Rumor Guide

Dragon Ball has easily lent itself to some of the weirdest, worst, and most bizarre rumors over the years. Early on in many an individual’s fandom, there was not much access to the original Japanese version beyond fansubs of dubious translation quality and even just other fansites. Due to these and a wide variety of other factors, strange rumors began to pop up all over the Internet, and even into everyday conversations between fans. Due to the incestuous nature of information on the Internet, even some of the (now seemingly) most absurd rumors still continue onwards to this day.

Ever hear the one about how Akira Toriyama died of a heart attack after finishing up work on Chrono Trigger? How about that weird “Super Saiyan 5” picture? And what’s up with Pan & Trunks?

No matter who you are, you have probably come across rumors like these at some point. Our attempt with this page is to completely clear them up, and to do it on as comprehensive a scale as we can! Whether it is a rumor, a myth, or just plain ol’ misinformation, we will do our best to accurately answer the question at hand and clear it up for all the fans.

General Rumors

Broader (and usually the most prevalent) rumors about the Dragon Ball franchise in general, including: Dragon Ball AF and other supposed new series or sequels (such as “Dragon Ball Z 2”), Akira Toriyama and his role in creating filler material, returning voice actors, “lost episodes”, and more.

Movies, TV Specials, and Features

Rumors about the Dragon Ball franchise’s wealth of movies, TV specials, and features, including: aspect ratios and cropping, theatrical presentations and premiers, hidden easter eggs, “lost movies” (such as Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans and the “Telebikko” game), and more.


Rumors about the Dragon Ball franchise’s characters, their relationships, and their abilities, including: Goku’s mother, possible sibling relationships, Freeza’s son Kuriza, Trunks being able to reach Super Saiyan 2 or other various stages, whether Goku died on Planet Namek, and more.

Video Games

Rumors about the Dragon Ball franchise’s video games, including: Gotenks in Final Bout, Broli’s first appearance, soundtrack performers, incomplete story modes, planned (but removed?) playable characters, companies behind the production of the games, and more.

Fansub Dialog

Three-ways comparisons between VHS fansub “translations”, official home video translations, and our own in-house translations. Examples include classic Vegeta lines from Anime Labs, Trunks’ verbose bragging to Freeza, and a classic line from DBZ Movie 12 which was never actually accurate to begin with.

International Adaptation Mistakes

Mistakes made during international adaptations of the Dragon Ball franchise that have led to confusion and misinformation, including: “the next dimension”, HFIL, a certain brilliant scientist, Goku and Gohan’s ages, whose spaceship was or was not used to travel to Namek, and more!