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V-Jump January 2015 Issue (21 November 2014)

A Comment Has Arrived from the Original Creator,

Akira Toriyama!

This time, Freeza will be revived!

The “F” stands for “Freeza”.

This is because it’s an idea that came to me in a flash after I listened to a song called “F” by Maximum the Hormone, whom I had been introduced to by a friend, back when I was fretting over what to do about the story for the next movie.

“F” is a song that sings about Freeza in a vulgar-yet-cool way.

I remembered how, back then, they told me, “Sorry, but we went ahead and sang about Freeza without asking”.

Aha! So that’s what I could do!

With that in mind, I was immediately able to write up a story where Freeza is revived.

I know his personality very well, so it was easy to write.

And so this time, as a way of saying “thank you”, I went and took the cool-looking spelling of “F” from the song.

He is the most vicious enemy, who is most worth defeating.

Of course, he hasn’t merely been revived, so look forward to a terrific fight!

English Translation: Julian