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Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1995 #28 (26 June 1995)

Anime J Wing Act.15

The Invincible Combo!!
Goku + Vegeta = The Ultimate Power of Super Vegetto is Complete!!!


Dragon Ball Z
Airs every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on Fuji TV
Birth of the flawless Saiyan, Vegetto!!
Goku and Vegeta’s merits have merged!!
A pair of rivals have merged with the Potara!! It’s a double-dose of infinite power!!

■ Appearing at last! The super warrior, Vegetto!!

Now that Boo has absorbed Gohan and powered up even further, Goku has no chance of winning!! But then the revived “Vegeta” merges with “Kakarrot” (Goku) via the Potara to become someone more powerful than Boo: “Vegetto”!!! We’ll analyze this mightiest of warriors!!

Special Technique!!
He can travel far in an instant! Goku’s Teleportation!! Boo fires off Gotenks’ Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, which explodes on contact!! Surrounded by Kamehameha-firing ghosts, Vegetto has nowhere to run! But with Teleportation he instantly escapes this tight spot!!

Attack Technique!!
Vegeta’s finishing move!! The Big Bang Attack!! An attack where he fires an extra-large energy bullet from his palm!! Just one blast is powerful enough to blow Boo to bits! When Vegetto fires it, it’s incomparably more destructive than with Vegeta!!

What About Their Characters?
Excited to face a tough opponent!! And a calm strategist!! It’s just like Goku to be itching for a fight and not even flinch as Boo unleashes furious super power!! What’s more, Vegetto is intentionally absorbed and goes inside Boo’s body to rescue Gohan and the others. This strategy comes from the brilliant strategist, Vegeta!!

■ An Exhaustive Comparison of Vegetto and Gogeta!!

Here is the difference between “Potara” and “Fusion”!! “Potara” and “Fusion” both create super warriors! At first glance they look like similar ways of merging!! We’ll inspect their differences by comparing Vegetto with Gogeta (the one who defeated Janenba)!!!

Fusion: A symmetrical transformation pose!! The two who will merge must perform the same transformation poses as if reflected in a mirror!! During this time, if they mess up these poses even a little bit then they will become too fat or skinny!

Potara: You just have to put on an earring!! One person just puts a Potara on their left ear, and the other person puts the remaining Potara on their right ear!! The two are drawn together by the power of the Potara and combine into one!

Fusion: Their battle clothes are all the same! Everyone wears the same clothes after merging!! It turns out that these clothes are the native garb of the people of Planet Metamor, who taught Goku the Fusion technique!! Toriyama-sensei came up with this idea!

Potara: Whoa! Their clothes merge!! The clothes the two are wearing merges, too?! The gloves and boots are the same ones Vegeta had on! The main outfit is the same design as Goku’s outfit but a different color!!

Fusion: Requires similar people!! Only two people of very similar power and size can merge!! However, after thirty minutes they split back up and return to normal! Even so, they can merge any number of times!!

Potara: So good you can use it with anyone!! The Elder Kaiōshin accidentally merged with an old witch!! In this way, anybody can merge together with the Potara! However, you can only merge once in your life, and never return to normal!!1

Gogeta: Ultimate power united in body and soul!!
Vegetto: Their power is amplified!!

Dream Match!! Gogeta vs Vegetto!! Who is the Strongest in the Universe?!
Unifying the spirits of the two strongest rivals and merging them together, Fusion has better balance and is able to draw their power out to the max!! Therefore, if it is a short match of thirty minutes or less, then Gogeta should win, while if it is a long battle, then Vegetto should win!!

Wing Check
Scheduled to air June 21st: With Gohan absorbed by Boo, Goku has no choice but to decide to merge with Mr. Satan!! But then the revived Vegeta returns from the afterlife! Goku merges with Vegeta and at last becomes the mightiest warrior, Vegetto!! (No episode will air on June 14th due to a soccer match)


The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

1 This information is retconned in Dragon Ball Super episode 66, where Universe 10’s Kaiōshin Gowasu explains that the fusion for non-Kaiōshin only lasts for an hour. This information is subsequently also stated in chapter 23 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.
English Translation: Herms