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Since the earliest days back in 1998, we have done anything and everything in our power to operate the website and its offshoot projects independently, funded almost entirely through our own pockets. The Dragon Ball franchise is our passion, and Kanzenshuu is a labor of love by fans who do indeed truly love what they do. We have purposefully never made our online Dragon Ball endeavors our “jobs,” and we try to live up to some of the DIY ideals of respectful internet documentation and preservation long since forgotten by the general fanbase. Over these two decades+ of work, we believe our dedication to Kanzenshuu has become an invaluable resource to countless fans across the globe, rivaling — and often exceeding — the breadth and accuracy of content made available by the franchise’s own rights-holders.

We have certainly never expected anything in return for what we do to run this website, but we would be remiss not to acknowledge plenty of generous “donations” over the years (media and forum hosting, one-time monetary donations, word-of-mouth support, etc.). These have always been unsolicited, mean the world to us, and we feel make the community a better place.

However, since launching the fused Kanzenshuu in 2012, and with our wiki now on the very-real horizon, the cost of running such a massive and far-reaching website has increased to a level we can no longer successfully sustain on our own without some amount of larger and organized community support.

You all have continuously asked us how you can help, and in the past we have continuously asked you not to. In retrospect, that seems dumb. So, to help ease our concerns about the longevity and legacy of Kanzenshuu, we have launched a Patreon.

How far are you willing to take this with us? ‘Cuz we’re in it for the long haul!

Tiers of Support

When supporting us on Patreon, you can select the level of support that best suits you.

  • $1 Tier: At this level you show your support for Kanzenshuu, and get a sweet “Patreon Supporter” forum rank.
  • $5 Tier: At this level you show your support for Kanzenshuu, get a sweet “Patreon Supporter” forum rank, and get access to our Discord server.

Code of Conduct

We expect those who support Kanzenshuu through Patreon to follow the same community guidelines as our forum, with the sole exception being that we are happy to talk about non-Dragon Ball/Toriyama-related things in the chat! All other moderation and administrative practices and processes will remain in effect from the exact same team members.

That being said, we of course reserve the right to discontinue/cancel the support of any individual, which would then involve revoked access from the Discord server, forum, etc. With it being such a self-selecting audience here at this level, we do not anticipate any issues whatsoever — thank you for being awesome!

Other Ways To Support Us

Looking for other ways to support us besides Patreon? Well, we have a few other ways: