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Live Stream Story Time Adventures

Postby VegettoEX » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:35 pm


We have occasionally run a few podcast recordings as live streams in the past. These have been one-off, random, when-it-works-for-us kinds of recordings. The "main product" has always been the actual podcast itself, which (as you know) is cleaned up and edited for proper distribution. We want to try doing live streams a bit more often, but with how spread out the four Kanzenshuu administrators are (across three different time zones) combined with the lack of a desire for any of us to actually wear pants on-camera, we typically record on our own and distribute later. Our "Live Stream Story Time Adventures" series is an attempt to do more off-the-cuff recording, while simultaneously still producing something worthwhile for the podcast feed.

Thus far, our adventures have included sharing old magazine articles that will eventually make their way to the "Press Archive" here on the site, along with some bonus Q&A at the end of the "episode" (so to speak). This will likely evolve in the future, so stay tuned to our social media channels (generally Twitter above all else) for updates on when these pop-up sessions may occur! This forum thread will be reserved as a catch-all for these experimental episodes, up until the point we either roll it into some other (at this point completely unknown) larger project, or if they are integrated into "standard" podcast episodes (in which case the episode will of course receive its own thread). Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything you may hear! If you're not subscribed to the podcast (where these bonuses are automatically tossed into), this is another way you can check them out.

(For now, we have no plans to make the actual video streams accessible after the fact.)

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81:08; 96 kbps, mono; 55.9 MB

  • Animerica, March 1995 issue, "From the Forest" column, re: Dragon Ball's popularity
  • Animerica, August 1995 issue, "From the Forest" column, re: movie continuity
  • Animenominous, Summer 1991 issue, Dragon Ball overview feature -- [already live on website]
  • Animeco, Fall 1996 issue, Legends review
  • Protoculture Addicts, February/March 1997 issue, Dragon Ball GT early review -- [already live on website]

(download MP3) (rss feed) (subscribe in iTunes)
74:00; 96 kbps, mono; 51.0 MB

  • Inside Kung-Fu, June 2009 issue; Dragon Ball Evolution filming style and training regimen
  • Animeco, Spring 1996 issue; looking ahead to post-manga and Son Goku character profile
  • Animerica, November 1996 issue; Son Goku character profile -- [already live on website]
  • Mangazine, May 1995 issue; manga comes to an end in Japan news article
  • Mangazine, March 1995 issue; FUNimation license acquisition news article
  • ToyFare, August 2000 issue; general merchandise ramp-up and review
  • GamePro, March 2002 issue; Infogrames development and (theoretical) future roadmap
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