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The GC is getting a new DBZ game entitled, “Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Smash!”

Nintendo has added this game to their official Nintendo of America games list. However there isn’t any information about the game thus far. All we know is the release date is Q3 2004.

Thanks to Clay Reynolds for the news tip.

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The Magic Box updated with the release date for Japan’s “Budokai” on GameCube (coming out as simply “Dragon Ball Z), which reminded me that there are a few new DB-related games coming out soon! Here is a helpful list for you to see what is coming out and when:

  • Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu (USA – GBA); 2D Fighting
    November 28th; $29.99
  • Dragon Ball Z [Budokai] (Japan – GC); 3D Fighting
    November 28th; ¥6800
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (USA – PS2); 3D Fighting
    December 12th; $49.99
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Big updates over on The Magic Box: check out the new screen shots for “Budokai 2” which showcases more of the confirmed characters (the kids look so cute all cel-shaded!), as well as three screen shots from the previously-revealed upcoming Bandai WonderSwan game.

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There has been a massive amount of information released in the past day or two regarding the three Dragon Ball series, and specifically with respect to them airing on Cartoon Network this fall.

New episodes of Dragon Ball will be starting on Monday, September 1st at 5:30pm ET, starting the Demon King Piccolo saga. This season is expected to complete the show’s run, with the final 52 episodes (102-153).

Every Friday in September at 6:00pm ET, a Dragon Ball Z “feature” of one form or another will be shown. This starts on the 5th, with a showing of the Bardock TV Special. The week after that will be the Trunks Special, then Movies 5 and 6 (the two Coola ones) in the weeks after that.

Dragon Ball GT will start on Cartoon Network on October 3rd, apparently airing just Fridays at 6:30. According to FUNimation’s announcement at Otakon, it will begin from the FUNimation-created recap ‘episode 16,’ “A Grand Problem”, as does the DVD release. They still say the first 15 episodes (whatever happened to the real Episode 16 that was not included on the first DVD?) will be released eventually, although they have not said when.

Special thanks to and Rachel Oliver for the info.

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The “First Alert” list (which tracks overall VHS and DVD sales) lists Dragon Ball GT in the top 20 for both VHS and DVD for the week of 20 July 2003. As listed on Anime News Network:

#1 DBGT: Preparation (edited)
#2 DBGT: Ramifications (edited)
#9 DBGT: Preparation (uncut)
#10 DBGT: Ramifications (uncut)
#13 DBGT: Proliferation (uncut)
#20 DBGT: Creation (edited)

In related news, YTV (the Canadian TV channel) has confirmed both the original Dragon Ball TV series as well as Dragon Ball GT for programming this fall. So far there has been no word from FUNimation or Cartoon Network about an airing of Dragon Ball GT state-side.

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The Magic Box has updated with some new screen shots for the upcoming GameBoy Advance game, “Taiketsu”. There will apparently be 15 playable characters, with fighting both on the ground and in the air (sounds similar to the old “Super Butōden” games).

Confirmed characters via the screen shots include Goku, Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, and Majin Boo (“Mr. Boo”). The game is due out in November from Atari.

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While not exactly Dragon Ball news in the strictest sense, it is still somewhat relevant: FUNimation has a new “Director of Sales” named Tony Vandeveerdonk, formerly the Senior National Sales Manager for Pioneer Entertainment, who was “… involved in the sale of the first 3 DBZ movies for Pioneer”.

Ft. Worth, TX — July 21, 2003 — To support its over 30% growth and expanding business model, FUNimation Productions, LTD. announces the hiring of Tony Vandeveerdonk as Director of Sales for the Home Video Division.

“We are proud to announce Tony’s arrival at FUNimation. Tony is one of the few pioneers in the placement and sales of some of the first and most successful anime videos in the industry,” states Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation Productions, LTD. “During the Pokémon anime phenomenon, he was responsible for the sales of Pokémon to the mass merchant channel and many other key accounts.”

Vandeveerdonk brings 14 years of home video experience to FUNimation. “It has been a great ride being part of the initial growth of the anime market,” commented Vandeveerdonk. “I have seen the category grow from a small niche business in the $40-50 million range, to almost a half billion dollar industry in a short five years. I expect this brisk growth to continue.”

Regarding his new position as the Director of FUNimation’s Home Video Sales Division, Vandeveerdonk was positive about both the opportunity and the challenge. “FUNimation has a strong position and share of the anime and kidvid categories already. We will further expand and dominate these categories with a portfolio of exciting new titles.”

Vandeveerdonk, formerly the Sr. National Sales Manager for Pioneer Entertainment USA, began his duties at the Fort Worth-based production and distribution company on July 7th. He will be attending Video Software Dealers Association’s Home Entertainment 2003 in Las Vegas with FUNimation, and will be holding meetings in their suite at the Venetian. Appointments can be made by contacting (817) 788-0627, ext. 222.

About FUNimation(TM)
Focusing on quality entertainment properties such as Dragon Ball Z(r) and Yū Yū Hakusho(tm), FUNimation Productions, LTD., is a full-service brand management company with in-house production, licensing, Internet, and home video sales and distribution divisions. FUNimation has become a leader in home video entertainment with video releases consistently in the Top 20 sales charts, several top rated series on Cartoon Network, and joint ventures with companies such as 4Kids Entertainment. Quality entertainment properties produced by FUNimation include: Dragon Ball Z(r) – the most searched for topic on the Internet for 2002 (also #1 in 2001), becoming “the first topic to ever repeat atop the Web’s Most Wanted,” according to the Lycos 50 Daily Report; Dragon Ball(r), now airing on Cartoon Network; Dragon Ball GT(r), the eagerly awaited sequel to Dragon Ball Z(r); Yū Yū Hakusho(tm), one of the top anime of all time, airing weekdays in the USA on Carton Network’s Toonami block; Movies for Lupin the 3rd(tm), one of the longest running anime classics; Fruits Basket(tm), based on the top selling manga in Japan; and Blue Gender(tm), a true sci-fi series coming to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in August. For additional information on FUNimation and its properties contact Jeff Dronen at FUNimation at 817-788-0627 or, or check out

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For the two of you in North America that actually own a Bandai WonderSwan and have not already played the game on your NES emulators, Bandai of Japan has announced they will be releasing a new Dragon Ball game for the WonderSwan Crystal on 16 November 2003. The game, “DragonBall: Legend of Goku”, is actually a remake of the game by the same name for the Nintendo Famicom. It is a card-battle game, similar to many of the other Dragon Ball games released in Japan.

The game was actually the third NES game released for the Dragon Ball franchise. To read more about it, check out SuperPope’s review of the game in its original Famicom format.

Thanks to The Magic-Box for the news blurb.

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There has been lots of information floating around about the supposedly-upcoming Nintendo GameBoy Advance game entitled “Taiketsu”, but nothing particularly concrete. Well, it apparently exists, it is coming out soon (October), and has some screenshots!

Big thanks to Clayton Reynolds over on for the link.

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Anime News Network has updated with some more coverage from Anime Expo. At FUNimation’s panel, among other things, it was announced that “Budokai 2” (which is set for an August 15th release date for the PS2), will be using “Toriyama Shading”. We have all seen images which show the game will be cel-shaded, but I find it interesting they are calling it “Toriyama Shading” as a specific type of branding.