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Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1986 #37 (12 August 1986)

Character Biography Data

Birthday: October 29th1
Blood Type: A
Height & Weight: A secret2
Special characteristics: He started training in kenpo in order to be popular with girls.
Son Goku
Birthday: [None given]3
Blood Type: [None given]
Height: Bigger than Kuririn4
Weight: [None given]5
Special characteristics: For some reason, he has a tail.
Birthday: September 2nd6
Blood Type: AB
Height: 37 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Special characteristics: Yamcha’s sidekick. He went to the same shapeshifting kindergarten as Oolong.
Birthday: September 23rd7
Blood Type: A
Height & Weight: A secret8
Special characteristics: At any rate, he loves girls! Knows no special tricks apart from shapeshifting.
Gyūmaō / Ox Demon King
Birthday: May 6th9
Blood Type: O
Height: Over 4 m
Weight: Heavy
Special characteristics: A former pupil of Kame-sen’nin. Crazy-strong. His home is at Mount Frying-Pan.
Birthday: August 18th10
Blood Type: B
Height: 163 cm11
Weight: 48 kg12
Bust/Waist/Hip Measurements (cm): 85/58/84
Special characteristics: An energetic girl who is a genius with machinery and super-rich.
Birthday: June 17th13
Blood Type: AB
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Bust/Waist/Hip Measurements (cm): 82/57/83
Special characteristics: A cute girl, with a fearsome split personality. With a single sneeze, she switches between a nice person and a wanted crook.
Birthday: November 5th14
Blood Type: AB
Height: 156 cm15
Weight: 40 kg16
Special characteristics: Gyūmaō‘s daughter. Having been pat-patted by Goku, she has made up her mind to marry him.
Birthday: March 20th17
Blood Type: O
Height: 181 cm18
Weight: 62 kg19
Special characteristics: A master of the Roga Fu-Fu Ken. He likes girls, but for some reason, he’s not good around them.
Kame-sen’nin / Turtle Sage
Birthday: [None given]20
Blood Type: O
Height: [None given]21
Weight: [None given]22
Bust/Waist/Hip Measurements (cm): 73/73/7323
Special characteristics: Also known as the Muten Rōshi. A god of martial arts, and the originator of the Kamehameha. He’s so great, it’s sad he’s such a pervert. Goku’s master.
The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

1 Kuririn was born in AGE 736 according to Daizenshuu 7, making him a hair shy of 13 when Goku first meets him, and 13 at this point in the story.

2 His adult height is 153 cm, though, so it would have to be smaller than that. His weight is presumably less than his adult weight of 45 kg.

3 Goku is never given anything more detailed than “AGE 737”, which is just 12 years prior to when he first meets Bulma.

4 Goku’s height as an adult is 175 cm, but he is obviously shorter than that at this point.

5 As an adult, Goku’s weight is given as 62 kg, which is impossibly light given his physique, but it’s all we’ve got…!

6 Pu’er’s birth year is given as AGE 740 in Daizenshuu 7, meaning he was four days past his 9th birthday when Goku, Bulma and Oolong first encountered him. However, as this is based on Oolong’s stated age in the Adventure Special guidebook (where he is 13 years old as of May, AGE 753), he is actually probably one year older, being born in AGE 739.

7 Oolong’s birth year is given as AGE 740 in Daizenshuu 7, meaning he is actually three weeks younger than Pu’er. However, as his birth year is based on his stated age of 13 as of May, AGE 753 in the Adventure Special guidebook, both he and Pu’er should probably be born in AGE 739 instead.

8 The Adventure Special lists these as 121 cm and 32 kg, respectively, three years later in the story.

9 The Ox Demon King’s birth year has not been given in any other supplemental materials that we are aware of.

10 Bulma’s birth year is given as AGE 733 in Daizenshuu 7 and elsewhere; this makes her just barely 16 years old at the start of her Dragon Ball hunt, and not yet 17 at this point in the series.

11 Bulma’s adult height is 165 cm, so she is still growing at this point.

12 Bulma allegedly gains only a single kilo between the Red Ribbon arc and adulthood.

13 Lunch’s birth year is never given; the Japanese Wikipedia cites this issue in saying it was AGE 732, but it is not actually here. Whoever added it may have misread “17” as her age.

14 Chi-Chi’s birth year is given as AGE 737 in Daizenshuu 7 and elsewhere, meaning she was 11 when she first appeared, 18 when she married Goku, and 19 when Gohan was born.

15 Chi-Chi’s adult height is 163 cm. At this point, however, she is surprisingly tall for her age.

16 Chi-Chi’s weight is 50 kg as an adult.

17 Yamcha’s birth year is given as AGE 733 in Daizenshuu 7 and elsewhere, meaning he was 16 when he first appeared and 17 at the 21st Tenka’ichi Budōkai.

18 Like Bulma, Yamcha gains 2 cm between the Red Ribbon arc and adulthood, where he is 183 cm.

19 Yamcha’s weight is 68 kg as an adult.

20 Kame-sen’nin’s birth year is given as AGE 430 in Daizenshuu 7 and elsewhere, making him 319~320 at this point in the story.

21 Kame-sen’nin is listed as 165 cm in the Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume.

22 Kame-sen’nin is listed as 44 kg in the Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume.

23 Yes, this is what it really says. He is a scrawny, shapeless old man… who hides considerable strength.

English Translation: SaiyaJedi