Forum Rules

The Kanzenshuu community’s goal is to foster a knowledgeable and welcoming group of Dragon Ball fans. We do this by encouraging and expecting all of our members to do just a few simple things: namely, just be awesome people.

What we are about:
facts, striving for accuracy, history, documentation, courtesy, open-mindedness and challenging conversations

What we are not about:
harassment of any kind, mis/disinformation, general internet culture

By signing up for and posting in the Kanzenshuu community, you agree to these rules:

Rule #1: Registration & Accounts

Registration is a manual and queued approval process by administrators; it can and will be likely that account registration approvals will take a few days. Our forum is but one area of the overall Kanzenshuu website, which itself is a project maintained in the free time of its administrators. If you have problems with your account (such as a delayed activation), please contact us and we will be happy to fix any problems.

Please note that any new account registration with an email which bounces back will be deleted; please ensure that you have access to a valid e-mail address and enter it correctly. As part of the account registration process, you will be asked to prove that you are a human by entering a small amount of text. This is not a quiz; you simply need to convince us that you are not a spam bot! Be aware that these bots regularly include semi-natural phrases like “want to view a profile” or “want to converse”; you will have to do a little better than that!

Account names are generally not changed under any circumstances, and users found with multiple accounts are subject to removal. Kanzenshuu is not a business entity; we are not obligated to and will not remove accounts and/or associated content under most circumstances.

Rule #2: Posting Style & Content

This is a Dragon Ball (and by extension Akira Toriyama-focused) community. Unless there is a direct comparison, correlation, or influence being discussed with regard to other franchises, we ask that conversations and contributions be about and solely about Dragon Ball and/or Toriyama’s direct works. Other topics that related to Dragon Ball or Toriyama beyond the baseline content itself (e.g., societal) are of course welcomed, so long as they are in line with the rest of the community guidelines.

All contributions should be polite, accepting, and written properly. Excessive (particularly one-line-quote-and-response) back-and-forths are frowned upon, as are multiple posts in a row by the same user. Please think about your contributions before making them; a simple “Yes” or “I agree”, while having a perfectly fine sentiment behind them, do not actually add anything substantial to the on-going conversations. Just like a single word is not an appropriate response, an image in and of itself is not an appropriate response. No matter what the subject matter, we simply ask that our members bring as much substance to the conversation as possible in as well-written a way as possible. All written and visual content should, as a general rule, be kept as “safe for work” as possible.

Please do not contact individual moderators or administrators regarding forum content and activity. If you wish to bring posts to a moderator’s attention, please do so by using the built-in functionality — there is a button on every post! — to report the content to our centralized database. Please note that our forum is not a platform for unsolicited private communication to users; should we receive reports of unwanted private messages and spamming, account access will be revoked.

Please note that machine-generated translations are not sufficient for discussion. Kanzenshuu is fortunate enough to have multiple professional-caliber translators both on staff and within the general community, and while not all questions or requests for individual translations will be entertained, it is not up for debate how misleading and inaccurate machine-generated automatic translations are, leading to endless confusion and misinformation.

Rule #3: Tone & Emphasis

Be respectful of your peers. While maintained exclusively in English, this is truly a global community with fans from all walks of life. Your opinions must be expressed with civility. Rudeness (including slanderous words) and personal attacks against members — of this community or otherwise — will not be tolerated.

That being said, be realistic and pay attention to what is actually being discussed and argued; realize that when inanimate objects and productions are being criticized, it is not a personal attack on you. Additionally, it must be recognized that fans can and will be familiar with all sorts of different versions (or “re-versionings”, if you will) of the franchise. However, emphasis will be placed on the original Japanese version, as it is the single “global” version that can be enjoyed by all, and is the primary focus of Kanzenshuu as a whole. Furthermore, certain regional-specific spellings and quirks may automatically be adjusted by the forum to reflect this global perspective.

Rule #4: Bootlegging & Piracy

It can be hard to believe in the modern age, but Dragon Ball had a very rough journey in various countries. We are finally at the point where we can legally acquire many of the things we want to support our fandom. We recognize that there is a fine line with regard to things such as “unreleased” and comparatively-ancient material, so just be wary and respectful of that line. Discussions about and direct links to actively-pirating material (including scanlation and video downloads) is not just frowned upon, but will potentially result in strikes against your account and removal from the rest of the discussion. As a very general rule, examples and short samples are fine, while files that replace a piece of work in their entirety are not.

Rule #5: Avatars & Signatures

Avatars are welcomed, but should maintain a “safe for work” style (like all other content), and may not exceed 100×100 pixels. Images are not allowed in signatures, and much like the content of regular posts, signatures should be devoid of any disparaging remarks. Signatures must be properly maintained and not become too excessive in length, which is subject to determination by the forum’s administrators and moderators. Avatars and signatures are not places to subvert community guidelines.

Rule #6: These Are The Rules

While a helpful and friendly reminder to some of our new members about certain posting habits is appreciated to some degree, please do not enforce the rules on your own. Leave the moderation to the moderators, and be respectful of the them and their work; they are here to have fun just as much as you are, and any advice they give you is for the better of everyone’s enjoyment.

These rules can be changed, added to, deleted, etc. at any time. The rules are not necessarily to be taken literally each and every step of the way, and are always up to interpretation by the administrators and moderators, only. Decisions by the moderation and administration team, while not taken lightly, are final, and are not open to debate, appeal, or require any further conversation. A ban is server-wide, meaning all access to the entirety of the Kanzenshuu website is revoked in full.