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Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 4: World Guide

Akira Toriyama’s Best

Character Section

If you were to draw another “Dragon Ball”, who would the protagonist be?
Mister Satan
“Mister Satan would be the one I’d want to make into the protagonist. How about a gag manga with him and Boo?” The world grappling champion Mister Satan. Debuting in the second half of the story, he’s a cute character who took off on his own. It’d be nice if this gag manga were to become a reality!
Who would you want as your kid? Who would want as your parent?
As a kid: Dende
“He’s serious and can heal his own injuries. But he looks a little strange, so I guess he’d be picked on at school.”

As a parent: Bulma
“I’d be very rich, so I’d be relatively left to myself.” And on top of that he’d be a genius.

Who seems like they will live the longest, and who seems like they will die the earliest?
Looks like he’ll live long: Kame-Sen’nin
“It seems that he will live a surprisingly long time.” He certainly seems to be the happiest character.

Looks like he’ll die early: Vegeta
“Everybody dies eventually, but Vegeta seems like he has high blood pressure so he’ll probably go suddenly.”

If you were to be reincarnated, who would you want to be?
“It’d be nice to be the Trunks who doesn’t have the painful past. I’d be rich, be able to buy lots of toys, and be real strong. That’s what it looks like superficially.”
Out of all your characters, which one is the most (blank)?
Cool: Goku
“I think it’s Goku.” The always pure strongest in the universe. Goku is #1 after all!

Gourmet: Satan
“I get the sense that he eats expensively. He’s high-class, but an OK sort.”

Shy: Piccolo
“I feel that the Namekians are basically a shy race.”

Fashionable: Trunks
“I thought it’d be Bulma, but once she became an old lady she dresses out of fashion.”

Mischievous: Kame-Sen’nin
“Of course it’d have to be this guy.” Was his perverseness the deciding factor?

Settings Section

Which settings are you fond of from a design standpoint?
1 — Karin Tower
“My favorite is Karin Tower. A place built on top of a slender poll is interesting even if viewed from the center of the picture. It’s good even though it gives off an unbalanced feeling. I really like building designs like this, that couldn’t exist in reality.”

2 — God’s Temple
“There’s something interesting about places that float in the air. I also like places that are unusually shaped.”

If you were to travel, which place would you like to go to?
1 — God’s Temple
“Sure enough, it’s God’s temple. Just to sight-see. I want to see what’s inside.”

2 — West City
“I don’t like cities very much, but it’s OK to go just once.”

3 — Kaiōshin Realm
“Something about it seems to have a nice feeling. It seems like I could pass the time peacefully. The climate looks nice as well.”

What place do you think you’d like to live at?
Kame House
“It seems like shopping would be a pain, but if I had a mecha to go over the water with, and as long as a typhoon didn’t come, then Kame House is where I’d most like to live.” He’d like to live there even more if the island was a little bigger and there was a gigantic Kame House the size of Capsule Corporation.

Martial Arts Section

If you were to choose the best shot of the Kamehameha, whose shot would you pick?
Kame-Sen’nin’s Kamehameha
“The one that left the most impression was the very first one, the one Kame-Sen’nin put out. Because the history of the Kamehameha started from here. Besides, I think the shape it has when he fires it was effective.”
Which techniques would you like to learn?
1 — Bukūjutsu
“It must feel good to fly freely through the sky. I think it’d definitely be a good feeling. Besides, don’t you think it would be pretty useful in your daily life?”

2 — Shunkan-Idō (Instant Movement)
Shunkan-Idō would probably be pretty good too. I could go to places I like just by thinking about them.”

3 — Kamehameha
“The Kamehameha! I think it’d be amazing to break things all over the place with it. But afterwards it’d be a pain to have to go reimburse everyone.”

Which techniques are you fond of?
1 — Kamehameha
“I really don’t like techniques all that much, but with the Kamehameha isn’t it neat how it stores everything up and then releases it all at once? The Kamehameha is the one I’m most fond of. It was my wife who thought up the name.”

2 — Clash Ultra Boo-Boo Volleyball
“This one I liked. It’s really ludicrous but amusing. I was pleased with it.”

3 — Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
“I like the ghosts too. It was crazy to have a technique with a will of it’s own for the first time.”

Would you tell us what battles you’re fond of?
1 — Son Goku vs Piccolo Daimaō
“Piccolo Daimaō. Since it was the first battle with a truly evil guy, there was a certain something to the fight.”

2 — Gotenks vs Majin Boo
“I think this was the first fight in a long time where I was able to do things my way. I drew relatively a lot of things like that during this period.”

What about famous fights from the Tenka’ichi Budōkai?
Son Goku vs Tenshinhan
“Thinking of a famous fight, it’d be Goku and Tenshinhan. It’s because their ability was almost exactly equal.”

Science & Super Science Section

Which item from Dragon Ball do you think you would most like to have?
Hoi-Poi Capsules
“Capsules! I think I’d want some capsules if I was going on a trip. And then, when there wasn’t any parking space, that’s when I’d want them the most. They certainly are convenient. Since I think their weight probably doesn’t change, I’d stuff anything into them. But what would happen if someone was still inside?”
What item made even you think “This is amazing!”?
Hoi-Poi Capsules
“It’d have to be Hoi-Poi Capsules, I guess? Even in a manga they’re convenient. At first the series was a road manga, so if they went to various places without carrying any luggage and then suddenly pulled out luggage it’d be strange. If you just put items and vehicles into capsules, then it’s relatively convenient.”
Who are your favorite Artificial Humans?
1 — Second-form Cell
“Cell’s second form, that tough guy. When I told Kondō-san, my editor at the time, ‘This is what I’ve come up with’ he told me, ‘Hey, this guy is stupid-looking. Make him into his perfect form soon.’ Actually, I had planned on him having a more active role.”

2 — Artificial Human No. 18
“No. 18 was a type of girl that I hadn’t drawn before, so I was relatively pleased with her. I like her slanted eyes.”

3 — Artificial Humans No. 19 and No. 20
“Speaking of slanted eyes, I also like No. 19 and No. 20. At first I thought I’d have No. 20 be the true enemy, but I was told that he was just a geezer so I got rid of him.”

English Translation: Herms