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Dragon Ball Super Cast Comments

Ryō Horikawa


How did you feel when you found out about Dragon Ball Super?
With Dragon Ball Kai ending, I wasn’t expecting the story to continue, so I’m really happy to be able to play Vegeta again! I don’t know how long this will go on for, but this is a franchise that’s already lasted roughly 30 years, so I want to keep on trucking and keep on entertaining everyone.
What’s got you most excited about playing Vegeta again in Dragon Ball Super?
In Episode 2 there’s a scene where Bulma tells Vegeta that he seems different than before. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how Vegeta changed during the battle with Boo last time, and how he’ll continue to change. I want to give this performance my all so that everyone can see Vegeta like that. Also, while this doesn’t really have anything to do with the recording sessions, the recording studio’s location has changed, so now I’m also doing my best to find a new bar for everyone to go after the recordings (laughs).
What should people watch out for in the upcoming story?
I’ve heard that it’s going to follow up on the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, so I expect Beerus and Whis will feature heavily. But since the story is based on Toriyama-sensei‘s idea, I’m sure it will go places none of us can predict. So we’ve all got no choice but to let Toriyama-sensei lead the way.
What are the recording sessions like?
It’s a franchise I’ve worked on for a long time, so the teamwork is fantastic right out of the gate! The atmosphere in the recording studio hasn’t changed a bit. Since it’s a new series and none of us know what’s going to happen next, we’re all looking forward to seeing the story unfold.
Finally, please say something for the fans.
I’m grateful to everyone who supports Dragon Ball. Thank you so much! Franchises that are watched by multiple generations like this are rare, so I’m really honored to be a part of it. I hope everyone will continue to watch and support us.
English Translation: Herms