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Shonen Jump (Issue 34, October 2005)

Dragon Ball Boxed AND Uncut!


Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Uncuts
Goku Held Hostage
Saga 1 Vol. 5
DVD, Uncut, 75 Minutes
Street Date: October 4, 2005
SRP: $24.98

It’s the fate of Tom Thumb for Goku in this DVD. Feeling undersized and vulnerable, Goku faces two gargantuan ogres who take one look at him and want to make him their pet! Not game to the idea of being a plaything for anyone, Goku decides to face their challenges in exchange for directions to Snake Way. How does he fare in the land of the large? Find out in this volume of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Uncuts! Also, Piccolo gets so made at Raditz, he splits in two! You won’t want to miss that.

Dragon Ball GT LE Box Set
Volumes 1-5 (with Dragon Ball GT Movie)
Street Date: October 10, 2005
SRP: $59.98
DVD, Uncut, Volumes 1-4: 62 Mins., Volume 5: 82 Mins.
Volumes 1-5 (Reaction, Rejection, Ruination, Conviction, Activation)

This is probably the box set to get before you start your back-to-school routines. The action sequences involve everyone from Dende to Zoonama! Volume 1 begins with Goku and Uub finishing training at the Lookout. Volume 2 finds the superheroes dealing with the dramatic upheaval on planet Imecka. Will they be able to talk some sense into Lord Don Kee? Seems like he’s a dirty fighter so who knows what will happen? Then in Volume 3, Zoonama, a fearsome monster, wants a bride? Sheesh! What’s next? Volume 4 features a stolen Dragon Ball (Goku’s), and the plot thickens when Goku, Trunks and Pan realize they are being pulled into an enormous trap! Finally, in Volume 5, the three musketeers have to face an even more formidable monster: Luud! Chi-powered attacks abound!

Transcription & Notes: VegettoEX