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Published by 01 April 2017, 9:12 PM EDTComment

Dear Kanzenshuu community, All users with a registration date after 2005 have been banned in an attempt to Make Kanzenshuu Great (Not “Again”, Because It Never Was)™. It has been determined by a panel of my peers (which consists of only me) that I am the only one capable of discussing Dragon Ball in a

Published by 01 April 2017, 7:34 PM EDTComment

Today for my online book report I will conclusively show the OFFICIAL DEBUNK for the downplay of SSJ God Cell. The first evidence (EVIDENCE A) is that Cell is actually comprised of Saiyan DNA. This is stated on page 25 of THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE manga volume 25. Next, we see that the Dragon Ball Z

Published by 01 April 2017, 6:40 PM EDTComment

I don’t know why people get so worked up over this. It’s so easy and everyone gets it wrong. Her name is ミント. If you ever took even just one Japanese class you would know that is MI – N – TO. The Japanese don’t differentiate between “R” and “L” sounds so that means it’s

Published by 01 April 2017, 9:04 AM EDTComment

One of the biggest questions fans have these days is: what’s up with Goku’s new form seen in the show’s opening theme?! After debuting last September (following an unsuccessful pilot series last year), literally dozens of people have been enjoying the show, all the meanwhile wondering what the special hair color and expression on Goku’s

Published by 01 April 2017, 7:15 AM EDT1 Comment

[!!– introduce Toriyama and say a bunch of words–!!] Akira Toriyama made a name for himself in the 1980s with the megahit Dr. Slump before going right into his next series, the megamegahit Dragon Ball. The series’ fans are perceptive, but not as perceptive as the series’ original author. Toriyama has a good eye for