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This month’s Dragon Ball issue (Part 6, Number 2) was the last of the monthlies — Viz has apparently decided that the monthly-comic format is just not that economical for manga, and as such, the rest of the chapters (4 volumes worth, plus the end of vol. 12 and the beginning of vol. 17) will be published in their respective graphic novels only. Additionally, the graphic novels are being re-released in the new, smaller, and more-economical “Shonen Jump” format. These will be roughly the same size as the original Japanese tankōbon and retail for $7.95 each (half of what the larger ones sold for, before the price drop to $13). The new editions of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z volumes 1-7 come out later this month.

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There are an enormous amount of rumors flying around, particularly in light of FUNimation’s strange rap music for the series: Dragon Ball GT‘s earlier episodes will be released later as part of Dragon Ball Z, they are not doing the earlier episodes at all, their site starts with episode summaries around episode fifteen, etc.

Special thanks to Derek Smith for passing along this link to the first volume of DBGT on DVD at RightStuf — the description definitely describes the first episode of the series. However, Rild (the blue character on the front) absolutely does not show up the first 62 minutes of the series. Correct description, incorrect representation? More to come on this one, for sure.

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We do not know what it is, how it is going to be used, or why it was created. Quite frankly, it does not matter.

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08 February 2003, 9:05 AM ESTComments Off has “Ultimate Battle 22” up for pre-order, though clicking through on the link will bring you to a page that does not list the item.

This more or less confirms the release date of 26 March 2003 other sites have been giving for the game domestically. For now, you may be better off ordering the game at, which has it for a mere $19.99.

Thanks to Gregor on for the tip.

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You can currently find the “Red Ribbon Army” DVD box set (two-discs) up for pre-order on Amazon for a ridiculously low $22.46! It does not come out until the 25th, but if you know you are going to be purchasing it, do yourself a favor and save a bit of money — FUNimation’s has it listed for $39.95.

Thanks to all the folks at and our visitors e-mailing in for the tip.

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Apparently, Infogrames really is translating “Ultimate Battle 22” for PS1… at least in Australia.

According to the Australian site, the game is being released on March 14th of this year. However, their main site (and more specifically, the DBZ games section linked off the main page) makes absolutely NO mention of this game.

It would seem that the game has been released in Europe before, and now they’re RE-releasing it, along with “Final Bout”

(UPDATE: GameStop is offering the game up for pre-order on their site with a release date of 25 March 2003 and a price tag of a mere $19.99.)

Thanks to the kind folks in this MadMan forum thread for pointing out the link to the Australian site.

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Today is the day! Dragon Ball Z: Budokai finally hits North American PlayStation 2 systems, bringing the fight back home for the first time since 1997’s Dragon Ball: Final Bout on the original PlayStation.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai was developed by Dimps in Japan and is available exclusively on the PlayStation 2 beginning today for $49.99.

Infogrames Unleashes the Power and Fury of Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) On PlayStation(R) 2 Computer Entertainment System
New Fighting Game Invites Players To Relive Their Favorite Dragon Ball Z(R) Battles On Leading Next-Generation System

BEVERLY, Mass., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Achieving an incredible convergence between one of the leading anime and television properties ever created and the interactive entertainment world, Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) today announced that it has shipped Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system. Already heralded for its authenticity, depth and excitement, Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) is hitting store shelves in time for the holiday season.

Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) spans from the Saiyan(TM) Saga through Cell Games and allows players to experience the fantastic confrontations that define the Dragon Ball Z(R) universe. Choose from five heart-pounding fighting modes, including Story Mode, where players reenact some of the most exciting fighting scenes from the animated series, and Tournament Mode, where players can face off to crown a single Dragon Ball Z(R) fighting champion.

A true parallel to the television series, which was the top rated show among all U.S. cable TV programs for boys 9-14, tweens 9-14 and men 12-24 during this season’s launch lineup, Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) puts players in some of the show’s most intense battles and heightens the star quality of the game via the inclusion of the actual voice actors from the show. To date, the Dragon Ball(R), Dragon Ball Z(R) & Dragon Ball GT(R) franchises have generated more than three billion dollars in related merchandising and over 500 animated TV episodes.

“Never before has there been a Dragon Ball Z(R) game that is as true to the property as Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM),” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president of Infogrames. “The effort and attention to detail will be a huge payoff for fans as Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) truly recreates the epic storyline of the Dragon Ball Z(R) series in the interactive realm.” Chris Sabat, the Voice Director of Dragon Ball Z(R) and the voice of Vegeta(R), Piccolo(TM), and Yamcha(R), added, “To be able to actually step inside the DBZ universe, controlling your favorite character’s moves, his attacks, in his voice, is a completely surreal experience. The battle/duel section of the game is worth the price of the game itself.”

Already an eagerly anticipated release, the media had the following to say about the game:

  • “Budokai is a dream come true for every Dragon Ball Z fan.” — GamePro Magazine
  • “Fans of the show will drool over the voices, music, and perfectly replicated look of the animated series.” — Game Informer Magazine
  • “Budokai stands above any of the previous attempts to turn the series into a fighter.” — Electronic Gaming Monthly

Featuring 23 of the most famous Dragon Ball Z heroes and villains in full 3D, Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) spans 29 levels, and features over 60 different combo moves per character, including some of their infamous signature attacks from the animated series.

Developed by Dimps, Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) is currently available for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system at a suggested retail price of $49.99 and rated “T” for Teen. For more information on this title, please visit

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Infogrames has announced that the upcoming fighting game for the franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, will hit North American PlayStation 2 systems 02 December 2002:

Infogrames Expands $3 Billion Franchise, Ships New Dragon Ball Z Title on PlayStation(R)2 December 4
Number One Cable TV Show Drives Anticipation for Franchise’s Newest Video Game, ‘Dragon Ball Z: Budokai’

BEVERLY, Mass., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is proud to announce today that its upcoming Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) video game, exclusively for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, will ship to retail December 4, 2002. The Dragon Ball(R) and Dragon Ball Z(R) franchises are global blockbusters that have generated over $3 billion in related merchandising sales worldwide and over 500 animated episodes. In addition, DBZ was the number-one rated show among all U.S. cable TV programs for tweens 9-14, boys 9-14 and men 12-24 during this season’s launch line-up.

With the game available for the holidays, Dragon Ball Z(R) fans and fighting game aficionados alike will be able enjoy more of this popular franchise by entering the world of this highly-rated animated series on Cartoon Network and engage in high-intensity fighting battles, each one more epic than the one before. Featuring a totally authentic, high-energy Dragon Ball Z(R) fighting experience, the Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) game invites players to relive some of their favorite moments from the Dragon Ball Z(R) animated series by becoming their favorite Dragon Ball Z(R) character and conquering all challengers.

Dragon Ball Z(R): Budokai(TM) spans from the Saiyan(TM) Saga through the Cell Games Saga and allows players to experience the fantastic DBZ universe. The game features five heart-pounding fighting modes, including Story Mode, where players reenact some of the most exciting fighting scenes from the animated series, and Tournament Mode, where players can face off to crown a single DBZ fighting champion. The game includes 23 of the most famous DBZ heroes and villains in full 3D, spans 29 levels, and features over 60 different combo moves per character, including some of their infamous attacks from the animated series.

“We are very excited to bring the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai game exclusively to the PlayStation 2,” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president of Infogrames. “The anime series has achieved blockbuster status in North America with its array of fantastic characters and stories, and Infogrames has authentically captured that same magic in our PlayStation 2 game.”

Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation productions said, “This title provides a truly authentic DBZ experience that every avid fan has been anticipating. From the original FUNimation voice actors to the accuracy of the characters, environments and storyline, this game truly brings Dragon Ball Z to life.”

The Dragon Ball series, originally developed in Japan, has become the number one animated series in many countries including Japan, France, Spain, Hong Kong and Mexico. It is the top rated series on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block and the “Most Searched for Term of 2001” according to the Lycos 50 Daily Report on the Internet.

For additional information on Dragon Ball Z, visit

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Forgive me for the sad plain look of this page, but it is all I can muster at the moment.

I was browsing as usual this evening, and began reading a thread I truly did not want to have to read. Jim Stanfield, a regular poster on the group and a long-time friend and help of “Daizenshuu EX,” was struck on the passenger side of his car on the way to school by an 18-wheeler, and passed away soon after.

Jim was always a helpful person, and while I had never personally met him, he will always be remembered as a friend. Matthew Caesar was kind enough to post two newspaper clippings regarding the subject.

Where-ever you are Jim, thanks for everything in the past. We’ll all miss you.

– Michael LaBrie / “VegettoEX”

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Infogrames announced today that the company has shipped over 30,000 copies of their latest game for the Dragon Ball franchise, The Legacy of Goku for Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance:

Infogrames Ships More Than 300,000 Units of Highly Anticipated Video Game ‘Dragon Ball Z(R): The Legacy of Goku’
Largest Game Boy(R) Advance Property in Company History

MINNEAPOLIS, May 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM), one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S., today began shipping Dragon Ball Z(R): Legacy of Goku(R) for Game Boy(R) Advance to more than 20,000 retail outlets nationwide. Critically acclaimed with the dedicated video game media, Dragon Ball Z(R): Legacy of Goku(R) is one of the year’s hottest consumer properties with initial shipments of the game exceeding 300,000 units, thus making it the largest Game Boy Advance property in Infogrames’ history.

“Without a doubt this is Infogrames’ largest introduction of a Game Boy Advance game in terms of both units shipped and marketing activity,” said Paul Rinde, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames’ Minneapolis studio. “The consumer demand and retail support have been overwhelmingly positive, and it is fitting that we kick-off our summer lineup with such a high-profile property.”

One of the most exciting properties brought to the interactive entertainment arena, Infogrames’ Dragon Ball Z(R) video game has been selected by Nintendo of America to participate in a variety of select retailer programs. Most notably, the inclusion of Dragon Ball Z(R) on Nintendo’s video compilation is running on more than 10,000 interactive stations at leading retailers nationwide, and in Nintendo’s POP/Merchandising program.

Additionally, Infogrames is supporting the launch of the game with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign highlighted by a high-energy, thirty-second TV spot airing on the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and WB Kids.

Increasing online awareness is a high-profile banner campaign via that offers more than 10 million impressions to the core Game Boy(R) Advance audience, and an online outreach program with Cartoon Network that promises to generate more than 3.5 million impressions. Other elements of Infogrames’ marketing campaign include four-page Dragon Ball Z(R) video game posters in such targeted publications as Nintendo Power, Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector and Pocket Games.

The “Dragon Ball Z(R)” program, produced by FUNimation Productions, LTD., is an exploding phenomenon and has become one of the top-rated anime shows on Cartoon Network’s Toonami Block. Infogrames’ Dragon Ball Z(R): The Legacy of Goku encapsulates the popular sagas from the show into an immersive interactive experience that puts the Dragon Ball Z(R) world under control of the player.

Developed by Webfoot Technologies, Inc., Dragon Ball Z(R): The Legacy of Goku will be available nationwide on May 14 for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Infogrames will also be introducing Dragon Ball Z(R): Collectible Card Game for the Game Boy(R) Advance next month.