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Toyotarō Drew It!!

Hatchan, a.k.a. Artificial Human No. 8! The Artificial Humans’ love of nature is inherited from him!… Or so I personally suspect. It’d be nice if he gets another chance to shine~!1

Lunch-san! Where are you now? Dragon Ball is still going on, so come out quick!2

CHAPA: You are certainly gifted. How about entering the next Tenka’ichi Budōkai?
OOB: Huh?! Me?

It’s King Chapa (what I think he looks like now)! Maybe King Chapa was the one who trained Oob until he turned 10! Their clothes look similar, so I kind of figured they came from the same region.3

It’s Tambourine! In the anime he has the same voice as Freeza: Ryūsei Nakao-san, one of my favorite voice actors!4

It’s Man-Wolf! Drawing the wolf fighters from Universe 9, I started wanting to draw him. I wonder if he had any success picking up girls after becoming human…5

It’s not a character from the original comic, but here’s Tapion! I simply find him cool, and I like him a lot. Y’know, I’d love to see him play a bigger role. If not in the comic, then in a game or something…6

It’s Janenba! In advance of the latest movie opening in December, perhaps I’ll go on drawing movie characters for the most part…7

It’s Broli! Everyone recognizes him as the No. 1 movie character. I’m looking forward to him cutting loose in this new movie! (The picture here is of his design from his first movie)8

It’s Majin Ozotto. Apparently Toriyama-sensei designed him for an event, but I don’t really know that much about him. He’s a cool-looking character though, so I look forward to seeing what he’ll do next.9

It’s Captain Ginyu! Apparently he ended up in his current form after changing bodies a bunch of times, so it’s fun to imagine what he might have originally looked like.10

It’s Son Goku’s father, Bardock. He will be in the movie in December, too!! I’m really looking forward to it!11

It’s Paragus. The “Broly” movie will be opening at last. It’s the tops for fun! By all means, please see it at the theater!!12

It’s Freeza’s father, King Cold the Great. He appears in the Broly movie, too! I’d like to see the forces he led in his era, as well.13

LEKE: There’s been an order to return home, so Bardock and I are about to head back to Planet Vegeta. What about you guys?

TOMA: A return-home order? Wait just a minute! We haven’t heard anything of the sort.

DODORIA: Heh heh heh… That’s because you’re all about to die right here and now.

NARRATOR: After this, they lost contact with Toma & co… That is the event that caused Bardock’s suspicion of this return-home order to grow ever-stronger.

TOYOTARŌ: It’s Pumbukin, Selypa, Totapo, and Toma! It seems like these four were involved off in the background of the Broly movie… or at least that’s how I imagine it. (laughs)14

ONIO: Hm? A planet just exploded. It couldn’t possibly be Planet Vegeta, could it?

ONIO’S WIFE: Onio, dear, let’s not worry about that. Instead, let’s go find a planet that we can make into a vacation home!

TOYOTARŌ: It’s Onio, who appears in Neko Majin! Once again, I went and imagined him being involved with the Broly movie… Including animation and spin-offs, the Saiyans who survived that day are Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Broli, Paragus, then Tarble and Tullece, and furthermore… Onio must have also survived!15

This is Shiirasu. He’s the boss character (?) in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission on the Nintendo Switch. I’m looking forward to playing it, too!16

It’s Great Saiyaman. Recently, he’s more commonly shown up wearing sunglasses, but I love his helmet look, too, so I’d like to see him play a part looking like this, as well.17

It’s Nail. If he hadn’t been defeated by Freeza and then merged with Piccolo, he might still be living peacefully on New Namek… He may very well be the single greatest sacrifice.18

It’s the Carrotizer Bunny!

He was taken to the Moon by Goku as punishment for his behavior, and that Moon, with him on it, has been destroyed — twice.

I don’t know whether he’s alive or dead, but I’d like to see him use not just his technique of turning those he touches into carrots, but his skill of being able to survive(?) out in space to help Goku & co.19

It’s Zarbon.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, he’s Freeza’s right-hand man.

The concept for these sketches is “characters who don’t appear in Super“, but (to make a shameless plug…) he’ll actually appear very briefly in the bonus comic from Volume 10. But at present, he hasn’t appeared yet, so this is his last chance—!20


He’s one of the mind-controlled underlings of the sorcerer Bobbidi.

Since he was taken in by his wicked heart and mind-controlled, there’s no doubt he’s evil. But, given Bobbidi could control someone with only Vegeta’s level of evil, maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all…

Incidentally, he appears in a single panel in volume three.21


He survived by escaping from Planet Namek, whose weather had gone haywire, while still a baby. What sort of relationship did he have to Katatz or the Eldest, I wonder… I’d like to see a story from that era, as well.22

The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

0 These images, drawn by Toyotarō, were added to the Dragon Ball Official Website on a monthly basis beginning in December 2017. Their purpose was to share an image of a character that had not yet properly appeared in the Dragon Ball Super series.
1 Posted to the official website 15 December 2017. #8 had actually appeared in the Dragon Ball Super television series twice: once in episode 65 during Merged Zamasu’s fight against Goku and Vegeta, and then again in episode 66 as everyone donated their energy to Trunks; these scenes did not appear in the manga version of the story.
2 Posted to the official website 19 January 2018.
3 Posted to the official website 20 February 2018.
4 Posted to the official website 20 March 2018. Tambourine had actually appeared during the early recruitment and training episodes as a phantom enemy challenging Kuririn initially in episode 75 and then in full in episode 76.
5 Posted to the official website 27 April 2018.
6 Posted to the official website 21 May 2018.
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English Translation: Herms, SaiyaJedi, sailorspazz, Cipher
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