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by Kaiô-sumo
Wed Aug 31, 2005 5:42 pm
Forum: Website & Community Discussion
Topic: Your Kanzenshuu (prev. Daizenshuu EX/Kanzentai) Discovery & Introduction
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I just found out about this wonderful site yesterday. I was actually roaming the Budokai 3 board at GameFaqs looking for something but not finding much. Then I noticed a poster with the name "VegettoEX", which I had also seen listed on a file I had recently come across. Curious, I followed the link ...
by Kaiô-sumo
Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:15 am
Forum: In-Universe Discussion
Topic: Ki vs. Genki, which is which?
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I -think- I remember something being mentioned about everything having the energy used in the Genki Dama, even blades of grass and such. Of course, that may just be bad dubbing or my faulty memory... Anyway, going with that, this must be some kind of life energy that naturally exists in everything. ...