can do it because it’s so far away and he might not be able to get a lock on anyone’s ki, but Bulma tells him to look for Freeza’s! She also helpfully tells the others to increase their power to the max in order to help Goku find them. Sorbet doesn’t understand what’s going on, but Freeza does. “It looks like they’re calling… him.”

Goku locks in on Freeza and tells Vegeta to hurry up and grab his hand, which flusters him. Goku reminds him that if they don’t hurry, Bulma might get killed, and he reluctantly puts his hand in Goku’s. The two of them disappear as Beerus and Whis look on.

Goku teleports to Earth, and Vegeta hastily lets go of his hand. He asks if he made it in on time, and Kuririn says he did, but he’s cutting it pretty close. Freeza is glad he has finally arrived, after keeping him waiting for so long. However, he is surprised to see Vegeta with him, but nonetheless, he announces the time has finally come for him to exact his revenge. Goku wonders how Freeza came back to life, and Piccolo fills him in. Freeza continues on, speaking of his suffering in Hell and the utter torment they put him through. Goku scoffs, saying it is Freeza’s own fault for coming to Earth and getting himself killed by Trunks. Slowly rising from his pod, Freeza boastfully proclaims that he can no longer bear the thought of Son Goku being alive, to the point that he trained for the first time in his life. Goku says his power has indeed increased, but he himself has also gotten a lot stronger. As Freeza descends down to the ground, he acknowledges that he was caught a bit off-guard last time, but no matter, this time he will start fighting right in his final form!

Freeza is suddenly shrouded in a stupendous aura and begins quickly powering up. The shockwave of power pushes everyone back, as Goku and Vegeta watch on in amazement. Freeza is quickly engulfed in light as he transforms into his final form. As the smoke clears, everyone can’t believe just how strong Freeza has gotten from his training. At Kame-Sen’nin’s recommendation, he and the others move back away from the action, while Sorbet follows suit and hides behind some rocks. Goku is impressed, and comments that if Freeza weren’t such an evil guy, he’d make a good rival. This just annoys Freeza even further. Goku powers up, whipping up a cloud of dust, and after a moment, Freeza expresses his confusion; isn’t Goku going to become a Super Saiyan? Goku says there’s no need to go that far. Freeza thinks he must feel quite confident in himself. Goku retorts, “Just a tad.” Freeza chuckles, and supposes he should begin his revenge now.

They both go into their stances, and for a brief second, there is silence as the two stare each other down. The two clash suddenly, sending an intense shockwave outward. Goku lands a punch and Freeza is sent flying into a nearby cliff, but quickly comes flying back. As the two exchange blows, the ground below is blown away more and more due to the intensity of the battle. Freeza comes flying out of the crater with a bang, as Goku follows after, and the two continue their battle in the sky. Freeza rushes at Goku, but Goku merely deflects it, punches Freeza in the face, and grabbing him by the arm, throws him down into the ground. In the blink of an eye, Freeza races straight back at Goku and unleashes a volley of punches. Goku dodges them all and elbows Freeza in the face, sending him flying into the distance once more. Freeza angrily attacks again, and while the fighting is fierce, it becomes clear to the others that Freeza hasn’t landed a single hit on Goku. Jaco is amazed that such an Earthling exists, but Bulma tells him he’s actually a Saiyan. Jaco wonders why a Saiyan would be on Earth, and Bulma tells him her husband is also one. As the Patrolman in charge of Earth’s goings-on, Jaco elects to pretend he didn’t hear that.

Meanwhile, Goku is clearly getting the upper hand in the fight, as he once again sends Freeza crashing into the water. Freeza sends a barrage of ki blasts at Goku, but he swats them all away. Seeing that Goku is haphazardly knocking them everywhere, even toward the Earth, Vegeta shoots all of the stray blasts out of the sky. Freeza suddenly appears behind Goku and fires a large ki ball, but Goku swiftly counters it with a Kamehameha, which quickly blows through the ball and hits Freeza head on. As the smoke clears, Freeza is enraged with how things are going. Goku calmly floats up to meet him in the sky, and asks if that’s all he’s got. This enrages Freeza even more, who attacks with a renewed ferocity. However, having been watching all of this in disgust, Vegeta flies up to where the two are fighting… and starts fighting against Goku, shouting for him to give him a turn instead. Goku says that it’s too early. Freeza, misunderstanding the situation, assumes Vegeta still has a bit of loyalty to him, and tells the Saiyan prince to stand back to let him have his vengeance.

Vegeta begrudgingly obliges, and Goku and Freeza pause their fight. Freeza is impressed that Goku has improved this much, even if it took him quite a while. Goku senses that Freeza is still hiding something, and Freeza expects the same of him. They agree not to hold back any longer, and Goku goes first, warning Freeza that he better not chicken out once he sees it. The two descend to the ground, and Goku begins to concentrate. As the air swirls around him, his hair stands on end, and he is suddenly enveloped by an ethereal blue aura. Freeza is in awe, seeing that he has become a Super Saiyan after all. Goku says it’s hard to explain, but basically it’s Super Saiyan with the power of Super Saiyan God. Freeza is glad, then, that he decided to challenge himself with a further evolution. Goku tells him to stop talking and just hurry up and show him already. Freeza concentrates, powering up a great deal, and as the ground begins to shake he surrounds himself in a blinding light…

The cliff they are standing on crumbles, falling into the ocean, and as the light subsides, Freeza is left hovering on a small chunk of rock in his trademark pose. Goku is amazed by the transformation… “I made it gold so that it’d be easy to understand, but perhaps it’s a little too simple. It’s sort of a tacky name, but how does ‘Golden Freeza’ sound? I’m sure you can tell my color isn’t the only thing that’s changed.” Goku never expected him to become so strong, and while it makes him nervous, he is also quite excited. Goku then turns to Vegeta, asking if he wants to swap in soon, but Vegeta nervously declines, saying Kakarrot is the one Freeza’s after.

Goku take his stance and the battle begins once again in earnest, being much more evenly matched than before. Goku rushes at Freeza, but he counters, punching Goku hard in the gut and then sending him crashing into a cliff with a punch. Freeza quickly fires a barrage of ki blasts into the cliff, blowing everything up. Goku slowly rises up out of the smoke without a scratch, and Freeza smirks. Goku again rushes at Freeza, but just as he’s about to hit Freeza he vanishes, and then reappears behind him, hammer dropping him straight into the water. Freeza, completely enraged, bursts out of the water and the two exchange a volley of attacks. At points, Freeza appears to be controlling the terms of the battle, as he knocks Goku around repeatedly. As the fighting continues overhead, Whis and Beerus appear next to the other fighters, to request that strawberry sundae from earlier. Bulma is ambivalent, saying now isn’t the time for such things. Bulma finally concedes, as Beerus prepares to destroy the planet, but she is not sure whether it hasn’t started to melt. Beerus warns her that he’ll destroy them if she doesn’t bring it out. She hastily fetches the sundae from Jaco’s ship and dessert time is underway!

Whis and Beerus are most pleased with the ice cream. In passing, Whis mentions that Freeza has gotten considerably stronger, and that Goku is having a tough time. As Bulma explains the concept of whipped cream, Beerus notes that Vegeta isn’t fighting together with Goku, even though together they could easily defeat Freeza. He’s just too proud. Beerus calls him a fool, which Whis says is just like the God himself.

Freeza is now thoroughly manhandling Goku, who is again sent crashing into the ground. He gets up, his dōgi now in tatters, and tries to catch his breath. “Man, I’ve had it… I’m kinda gettin’ my butt kicked…” He compliments how amazing Freeza is, to have come so far when it took him so long to get this strong. Freeza is tickled by this, but says it won’t do him any good to beg for mercy. At that moment though, Freeza notices Beerus, and suddenly goes pale. Freeza doesn’t understand what Beerus is doing here. “Can’t you tell? I came to eat this thing here.” However, while he won’t interfere with the fight, he does recommend Freeza fight further away before he gets dust all over his dessert. Bulma is outraged Beerus won’t help Goku before everyone gets killed, but Beerus tells her to shut it. As the God of Destruction, he’s not on anyone’s side, but as long as she keeps providing tasty food, he’ll save her, at least! Hearing this, Kuririn and the rest all gather around Beerus as well.

Freeza offers to continue his revenge, and Goku thinks Freeza should quit while he’s ahead and go home, since he went to such trouble coming back to life. Vegeta butts in, saying it should be his turn now, but Goku doesn’t think that’s fair since he’s sure Vegeta has figured out Freeza’s weakness as well. Freeza is incredulous, but Vegeta pointedly explains that Freeza, consumed with the idea of revenge, probably came to Earth as soon as he achieved his “Golden Freeza” evolution. Freeza doesn’t quite understand, and Goku elaborates that he hasn’t had time to get used to it, so it’s rapidly depleting his stamina.

In that case, Freeza decides, he’ll just have to kill Goku now! He launches into an even fiercer attack than before, landing a few hard hits on Goku and even knocking him down into the water, where he holds the Saiyan under with his tail until Goku finally breaks free. Freeza sends a volley of energy blasts after him next, but Goku manages to evade or deflect them all. Finally, Freeza manages to land a solid punch directly to Goku’s face… but Goku is completely unfazed. Freeza looks horrified, and now it is Goku’s turn to attack. Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis are arguing over whose strawberry it was that the God of Destruction just ate.

After knocking Freeza around for a bit, Goku launches a massive Kamehameha, which Freeza attempts to repel with a blast of his own… but it is no use. The tyrant is utterly defeated. As Freeza hauls himself up on the water’s edge, Goku stands over him and opines: “I told you this’d happen, didn’t I? I won’t be hard on you. Just go home already! I’ll always fight you again.” Freeza erupts in rage and humiliation. “Why?! Why?!?! Damn it! This can’t be!!!” He falls onto his knees before the Saiyan… and then glances at Sorbet, who gives a slight nod.

Just then, a bolt of energy comes from behind Freeza and pierces Goku straight though the heart. Goku collapses to the ground, spitting blood, as Freeza chuckles. Everyone is in shock at the turn of events, as Sorbet stands behind a rock, smoke rising from his recently fired ring. Freeza congratulates Sorbet on his good work, and says he’s glad they had a contingency plan in reserve. He then takes all of his pent-up rage out on Goku, kicking and stomping on his chest repeatedly. “Naptime is over”, he declares, as Goku screams in agony. “Freeza may play dirty, but he gets the job done,” remarks Beerus. The others rush in to help Goku, but Freeza keeps them at bay with an energy blast.

Freeza gloats over Goku’s softness, mocking the “bad habit” of letting down his guard that left even his powerful body vulnerable to a mere raygun. “How truly unfortunate of you. You’ve won the battle, but lost the war. The moment I’ve dreamed of has finally arrived!” He laughs. “However, simply killing you like this wouldn’t be any fun. Mr Vegeta!”, he calls to the Saiyan Prince, “Why don’t I let you have the honor? I know you hate this Saiyan too, don’t you? Show me the loyalty you once had toward me! Then I’ll spare your life.”

Vegeta flies over to Freeza and Goku. Bulma calls out to him, but Freeza screams for her to be quiet. Vegeta calls Goku an idiot for not listening to Whis’ warnings. However, while that is a generous offer from Freeza, and as much as Goku pisses him off, he needs him around for his own purposes. Freeza attempts to sweeten the deal, by offering to make Vegeta the supreme commander of his forces… or rather, the forces they’ll build, since he no longer has any left. However, Vegeta chooses instead to utterly obliterate Freeza. There’s no way he’d have any loyalty to the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta! Whis remarks that Beerus himself was in favor of Planet Vegeta’s destruction, but Beerus quickly tells him to keep quiet.

Vegeta tells Kuririn to give Kakarrot the last senzu. Kuririn begins to fly over, but Freeza tries to interfere, sending an energy blast toward them. However, Vegeta deflect it away, sending it flying at Sorbet, killing him in a fitting comeuppance. Kuririn feeds Goku the last senzu, and Goku thanks Vegeta for saving him. Vegeta scoffs, and says in exchange, he’ll be taking the best part of the fight for himself. Goku thinks that’s fine, and flies back with Kuririn to watch with Beerus and the others.

Freeza laughs, saying Vegeta couldn’t possibly win against him — but then Vegeta suddenly powers up, revealing that he can also use the Super Saiyan form Goku demonstrated earlier. “Oh yeah, guess you didn’t know…but I can also become a legendary Super Saiyan.” At this, Freeza freaks out and unleashes a torrent of energy blasts at Vegeta, but to no avail. “You should know this already, but I’m not as soft as Kakarrot. Hope you’re ready…” Freeza can’t believe he dare speak to him that way, but Vegeta merely punches him in the gut, hard. Freeza tries to fight back, but Vegeta dodges all of his attacks, and in return, mercilessly beats Freeza around like a punching bag. With a swift kick, Vegeta sends Freeza crashing into a nearby cliff, causing him to lose his much-vaunted “Golden” form. Back in his regular fourth form, he pounds against the ground in despair. “W-Why you miserable little… T-This… This can’t be happening…”

Standing before Freeza, Vegeta declares, “You’re finished. No more resurrections for you.” He prepares to deliver the final blow…

“Or for you!” screams Freeza, as he sends a ball of energy straight into the ground below him. The Earth’s crust cracks and distorts, revealing magma underneath that rushes to the surface. The Earth is engulfed in fire, and is obliterated in a giant explosion.

Only Beerus, Whis, and those near them survive the destruction, thanks to a barrier Whis made. Kame-Sen’nin and Kuririn are overcome at the Earth’s fate, while Bulma emotionally sobs in despair at the loss of Vegeta, Trunks, and her parents. Tenshinhan curses Freeza for taking the planet with him, but Whis points out that Freeza probably isn’t dead since he can survive in the vacuum of space. Kame-Sen’nin reflects bitterly, knowing that since the Dragon Balls have also been destroyed, the planet can never be brought back.

Goku laments not finishing Freeza off when he had the chance. “In that case… why don’t you?” asks Whis, as Beerus tells Goku it was his softness that led to Freeza’s victory. Goku asks what Whis means, and he responds that he will be turning back time. Goku had best hurry, as he can only go back three minutes. “You don’t mean…?” starts Goku. “That’s right, we’ll just do things over”, Whis responds. He taps his staff twice on the ground, and the events of the previous minutes quickly rewind….

Once again, Freeza is on his hands and knees, with Vegeta preparing to deal the final blow. “You’re finished,” says Vegeta, “No more resurrections for you.” But as Freeza shouts his retort, Goku screams, “Freeza!”, and hits him full-force with a massive Kamehameha. Freeza screams out as his mortal body is completely disintegrated.

Goku wipes his brow in relief, but the moment is quickly broken by Vegeta as he shouts at Kakarrot for stealing the win out from under him. Goku apologizes, as Vegeta continues to chew him out for not switching out like he said he would, but Bulma tells him it’s all right, and that Son-kun actually saved him. Vegeta demands an explanation. Goku nervously rubs his head and chuckles…

Back on the ground, as Bulma gets Vegeta up to speed, Beerus says it’s unbecoming for a God of Destruction to restore a planet. Bulma says that she’ll prepare them a feast in gratitude… as soon as they restore North City with the Dragon Balls, that is. Whis is pleased, since after all, that’s the real reason he turned back time. Bulma asks Jaco if it’s really all right for him not to be arresting Whis, since control over time is a serious offense. “I didn’t see anything…” says Jaco.

Even after having things explained to him, Vegeta is less than pleased. Goku tries to add that, like Whis said, if they’d simply fought together from the beginning, none of it would have happened in the first place. Vegeta refuses pointblank, saying he’d never do that. Goku laughs and says he feels the same way. Vegeta thinks it’s the first time they’ve ever agreed on anything. Smiling, Goku chuckles.

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(“Vow of ‘Z'” by Momoiro Clover Z)

Back in Hell, the angels and stuffed toys once again gather around the tree, shouting “Welcome back!” Freeza is back where he started, suspended once more in his pod. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

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