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Interview Relay Looking Toward the Final Episode

Ryūsei Nakao

About Freeza
Being one of Universe 7’s representatives in the Universe Survival arc and fighting alongside Son Goku-san… whoever thought this day would come! Even though I did some utterly terrible things in the movie Resurrection ‘F’, I’ve been called forth from Hell and am fighting as their comrade… I’ve been performing as Freeza for nearly 30 years, and I never expected this; it’s inspiring.
Highlights of the Final Episode
I didn’t think I would remain until the final episode either. Surely everyone expected that I would betray the team halfway through or something like that? Even I thought so. In that sense, I guess I have betrayed everyone’s expectations (laughs). Even I’m a little moved to be fighting alongside Goku-san in the final episode, firing off ki blasts with a “haah!”
A Message to the Fans
The TV series Dragon Ball Super ends here for now, but it doesn’t look like Dragon Ball itself is ending, so look forward to it. While I can’t predict what will happen to Freeza, I’m sure he’ll never reform and will think up more evil schemes. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Freeza, and I hope everyone else is too.
English Translation: Herms