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Secret Stories of the Dragon Ball Characters

Akira Toriyama Brings You

Secret Stories of the Dragon Ball Characters

We’ll introduce interesting behind-the-scenes stories of Dragon Ball‘s characters! These inside scoops come from Akira Toriyama-sensei himself, so you can be sure that they’re the honest, unvarnished truth! Now then, just what sort of stories are there, we wonder?

Where did Lunch-san go?
Lunch went off chasing after Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan would also go from place to place while training with Chiaotzu, so they’d never meet up. But surely they’ve managed to miraculously cross paths. When No. 17 appeared near the end of the series, he was actually Lunch in the draft.

[caption] ↑Thinking of No. 17’s line from near the end of the series as Lunch’s, it makes sense.

How did Nos. 17 and 18 become Artificial Humans?
Hmm. Before they became Artificial Humans, these two were notorious delinquents. Then, when Gero was searching for fresh material for his experiments, he happened upon them by chance, and they were abducted on the spot and got remodeled into Artificial Humans. He kidnapped them against their will, so they hated Gero, and rebelled against him.

[caption] →Nos. 17 and 18 were twin delinquents. Like that.

Where did that Pilaf Gang go?
The Pilaf Gang were aaaalways operating in secret, with their sights set on world domination. However, when Cell appeared, they postponed their plans, saying they should wait and see a bit longer. Then, when at last they thought they’d go into action, Buu came out, and they postponed their plans again, which brings us up to the present.

[caption] ↓The last scene of the original manga in which they appeared. Apparently, they were plotting world domination even after that.

How did Kuririn and No. 18 end up getting married?
There was a lot that happened during those seven years. For No. 18, Kuririn was a type of person she’d never met before: earnest and straightforward. Little by little, she was drawn in by that. In my mind, their love story is pretty well-established; and with Bulma and Vegeta, as well. However, I would absolutely never draw it in the comic. I mean, it’s really, really embarrassing. I’ll let my friend Masakazu Katsura-kun handle love stories like that.

[caption] ↑No. 18 can’t hide her vexation at being saved by Kuririn. Is it the start of romance?!
[caption] ↓Seven years after the scene at right. During that time, a lot must have happened with the two of them.

How are the two Trunkses different?
Weeell, to be perfectly clear, the Trunks from the future and our Trunks are separate people. One of them had just his mother, and could live only a meager existence, while the other was influenced by that father of his, and was brought up in a super-rich household, always getting what he wanted. So their surroundings were completely different. Incidentally, the Trunks from the future has a lot of female fans, but this Trunks is popular with children. It’s a good example of how things like people’s personalities are affected by their surroundings.

[caption] →A serious personality and a fearless expression. You can see how he would have a lot of female fans.
[caption] →At almost the same age as the Trunks above. Do the child fans want to be brought up like this?

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