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Animerica July 1997 (Volume 5, Number 7)


The Aliens Are Coming… Dragon Ball Z

Television viewers across the nation have now had the chance to see Goku battle Vegeta on American airwaves in DRAGON BALL Z, but now, finally, you can also own the adventure. The first tape in the series, DRAGON BALL Z: ARRIVAL, is on sale now, containing the episodes as they aired in the U.S., as distributed by Pioneer Animation. Far from the lighthearted adventures of the original DRAGON BALL series, DRAGON BALL Z features a grown-up Goku now an awesome martial artist complete with wife and child! The very first menace he must face in this tape is a threat to the very Earth from the Saiyans–an alien warrior race so devastating that almost nothing in the universe can stand against them. But to Goku, the Saiyan invasion means even more, especially when the mighty Saiyan “Raditz” reveals himself to be Goku’s brother! Is Goku’s heritage really one of death and destruction, and what will be his reaction when Raditz orders him to kill one hundred earthlings by the next morning…or else? A deal with his green-skinned arch-enemy Piccolo may be Goku’s–and the Earth’s–only hope. And what role lies in store for little Gohan, Goku’s young son, whose mother has sheltered him from learning any kind of martial arts? Will be be able to survive? To introduce the series, DRAGON BALL Z: ARRIVAL is a special feature-length edition, containing the the [sic] first four episodes and an exclusive gold foil box.1

Even more DRAGON BALL Z mania is on its way from Pioneer as of August, with a new Ani-Mayhem game, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection–a stand-alone game which is also fully compatible with previous Ani-Mayhem sets. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection will be available in decks of 70 cards, with nine-card booster packs also available. Expect to pay approximately US$8.00 for a deck, maybe US$1.50 per booster pack. Also keep your eyes open for DRAGON BALL Z trading cards from Japan Printing Products. DRAGON BALL Z FROM PIONEER ANIMATION: ENGLISH VHS; 80 MINS.; US$14.98.

The following historical notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information and were not originally published in the book.

1 “Arrival” combined the first four episodes of FUNimation’s original 1996 English dub into a feature-styled presentation without commercial breaks, and a single opening and ending theme surrounding the entire package.
Transcription & Notes: VegettoEX