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V-Jump, May 2015 Issue (20 March 2015)


Toyotarō [DBZ: Resurrection ‘F’, DB Heroes: Victory Mission] & Naho Ooishi [DB SD] saw it~!!

The two Dragon Ball authors representing Jump checked out the movie before anyone else!! It’s the fastest review ever!!

Panel 1
FREEZA: Heh heh heh. At last, the time has come for my revenge.
SORBET: S-… so this is Son Goku….

Panel 2
FREEZA: By the way, Sorbet… How long will it be until we reach Earth?

Panel 3
SORBET: Y-… yes, Sir. We should be there any minute….

Panel 4
FREEZA: Hurry it up… It’s so cramped in here, I can’t stand it.
SORBET: Y-… yes, Sir. I guess it really was unreasonable to put all 1000 [soldiers] on [one ship]…

Panel 5
FREEZA: We are entirely… over maximum capacity.


Cell is from the future, and Boo is from the past… Freeza is the present day’s mightiest “evil”!! — by Toyotarō

An overlord who rules through fear!! The “enemy” known as Freeza!!

All right! We have the two of you here fresh from seeing the movie! We’d like to ask you both to give your thoughts straightaway! If you please!!
Toyotarō (henceforth “Toyo”): My pleasure! Well, it sure was fun!

Naho Ooishi (henceforth “Naho”): My pleasure. Freeza was entirely the star of the show!

Toyo: Freeza isn’t just strong; he ruled the universe, after all. He has a 1000-strong remnant, and they all obey out of the fear of Freeza. He has an appeal like no other, with a certain sort of tremendous charisma.

Naho: And also, he was far and away more scarily-strong than I’d imagined. I get the feeling that when people heard “the revival of Freeza”, most of them probably thought, “Seriously? Freeza…?” but I think once they see the movie, their impression will absolutely change. (laughs) It’s nice how he introduces himself a bit self-consciously once he changes into Golden Freeza, too. (laughs)

Toyo: If you consider Cell an “enemy from the future”, then Boo is an “enemy from the past”. And so Freeza is really the strongest enemy, and “evil”, of the present day. It made me think, Freeza’s revival is just that much of a major incident for the entire universe!

Naho: Freeza was born with a mutation, wasn’t he. His whole family is strong, but he alone is especially strong. So up to now, he’d never trained even once, and didn’t need to…. So the concept, or rather, the line of thinking, of his strength shooting up all at once by training for the first time, makes me think, “Toriyama-sensei really is amazing”!

So “Of course Freeza is a must-see!” in other words!
Fans who say “Dragon Ball’s greatest villain has definitely got to be Freeza!” must get themselves out to the movie theater! Also keep your eye out for the familiarity of Beerus and Whis, who have become regulars, as well as Kame-Sen’nin’s active role!!

Vegeta’s combat outfit has the greatest coloring!! (laughs) — by Naho Ooishi

The biggest melee battle scene in the history of Dragon Ball Z!!

Now then, what parts from other scenes left a deep impression?
Naho: Back when I gave my thoughts on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, I ended up giving off an image of “somebody who loves Vegeta waaay too much”…. (laughs) But Vegeta was really good this time, too…!! Although, in a completely different way from the last movie.

Toyo: I know, right? (laughs) In a way, this time it was the exact opposite of the last movie, but it was truly whole-heartedly ‘cool’. I think you could say that, including past works, this time out is his largest role out of all the Dragon Ball Z movies!

Naho: His costume this time is cool, too! That dark grey, I guess you could say, it’s my favorite color scheme out of all his battle outfits up to now!

You really do like Vegeta too much, don’t you! (laughs) Now then, a message for the readers, if you please!
Toyo: Definitely, the scene where the Z Warriors fight against Freeza’s 1,000-man army is really powerful! I think there are a lot of people, myself included, who’d say, “I wanted to see a scene of the Dragon Ball characters fighting against tons of enemies”, and I bet you can probably be satisfied with this. The way each individual Z-Warrior fights is unique and fun!

Naho: Naturally, the clash between Goku and Vegeta is a must-see. Including the transformation scene, all of it was just the greatest! …Oh, and also! The conversation between Beerus and Bulma really did it for me personally! Look forward to it!!

Thank you very much!!
English Translation: SaiyaJedi