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Dragon Ball Z DVD Box: Dragon Box Z Volume 2 “Dragon Book” (18 September 2003)

A Message from Akira Toriyama-sensei

My sincerest gratitude to all of you who purchased Dragon Box Vol. 2, in spite of its high price. This time, they asked me to use this comment to talk about my favorite Dragon Ball character. As the author, naturally it’s Goku, but I guess that won’t do, so I’ll pick someone besides the protagonist. To tell the truth, personally the one who I enjoyed drawing the most was Mister Satan. For a long time, I’ve loved the kind of characters who are boastful, yet petty. I was originally a gag manga artist, after all. …Still, I get the feeling that going with Mister Satan won’t do either, so I guess I’ll pick a more major character, and go with Piccolo. I even liked him back when he was Daimaō, but I was really fond of the reborn Piccolo, with his sense of solitude and taciturnity. When I started drawing him, I had no clue that he would keep on appearing after that. I guess he really was a character that I was attached to.

And with that, please enjoy this animation with all your heart.

English Translation: Herms