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TV Anime Guide: Dragon Ball Tenka’ichi Densetsu

Videl…as voiced by…Yūko Minaguchi

I think Gohan’s timidness is really nice. (Minaguchi)

Did you audition for the role of Videl?
I didn’t audition for Videl in Dragon Ball Z or Pan (Note: Gohan and Videl’s daughter) in Dragon Ball GT; I think it was a request by the producer.
What was your first impression of Videl?
When I read the scenario, I got the impression that she was strong-willed and very clear. The sort of image of a girl who’s strong and doesn’t do what she’s told. At first, she was always getting angry at Gohan, but as the story went on, I think she became nicer.
Unlike the other female characters, Videl has a lot of action scenes; how was that?
She really did fight a lot. (laughs) The action scenes went relatively smoothly. Plus, I liked to exercise, so it was easy to imagine the sensation of fighting. Like, I should inhale here, and exhale here. The role was quite well-suited for me in that area.
Are there any scenes that left an impression on you?
The scene where Videl first appears. In the Dragon Ball world, the school-life concept was fun. (laughs). Also, the lines that had “Gohan-kun”, or used the honorific “-kun”, were really like we were classmates, so I enjoyed it.
Gohan was Videl’s favorite boy, surely.
How should I answer this one~? (laughs) Videl believed that she was incredibly strong, and that no-one her age was stronger than her. But then Gohan-kun appeared, and I think her ideas gradually changed.
Having performed for a long time, did you get any feedback from those around you?
Apparently, I didn’t look like the type of person who would appear in Dragon Ball. So it seems as though my friends found it surprising. Children wouldn’t ask me “do Videl’s voice”, so much as “what’s going to happen in the story?” (laughs) Plus, even if I’d played Videl in front of them, I think they’d probably tell me “that doesn’t sound like her” unless there was a picture. (laughs)
Among the male characters in Dragon Ball, are there any characters that, say, you’d want to marry?
I spent Dragon Ball GT together with Trunks, so my heart leans towards him… But really, I might prefer Gohan-kun! I think Gohan-kun’s timidness is really nice.
How was it to play Pan? Were there any areas that gave you a hard time?
In Dragon Ball GT, there were scenes where I had to play the roles of Videl and Pan at the same time, and Jōji Yanami-san and my other fellow cast members teased me with things like, “I’m looking forward to being able to see you do two roles at once, Yūko-chan“. (laughs) But Masako Nozawa-san would do Goku, Gohan, and Goten, so I psyched myself, saying “I’ve just got to do it!”
The atmosphere in the recording studio sounds like fun.
The teamwork was good. Plus, everyone was great at acting, so I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Also, what I thought was incredibly good was that everyone would rally around Masako Nozawa-san. I think that was the secret to the great teamwork.
Now, finally, a message for all the fans!
I’m truly happy to have been involved with the Dragon Ball series! From here on out, please [continue to support] Videl and Pan!!

(Recorded 6 May 2004)

English Translation: Julian