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Saikyō Jump, December 2013 (02 November 2013)

Dragon Ball Heroes: Entry Book 0

Author Comments


AUTHOR COMMENT: Toyotarō-sensei
Between the manga, the games and the anime, there’s always something Dragon Ball-related within reach. Please make sure to enjoy yourselves and fall in love with the series even more!!
AUTHOR COMMENT: Yoshitaka Nagayama-sensei
This time I drew the adventures of the Charisma Heroes! Let’s read this manga, cheer on the Charisma Heroes, and play Dragon Ball Heroes!
The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information and were not originally published in the book.

0 These comments are published within the Dragon Ball Heroes: Entry Book 0 supplemental booklet, which came separately packaged alongside the December 2013 issue of Saikyō Jump. Yoshiyaka Nagayama debuted within this booklet with “Dragon Ball Heroes: Rookie Charisma Mission Episode 0”, which depicts the daily life and “training” of Engineer Yoshito and new Battle Navigators Tsubasa and Momo-chan in a cartoony style. Earlier within the same booklet, an “Away Mission” chapter of Toyotarō’s Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission manga series called “Simulation” was also included; in it, Beat fights in a battle simulation alongside his cards of young Goku, Kuririn, and Kame-Sen’nin against Master Sergeant Murasaki at Muscle Tower, and receives help from Note and Kabra as support characters through a new feature introduced in the first “Evil Dragons Mission” of the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game.
English Translation: Zénpai