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Bardock Special Hints at Coola
with a Spaceship Hidden By a Sun

Rumor Status

The Bardock television special originally aired 17 October 1990 on Fuji TV in Japan; the fifth Dragon Ball Z theatrical movie (the first introduction of Coola) premiered 20 July 1991. Unless there was some uncharacteristic major planning going on, there is no way there could have been such a hidden “easter egg”, as Coola would not be seen for nearly another full year, with Dragon Ball Z movie 4 (with Slug) still yet to come before that one! Talk about seeing the future…!

You can see how someone may have been led to believe this (or at the very least, how someone may have relied on existing visual cues in an attempt to fool someone). At the beginning of the fifth Dragon Ball Z movie, we do see Coola watching the the destruction of Planet Vegeta from his own spaceship, which logically should not be all that far away. When Bardock looks up and sees two suns, fans put two and two together and assumed Coola’s spaceship was hidden in the other sun (the screen zooms in on the sun to the right, which Freeza’s ship is hidden within the shadows of).

Even with the detail provided in Toei’s (sadly unreleased on home video) HD remaster of the Bardock special from the late-2010s, there is absolutely nothing to be seen in the other sun.