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Saikyō Jump, April 2013 Issue (04 March 2013)

Representing Saikyō Jump, two Kids hit up the voice-actors directly!!

Saikyō1 Kids Z Interview!!!

“Saikyō Kids” No. 9
Sora Suzuki-kun

“Saikyō Kids” No. 7
Shun’ya Yamada-kun

Saikyō Voice-Actor
playing Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten
Masako Nozawa-san
Goku: “She’s my voice an’ my alter-ego!! She’s the mightiest voice actress, who’s been active for a real long time!!”

Saikyō Idol
playing the Oracle Fish
Shōko Nakagawa-san
Oracle Fish: “It’s ‘Shokotan’, who’s skilled at both singing and drawing. She’s super-knowledgeable about Dragon Ball!!”

Saikyō Jūdō-ka
playing a Motorcyle Police Officer
Kaori Matsumoto-san
Motorcycle Police Officer: “[She won a] gold medal in Judo at the London Olympics!! This movie is her first try at voice-acting!!”

Sora’s questions!!

My dream is to become an actor; when did you first have a dream [for the future]? What should I do to for my dream to come true?
Nozawa: I’ve actually been in this world [i.e., showbusiness] since I was two years old. But I didn’t decide “I’m going to be an actress!” until I was in primary school. As for your dream, as long as you don’t think, “I can’t,” it will come true!

Nakagawa: I always got excitement from Dragon Ball, which I watched after I got home from elementary school, and I thought, “I want to become a singer”. Your dream will come true~! It’s important to keep on giving all you’ve got.

Matsumoto: The goal I promised to my parents of “taking them around the world”, which I made when I was in junior high, has come to fruition. But my dream of being unrivaled has yet to come true. I want to keep up my efforts to make that happen.

I’ll do my best!

Shun’ya’s questions!!

1. Nozawa-san, how do you go about changing between three people’s voices?
Nozawa: I don’t “go about” changing my voice. I look at the images, and while I’m out in front of the mic, I transform just like that. Even when the three of them are talking together, I play them all at the same time~!!
2. Nakagawa-san, who in Dragon Ball do you like?
Nakagawa: The one I like is Trunks! Especially the one in the “Cell arc”, with the long hair! To marry Vegeta, and give birth to Trunks… Bulma really is the luckiest woman in the world!
3. Matsumoto-san, what was it like, performing together with Goku?
Matsumoto: I was just truly happy!! Whenever Goku wins in battle, he fights against an even stronger opponent. He’s someone I admire, having taught me to have a “strong heart that enjoys the fight” regardless!!

I see!

A Word from Masako Nozawasan, who plays Son Goku!!
This Part is Incredible!!!
Lastly, Nozawa-san, “Goku’s alter-ego”, will introduce points [to watch for]!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a father, a mother, a big brother, a big sister, a grandfather, a grandmother, or even a baby. I’d like everyone in Japan to see this movie. Even babies will surely feel something from it. Starting with my alter-egos, Goku, Gohan, and Goten, aaall the Dragon Ball characters are appearing! If they would see [the film], even people who will be watching Dragon Ball for the first time should be able to think, “Ah, so this is the Dragon Ball family!” The “highlight” is of course “everything”!! But, as the title Battle of Gods2 suggests, you should watch for the new god who’s appearing this time. To be honest, it was enough to surprise even me: “Wow! So it’s like this~!” (laughs) So by all means, everyone, please enjoy yourselves at the movie theater!!

The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

1 “Saikyō” (最強) means “mightiest” or “strongest”.
2 The title of the movie used by Nozawa is its Japanese-language title, 『神と神』 (“Kami to Kami” or “God and God”).
English Translation: Julian